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Krystal Marquis is a young adult romance fiction author that is best known for her debut fiction work “The Davenports,” which she first published in 2023. She was always a voracious reader and reading has always been one of her favorite hobbies.
Up to today, she still reads a lot and is happy that she can make a good living by turning her love for storytelling into a very profitable side hustle. Early on, she attended the University of Connecticut and Boston College where she studied Biology.
Following her graduation from college, she would then find work as a safety, health, and environmental manager for one of the biggest booksellers in the world. It was while she was working for the bookseller that began writing as a hobby after she got stuck in an unexplainable reading slump.

Krystal began thinking of the types of novels she would have loved to read. Her debut novel is a triumphant story of a family full of love triangles, high society, and romance. She still spends a lot of time in used bookstores and libraries looking for the latest adult romance fiction.

When she is not writing or reading she can usually be found expanding her shoe collection. Hiking and making plans for her own Jurassic Park.

As a child, Krytal Marquis’ favorite work was Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.” Initially, it was the silly situations the lead found herself in and the bright illustrations which caught her attention. She loved the adventures but later on began to identify with Alice, as a young girl just trying to make sense of the world around her.

Despite Alice’s weird opinions about conversation or books lacking illustration, it remains one of her favorite works of children’s fiction. Krystal would, later on, pivot to reading young adult fiction in her teenage years.
It was understandable that she started combining her novels with romance as a teen as this is the time when people usually get into puberty. It was from the reading of the young adult fiction works that she would later be inspired to pen many of the settings and characters that are found in “The Davenports.”

Just like “Alice in Wonderland,” her characters try to find adventure and meaning in their lives. She decided to make her cast mostly black given that she found there were hardly any historical romances with black women set in the early 1900s.
As a naturally curious person, she could not help but wonder what life was like for wealthy black women living at the beginning years of the twentieth century.

How Krystal Marquis came to write her novel was that she found herself in a huge slump and just could not read anything. Her brother who was just as voracious of a reader as she is had been doing NaNo WriMo for several years and sometimes she used to join him.
During the slump, her brother dared her to begin writing a story as she never knew where it would take her. It was something of serendipity since around the time she found an article about C.R. Patterson and began to wonder about his story, that of his daughter and the young women like them.

It made for the perfect combination of ideas that she just knew she had to write. She had found a small blurb of an online article after clicking a link that was about the first and only vintage car-owned motor vehicle company in the United States.
As a lover of vintage vehicles and owner of a Mustang, she was interested in the story particularly since she had once read and heard of C.R. Patterson. The man had begun working as a blacksmith and eventually launched his own very prosperous company.
When his son, at last, took over at the dawn of the automobile age, he made his father’s company into an automobile company.

Marquis was very fascinated with the Patterson story and was very curious about how they lived their lives. She wanted to imagine it was all about having money and throwing lavish balls whenever one felt like it.
Nonetheless, there was the fact that even if you were wealthy, you were still black in the 1900s which made things very difficult. There were so many places blacks could not get into and they would never hope to be treated similarly to other people of influence and status in their society.

Getting deeper into the story, she wondered what kind of stores they shopped in since not too many were mixed company, the kind of clothes they wore, and the people that would wait on them. Krystal Marquis never managed to pen the NaNoWriMo recommended 50,000 words but she had enough to put her on a good path.

She also ran into a lot of barriers particularly when it came to a dearth of knowledge about the era. Since she knew many other people probably had the same questions, she decided to keep going and ultimately published her novel.

“The Davenports” by Krystal Marquis is a work set in 1910 and tells the story of the Davenports, who are among the very few black families in the United States with immense status and wealth.
The family fortune had for the most part been made by formerly enslaved William Davenport who was the founder of the Davenport Carriage Company. Now the family lives surrounded by endless parties, servants, and crystal chandeliers and find love and their way, even where they are forbidden from.

The eldest is Olivia, a beautiful woman who is ready to get married as part of her duty but then meets Washington DeWight the charismatic civil rights leader. Helen the younger daughter is more interested in tinkering with cars and not romance unless it has something to do with DeWight.

In the house is also their childhood friend Amy Rose, who dreams of opening her own business and marrying far beyond her station since she works as the maid to the Davenports. Just like Olivia’s best friend Ruby, she is interested in John Davenport.
Meanwhile, Ruby is getting pressured by her family to go after the Davenport man so that she can get some of their social prestige.

It provides an intriguing look into one of the most overlooked periods in African American history while also providing a swoon-worthy and totally escapist read.

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