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Kristin Wright
Kristin was born in Detroit and grew up in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. She got her BA in history from Michigan State and her law degree from the University of Michigan.

Kristin practiced law for a bit at a huge firm in Washington, D.C. before she moved to Virginia, where she has been a local government attorney, a federal judicial clerk, and a small town general practice attorney handling everything from criminal defense, divorce, and personal injury.

Before law school, and all before she was 24 years old, she racked up quite the odd collection of non-lawyer type jobs. These include: a home alarm monitor, a paralegal, an ice cream scooper, a papergirl, a cafeteria plate-scraper, a US Senate intern, a Civil War living history reenactor, and a receptionist.

Kristin does a lot of her writing before work and while she is behind the wheel of her car while she is parked at many youth sport practices.

Kristin’s debut novel, called “Lying Beneath the Oaks”, was released in the year 2019. Her work is from the mystery, suspense, romance, and young adult genres.

“Lying Beneath the Oaks” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2019. Molly Todd wakes up in a parking lot in Vegas with a virtual stranger, a headache, and a wedding ring. Broke and jobless, she is left without any other option but just to go home with Cooper Middleton, her new husband, to the Lowcountry of South Carolina to straighten out this mess that they have made. It is Molly’s best interest to get this annulled sooner rather than later. Before her hosts can learn that she is not the sort of guest that anybody wants at their Thanksgiving dinner.

The more Molly gets to know Cooper and the rest of his family, the more she wonders if she and Cooper might actually have a real chance with each other. She longs to tell him about her secret despite knowing the truth may get her kicked out right into the closest swamp. As she wavers, her unusual life experiences allow her to spot the skeletons in the Middelton family closet. Ones that Cooper has never suspected and are hidden in plain sight. What she learns is going to shake his foundations and might threaten both of their lives.

“The Darkest Flower” is the first novel in the “Allison Barton” series and was released in the year 2021. You will never believe the horrible things that are being said about the perfect PTA president.

Inexplicable accident? Attempted murder? Either way, a PTA mother struggled to survive in an elementary school cafeteria, having been poisoned by a wolfsbane laced smoothie at the fifth grade graduation party. Now all eyes are on the victim, the accused, and the woman that was hired to dig deeper.

Allison Barton, a single mom and ambitious defense attorney, is anxious to get out of the shadow of the low-down dog of a marquee partner that carries their renowned Virginia firm. A win for Allison’s high profile new client is going to give her the career that she deserves. And Kira Grant, the PTA president, definitely seems to be innocent, except for that toxic bloom that is in her backyard and possibly a little malicious streak. However nobody said that the innocent had to be at all likable or all that honest, even.

Besides, with an image just as carefully cultivated as her garden, Kira would be simply insane to risk it all on something as outrageous as the attempted murder of one of her closest friends. But what about those that are in Kira’s orbit, a sunny suburb of mothers that behave badly? What do they truly know about Kira? And what does Kira even know about them? For Allison, the answers get darker with each passing day.

This novel unfolds with the sinister beauty of a night-blooming poison. Kristin creates a character so compelling in her deviousness that you find you keep reading only to learn what she will say and do next. This twisty portrait of the extremes of motherly ambition are sure to stick with you.

“The Darkest Web” is the second novel in the “Allison Barton” series and was released in the year 2022. Jane Knudsen is a secretive workaholic attorney working at a high pressure firm based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Early some morning, she finds the body of Ray Corrigan, her unpleasant senior partner, shot at close range and lying dead on the floor in his office. Ray wasn’t popular. Suspects include his angry wife, his administrative assistant, his overly attached daughter, and the overworked male associates that reported back to Ray alongside Jane.

Jane calls on Allison Barton to represent her that same day, knowing that being the first on the scene is going to make her a suspect, too. Allison is in demand now, however Jane as an in: she and Allison were once roommates during their first year of law school. The women had a tough and distant relationship at the time, as Allison allowed Jane’s popularity and stunning beauty to dent her own self esteem, as Jane spent the year horrified that Allison would learn all of her secrets. Their current relationship gets even more complex when Allison realizes that her increasingly serious boyfriend dated then dumped Jane back when they were in school back then.

Allison, who is working this case, learns that the internet doesn’t show any trace of Jane Knudsen before college. Making things worse, Jane is determined to make sure her past stays hidden entirely. Even from Allison. Each new development in this case is pointing to Jane: access, opportunity, even the gun found at her house. She just doesn’t have any obvious motive.

The police learn that the victim was digging into Jane’s bank vault of a past before he was shot, Allison must learn what Jane has been so desperate to keep hidden if she is to have any shot at helping her. It is tough to help a client that would rather to to prison than allow her secrets blow her life up again.

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