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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Wild Woman's Guide to Traveling the World (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Hack a Heartbreak (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
She's Faking It (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Epic Spring Break (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Life, Unscheduled (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Smart Girl Summer (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kristin Rockaway is a bestselling author of young adult and chick lit from New York with an insatiable wanderlust. Before she became a fiction author, she used to work as a software engineer for more than fifteen years.
After spending more than a decade and a half in corporate software engineering, she decided to leave the city behind and head out to Southern California to chase her dreams and the surf.

She published “The Wild Woman’s Guide to Traveling the World” in 2017 and has never looked back since. She has now published at least half a dozen fiction works and has also contributed to the “Underlined Paperbacks” series by Maren Stoffels.
When Kristin is not writing her novels, she can usually be found spending time with her son and her husband.

She is also a huge reader and spends a lot of time browsing the aisles of the bookstores in her neighborhood, hoping to find the next read that she will read on vacation.
One thing that most people would be surprised to learn about Kristin is that she is quite an advanced knitter. Over the years, she has made everything from Estonian lace shawls to socks and sweaters.
Even though she lately has not had much time to work on substantive projects, she still tries her best to knit any time she can get.

Like many authors, Kristin Rockaway knew that she wanted to become an author when she was very young.

At only four years old, she had penned her first story, and while she can no longer remember its title, she believes it told the story of a farm on which two French cows lived.
The story was written in pencil and bound with staples and she remembers being very proud of her accomplishment. It was at that time that she believes she was infected with the author bug.
She would also develop a love for reading and as such, she draws inspiration from many authors, even though she says Sophie Kinsella is her biggest influence.

She loves Kinsella due to her wicked sense of humor and what she believes is the most distinctive voice. According to Kristin Rockaway, Sophie is the queen of romantic comedy as she straddles the line between women’s fiction and romance.

One very interesting thing about Kristin Rockaway is that she spends a lot of time on Instagram. She loves to spend a lot of time on the social media app since she is very involved in the #bookstagram community.
Bookstagrammers has managed to bulls a very supportive and strong group. She has said that she loves visiting since she can always find some thoughtful reviews and gorgeous photos, which is what has driven her love for the written word.
Through Instagram, she has been able to connect with readers and has also participated in many Instagram Live chats.

Moreover, she has also found many book recommendations and discovered most of her favorite authors that she still reads today.

“Life, Unscheduled” by Kristin Rockaway is a modern, smart novel that tells the story of a woman trying to balance her best friend, her career, and falling in love without getting burned.

Nicole Palmieri works at an artificial intelligence company Virtuality as a user experience designer and is practically married to her job. Despite living in Los Angeles, she practically does not have any form of social life but she is fine with that.
But then Parisa Shahin her best friend announces that she is getting engaged and asks if she would be her maid of honor.

It is at this time that Nicole decides to schedule her next six months including her dress fitting appointments, her project due dates, and how many hours she will be sleeping each night.

If she manages to stick to it, she will find a balance but there is a very big if about her whole plan. Things get very interesting when she meets Brandon Phelps, an emerging restaurateur, and starts getting feeling she never had before.
However, scheduling time to fall in love could just cause her most meticulous plans to come apart.

Kristin Rockaway’s novel “How to Hack a Heartbreak,” tells the story of a woman named Mel Strickland.

She works at “Hatch,” a startup incubator as a helpdesk tech, helping entitled brogrammers with very simple things, even as they believe they are the next batch of geniuses in the startup world.

During the night, she usually goes out with some out-of-color dudes she matched with on Fluttr, a ubiquitous dating app. After too many misbehaving men on her DMs, she decides that she is done with it.

She employs her exceptional coding skills to make her own app. It comes with a feature that allows users to log abusers and harassers in the online dating space. Jerkalert becomes huge as it goes viral in no time at all.
But she is way in over her head and even worse Alex Hernandex the dreamy man she found on Hatch has no inkling that she is responsible for the app.

It is not long before she has to make an impossible choice that could destroy her friendships, her live life her career, or change her life forever.
It is a thoroughly heartwarming and adorable story about searching for love in the contemporary world.

“Smart Girl Summer” by Kristin Rockaway is an insightful and fun romance about how life can get very interesting when you decide to go along for the ride even when things get off the track.
Things are not going as Abby Atkinson thought they would as zero job offers, the halt to her graduate degree program, and a thieving doctoral degree advisor have left her high and dry.
She thinks that she would be better off heading to the Mediterranean since there is nothing that a little love, prayer, and eating will not solve.

Her dissertation is dead but nobody can stop her from teaching which she intends to do for a few weeks while living with a billionaire and his daughter on his superyacht.
According to the tabloids, the man is a Playboy billionaire but the more Abby works with him, the more She thinks his heart is bigger than what everyone thinks it is.
She never intended to fall for her boss but maybe she needs to let her heart control her decisions for once.

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