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Publication Order of Kushiel's Legacy: Phedre Trilogy Books

Kushiel's Dart (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kushiel's Chosen (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kushiel's Avatar (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cassiel's Servant (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Kushiel's Legacy: Imriel Trilogy Books

Kushiel's Scion (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kushiel's Justice (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kushiel's Mercy (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Kushiel's Legacy: Moirin Trilogy Books

Naamah's Kiss (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Naamah's Curse (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Naamah's Blessing (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Born in the year 1964, in Illinois, author Jacqueline Carey is best known for the best selling, fantasy book series, Kushiel Legacy. Apart from Kushiel’s Legacy, author Jacqueline Carey is also the author of two postmodern fables, Santa Olivia, and Saints Astray. After completing her high school education, Jacqueline Carey joined Lake Forest College, where she received a B.A in English and psychology. During her college years, Carey took a job in one of the local bookstores. While working at the bookstore, Jacqueline Carey, Jacqueline got inspired to become a professional writer. After completing her college education, Carey began working at a local college’s art center. In the year 2001, more than ten years down the life, Carey finally managed to get her first book published. Currently, author Jacqueline Carey resides in West Michigan.

Kushiel’s Legacy Best Books
Kushiel’s Legacy is a fantasy series written by author Jacqueline Carey, comprising of three trilogies, the Imriel Trilogy, Moirin Trilogy and the Phedre Trilogy. Because Kushiel’s Legacy book series features a fictional version of medieval Europe, one can refer it to as an alternate history or historical fiction.

Kushiel’s Dart
Kushiel’s Dart is the first installment in Phedre’s Trilogy. The world that author Jacqueline Carey presents is beautiful and rich, filled with its customs and its mythologies. The minor details such as elaborate tattoos, breathtaking fabrics and exotic wines will make the reader’s mind swim with ideas. Author Carey intrigues the readers with different type of characters in this highly entertaining debut, both minor and major. From Phedre, the main character to Alcuin do Delaunay, Joscelin and Hyacinthe all appear to have certain mythology; a larger than life persona, which will remind readers of the epic poem, Odyssey by Homer. The intricate political plot is also quite fascinating. There is a section where the narrative completely changes direction by taking off and never at any one point slows down.

As the first installment in Phedre’s trilogy, Kushiel’s Dart is set in an alternate Western Europe, which can be recognized easily by its culture, religion, mythology, politics, and language. Nonetheless, what makes Western Europe in Phedre’s Trilogy different from what the readers are used to, is the religion. When one Yeshua hung on the cross, the blood oozed out and mixed with Mary Magdalene’s tears and in the process brought Elua to life. With the company of angel Naamah, Elua roamed on the earth’s surface. Eventually, Elua entered France, known as Terre d’Ange. Upon entering, the readers first meet with a naive Phedre, as the Night Court rejects Phedre, mainly because she has a scarlet dust particle in her eyes. Nonetheless, one Anafiel Delaunay, a scholar not only recognizes the blemish but also what it represents. According to the scholar, Phedre is the first anguissette to be born after decades. Anguissettes are human beings who find sexual pleasure from pain.

With that said, author Jacqueline Carey delivers a multifaceted tale, which will take the readers to an alternate world that is both exciting and intriguing as well. Overall, Kushiel’s Dart is a lush and huge novel, which should be gobbled in bits.

Kushiel’s Chosen
Just like Kushiel’s Dart, Kushiel’s Chosen is a sensuous fantasy novel about conspiracy and sacrifice that would be enjoyed by fans of Sylvia Day and RR Martin. Under the watchful eyes of her tutor, Phedre has now become a courtesan, spy, and strategist. The tutor was the first person to realize that god Kushiel’s dart, touched Phedre, which in turn meant Phedre was to experience both pain and pleasure as one. Moreover, Phedre is taught the important skills of remembering, analyzing and observing, which will eventually come to save her life. To save her homeland, Phedre had to give up everything which was important to her. Nonetheless, the gods still chose to cast a big shadow over her life. While everyone loves and respects the queen, there are those individuals who believe that the crown should be on someone else’s head. From the look of things, the factions which managed to escape the wrath of god Kushiel are not through with their conniving schemes of power and revenge.

To serve and protect her people, Phedre must leave her home once again. Along the way, she meets old friends and makes new enemies. Furthermore, Phedre is going to uncover a mind-blowing plot, orchestrated, by an individual that she could not deny easily.

Kushiel’s Avatar
Apart from being strange, Phedre’s journey is one that is full of danger and inner battles. While searching for her friend Hyacinthe, with the hopes of freeing her from captivity, Phedre must embark on a perilous journey in a world that she knows nothing about. However, with her trusted friend, Joseline, on her side, Phedre knows that all is not lost. In one of her darkest journey, the gods select Phedre as their pawn in a much greater game filled with lust, love, lies, and ambition. In Kushiel’s Avatar, Phedre embarks on a journey of darkness and perils, with the hopes of locating a name that no one dares to mention. With the assistance of both new and old friends, Phedre’s new journey puts her scarlet mote to the test once again.

A while back, Phedre was the Queen’s sworn enemy, but now, she is her only hope of defeating the darkness which threatens France, Terre d’Ange. Phedre’s unique skills as Kushiel’s chosen and a courtesan, prove once to be a formidable force. Author Jacqueline Carey provocative writing will lure the readers, to read and reread her work. The cultural enriched and fantastic multifaceted world that Carey creates is a feast for those who are starving. Moreover, author Carey designs each of the scenes is Kushiel’s Avatar to not only interlock but to also enhance the plot much further. The main characters that Carey author creates are quite endearing, with none of them being completely good or evil.

With that said, author Jacqueline Carey is a true artist, with the ability to paint erotic situations and lovely scenes. The interactions between Joscelin, Phedre, Melisandre, and Imriel will invoke fervent emotions. Majority of the sexual scenes by author Jacqueline Carey will not only build but also stroke passionate desires to a feverous peak before eventually bursting into a raging climax. In Kushiel’s Trilogy, author Carey manages to build a society which accepts the BDSM society openly.

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