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Kristina Ohlsson is a Swedish author and political scientist. She was born in Kristianstad, Sweden in 1971, where she lived until she departed for university in Stockholm. Her first novel, Unwanted (Askungar), was published in 2009 and is the first part of the Fredrika Bergman series which features an investigative analyst as its titular character. She is also responsible for two further series: The Glass Children, a trilogy about three 12-year-olds in a small Swedish town; and Martin Benner, a two-part story about the legal industry in Sweden.

Her remarkable career began in Stockholm where she received an honors degree in political science. Upon graduating she was employed by the Säkerhetspolisen, the Swedish Security Service, where she utilized her expertise in politics and political science. She then moved on to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Swedish National Defence College, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) where she worked as a Counter-Terrorism Officer. Since her literary debut in 2009 she was established herself as one of the premiere crime authors in Sweden. She has since lived in Stockholm where she has devoted herself to writing, something she has embraced and proved her ability in.

Despite her status as a novice author her work has been met with rave reviews and widespread industry acclaim. Her debut novel and first in the Fredrika Bermgan series, Unwanted, was lauded upon its release. Scandinavian critics praised its suspense, mystery, and use of a strong, central female character. Ohlsson was, at an early age, placed in the pantheon of the elite Swedish crime writers. The follow-up novels in the series were honored by being shortlisted for ‘Best Crime Novel of the Year’ by the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers and went on to be number 1 bestsellers in Sweden. The series has been released in English, French, German, Spanish, and Swedish, while the rights have been sold throughout the world. Such is the acclaim of the series that the film rights were sold to the Swedish producer, NICE Drama.

Her most acclaimed series, the Fredrika Berman series, began in 2009 with the release of Unwanted (Askungar). The series revolves around the titular character, Fredrika Bergman, and her colleague, Alex Recht, as they investigate increasingly violent crimes in Sweden. The novel opens with the abduction of a little girl on a busy train with, seemingly, no witnesses. It is then that Fredrika, Alex, and their team are brought in to investigate the disappearance. The case soon turns into a murder investigation after the child’s body is found, dead, with a single clue: the word “unwanted” on her forehead. The novel features an intricate, complex investigation which truly highlights the author’s expertise in both political science and police procedure.

The follow-up novel, Silenced (Tusenskönor), takes place some years after the events of the first novel. It, once again, deals with Fredrika and Alex as they attempt to solve a seemingly impossible case. Three separate, distinct murders with nothing to connect them: the assault, rape, and murder of a teenage girl; the death of a man 15 years later in a hit and run; the double suicide of a priest and his wife. The subject matter of the novel clearly increases the stakes of its predecessor. Silence deals with a people-smuggling network and the hypocrisy contained therein, while also highlighting a failing in human rights and the dual victims of tragedies.

The series is famed for its intricacy and ability to weave an ever-changing narrative. Critics and readers alike have come to know it for many twists and turns; the threads which run throughout the story; superior plot structure and storytelling; well-developed central characters who receive as much attention as the main plot; and, finally, the way the many disparate narrative threads weave together. The Disappeared (Änglavakter), Hostage (Paradisoffer), and Stars of David (Davidsstjärnor) complete the series.

Ohlsson took a departure from the pitch-black investigations of her Fredrika Bergman series to focus on a foray into children’s fiction. She published the first book of The Glass Children series in 2013 with the release of Glasbarnen (Glass Children). The series centers on Billie, a young boy who moves into a new home with his mother after his father passes away, only to find that odd events happen throughout the new home. Billie can’t help but feel that somebody, or something, wants him to leave.

While it proved a departure from her established norm, The Glass Children was met with similar acclaim to the Fredrika Bergman series. The Swedish Radio awarded it the Children’s Novel of the Year award in 2013, while critics praised it for its superior storytelling and suspense. The rights to the series have been sold in Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom, among many others. The trilogy was completed in both 2014 and 2015 with the releases of The Silver Boy (Silverpojken) and The Stone Angels (Stenänglar), respectively.

Her third series, Martin Benner, began in 2014 with the release of the first part of the diptych, Lotus Blues. The series concerns Martin Benner, a defense lawyer who is placed at the top of his field, and the overturning of his world after the arrival of Bobby T. Benner accepts the case to find Bobby’s missing nephew only to discover that the story told by both the police and print media is not what it seems. The second and final part of the series, Mios Blues, further develops the seedy underworld of Swedish lawyering: the false confessions, the fabricated evidence, and the lies told by all concerned. Benner is at the heart of the disappearance of a four-year-old and he must figure out, at great personal expense, who is framing him for murder.

Kristina Ohlsson’s reputation has grown dramatically since her debut and she is now considered one of the great Swedish crime writers. With her work available around the world in a dozen languages, the rights to her series sold in many other languages, and the movie rights to the Fredrika Bergman series sold to Swedish producers, it is clear that her stock will only continue to rise.

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