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Kristy Marie is an American author of humor, romance, contemporary, and comedy novels. As a self-proclaimed reader, she began her writing career in 2009 reading and writing books when her little daughter was asleep. After establishing herself in the corporate world to pay the bills, writing became her late-night secret.

After eight years, Kristy published her first book, Commander in Briefs. It was a long road, writing manuscripts, and getting rejected. She has since published more books in the Commander in Briefs series. Besides writing books, Kristy loves sports, especially those that require nice ass and some muscles. Her favorite sport always has and will always be baseball. She is an avid fan of the sport such that she even married her town’s high school’s baseballer, where they live with their three kids. Commander in Briefs is Kristy’s debut series and not the last.


Commander is the first book in Commander Briefs. The book opens up to a flashback in the college day when one of the best friendships was forever altered. Fast forward, almost a decade later, we meet the professional baseballer Theodore Von Bremen also known as Teddy. He’s spent years regretting the one mistake he made back in the college while enjoying the full benefits of friends with benefits arrangement with his best friend.

Then we meet ER doctor and sports medicine physician Anniston McCallister, also known as Commander. In many different ways, she has Theo by the ball knows it. However, building her career revolving around his baseball makes her quite vulnerable.

To offset their frustrations and fears, Theo and Commander have settled into a routine at being bully in the bedroom, owning each other’s orgasm.
Well, that’s not until Ans meets a homeless veterinary, and her goal to start a non-profit. Theo is not happy about a bunch of handsome vets close to his girl. She handles this situation by marking his boundaries with lewd, bossy behavior, and seals it with public sex.

When you begin reading a novel by debut author, you anticipate anything and never know what to expect. Unlike books from experienced authors, you have no idea how the writing style will be like, or how the characters will out as, and you’re never sure whether you will connect with the story and the characters.

However, it’s important to note that the Commander is unlike any other book you’ve previously read. You will fall in love with the main characters in this book. Anniston and Theo’s story dates back to middle school. While they call themselves best friends, it’s evident that their feelings have always been deeper than that. So, when Theo relocates to another city to begin his career as a baseballer, Anni takes action. She wants the man to take her virginity, but after some hesitation, he finally agrees. But what he does next completely crushes Ann, and he ends up paying for it dearly.

Seven words describe Theodore: immature, cocky, oblivious, aloof, caring, whipped, a-hole, complex, and confused. On the other hand, Anniston can be described as charismatic, determined, conflicted, smart, proud, unpredictable, bossy, and stubborn. The book is narrated from multiple points of view, and it’s a uniquely written mixture of sweet romance, steamy sex, hilarious antics, witty dialogues with a hefty dose of suspense, and a pinch of angst.

Under the face of their sexual escapades, against walls and furniture, there is an underlying heart tingling love story. The two proud characters held together by their features and circumstances in different ways have settled for their second-best by not allowing their friendship to grow.

Several other characters play vital roles in this story. One of them is Cad, a sweet, sexy, and guaranteed heartbreaker. We also get to learn from his point of view, and that makes you want to learn more about him. Overall, the Commander is a novel that accomplishes more than just a typical romance. You’ll be hooked right from the first sentence as you interact with different characters. Kristy Marie writing style is quite phenomenal, the story is unique, the characters are well developed, and the romance is steaming hot. Not only is Theo and Anni’s love story, but it’s also a story about unconventional family, friendship, and love for your fellow man.


The second book in the series introduces us to Brecklyn Bennett, a student on a mission to find the hero her brother was serving in the marines before he was murdered in the line of duty. Besides, her best friends Milo and Jess, Brannon (her brother), was the only family she had, and she feels it would be something her brother would have wanted- to make sure his commander was okay after his death.

She sees the photograph of his hero in the newspaper, now a homeless man. She understands she must help him. She sets out to find him, and when she finds him no longer homeless and living with a woman, she decides to stay and find a job.

The guilt haunts major Cade for his team, including his blood brother Drew, who was shot dead under his watch. He’s helped by Dr. Ani, who turns his life around. He has PTSD triggers, and one of the ways to turn a life around is to stay away from women. But that doesn’t mean he can’t watch women from afar and that’s what he does with Breckyln at the local orchard. When Ann hires her to bake some pies, Cade knows that he will have to do whatever it takes to keep her away from him, even if it means being arrogant to her. What Cade doesn’t know is that Ani has hired Breck to live at the house for two weeks while she’s on a honeymoon. Cade knows this is absolute torture for him. Can he keep pushing her away? Can Breck save him? Gorgeous is the second book in Commander in Brief Series. The book can be read as a standalone though it’s recommended to read the books to get a better understanding.

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  1. Irene: 8 months ago

    I have just read the full Commander in Brief box set and all I can say is Wow!! Absolutely the best books I have read and now moved on the the “Potter” books. After all of the characters in the Commander series my favourite was Theo. I have just finished Aspen and Bennett’s story and loved that it brought the story full circle with Theo. It made me laugh out loud and I am not ashamed to say it made me cry. You have a wonderful style to your writing. You make all the characters come alive with amazing dialogue that portrays feelings and emotions and humour. Thank you for giving me so much pleasure.


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