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Publication Order of The Fallen Books

Kristina Douglas is a bestselling author of paranormal romance fiction that is best known as the author of “The Fallen” series of novels.

The author published “Raziel” her debut novel and the first of the “Fallen” series in 2011. She would go on to pen three more titles in the series, most of which have been very successful just as her debut.
Still, what many people do not know is that Kristina Douglas is a pseudonym of the paranormal romance, historical romance, romantic suspense, and general romance novelist Anne Stuart.

In her other life as Anne Stuart, she won several awards including a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Romance Writers of America as she has spent more than three and half decades in the industry.
She has been the winner of many awards, has spoken all over the United States, and has been on many bestseller lists.

Since she is a very outrageous woman, she has been featured in many places including Women’s Day, Entertainment Tonight, USA Today, People, and Vogue in addition to countless national magazines and newspapers.
When she is not traveling, she can usually be found spending time with her husband of more than thirty years in Northern Vermont.

Since they are now advanced in age, they have become empty nesters and have to do with one Springer Spaniel, four sewing machines, and three cats.
When she is not penning her blockbuster works of fiction, she can be found listening to rock and roll, quilting, and watching movies.

Kristina Douglas’ novel “Raziel” introduces the realm of ruthless demons and fallen angels living in a world where an eternal rebellion is afoot.

One unsuspecting woman who was just recently an ordinary human being holds the fate of the Fallen in her hands. The last thing Allie Watson wants to hear is “You are dead”.

Unfortunately, this assertion could explain many things. For instance, it would explain the angelically handsome and dark man who had taken her to the hidden and very strange land.

The last thing she can remember is that she stepped off a curb where a crosstown bus had stopped. But now she finds herself mingling with handsome as-hell fallen angels who are ravenous about blood and look at her suspiciously.
This is not what she thought Heaven would look like.

On his part, Raziel is not so sure why he felt the need to rescue Allie from hellfire when Uriel head ordered her sent to her doom. She stirs in him a longing that has been absent for hundreds of years.
In the present, the Fallen are bracing for the biggest war of their lives which is sure to come from Raziel’s disobedience. They also blame Allie for attracting the ferocious Nephilim that have gathered outside the gates of the kingdom.

“Demon” by Kristina Douglas is another interesting addition to “The Fallen” series of novels.
Azazel knows that he should have killed Lilith when he had the slightest opportunity to do so. Now he has to confront a prophecy which will mean he will have to marry the Demon Queen and in the process betray the memory of the love of his life.
It is impossible to kill the Demon Queen as she is the key that will lead him to Lucifer. The only hope the Fallen have of keeping mankind safe is finding the First.

If they fail in their quest Uriel will visit destruction on all of them. However, Azazel is well aware that he can no longer ignore his simmering desire for Lilith.

Rachel Fitzpatrick is an angel of a demon and does not know why Azazel thinks she is an evil seductress. Sex is something she has never had an interest in but now that is all she thinks of particularly when she is in the presence of her handsome partner.

This is a very new experience for her and she desperately wants to escape. Demons and angels do not mix, but she stirs in him something he believed he would never feel again.

Kristina Douglas’ novel “Warrior” is the story of Michael, an archangel and born warrior determined to ensure the survival of the Fallen. However, there is only one woman who could understand the hunger he has.

Almost every little girl has at some point imagined that she was the princess trapped and held hostage in a tower. But the twenty-five-year-old Victoria Bellona should be beyond such dreams but now finds that this is her reality.
She is being held hostage by a drop-dead gorgeous man who is the farthest thing from Prince Charming. Michael is a gruff archangel who insists that he is the only one who can end the vicious rule of Uriel, even as she thinks he is crazy to think so.

The prophecy has said that Michael has to marry the fascinating, frustrating creature, bed her and partake of her blood.

However, if they give in to their desires, Victoria is certain to die in battle and if they do not, she will still die but this time take with her every human alive.
Michael believes they may yet find another way to avoid destiny but Tory is not so sure.

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