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Kwana Jackson is an American published author. She also goes by the name of K.M. Jackson. She is a best selling author and has had her name and work featured as part of the best sellers’ list in USA Today.

Jackson is a native to New York. She says that she spent much of her time growing up during her formative years riding on the A train. There she had plenty of time to consider her dreams and what she’d like to be when she got older. Her two dreams were to design fashion for women and to become a writer.

In the end, Kwana Jackson accomplished both of these dreams. She became a designer, working to design sportswear for women for over ten years for various different fashion house clients. After doing this for some time, she realized that she was going to have to get out there and take a chance if she wanted her dream of becoming a writer to come true. Taking a leap of faith, she put herself out there with great results.

On top of being an author, this writer has also done her part to try and advocate in the literary world. She has always thought that when it comes to romance, there is a need for diversity as well as equality. This led to the creation of the hashtag ‘#WeNeedDiverseRomance’.

Jackson is married to her husband. They live in an area of New York that you could call the suburbs. She is also busy as she is the mother to her two twins.

Her first fictional novel was published in 2020 and is titled Real Men Knit. The story is a unique tale about a family and what the family members pull together to try and accomplish when one of their family members pass away. It also features a romance story where one man tries to show his love that he is forever material. If you are a big fan of romance novels, then check this one out and see what you think! It’s a fun story and the first to come out from talented writer Kwana Jackson.

Real Men Knit is the engaging debut fictional novel from author Kwana Jackson. If you’re looking for something new to enjoy, then look no further and check out this dynamic first book from an author that brings the authenticity to the classic New York setting from her own experience.

Four brothers have had each other and their mother to rely on for a long time. She is not their biological mother, but when it comes to family, their foster mother that ended up becoming their adoptive mother was the closest thing that they had to a parent. She was the glue that held them together, but they are devastated when she suddenly passes away out of nowhere.

Not only are they now dealing with a loss, they are grieving as a family while having the tough situation of taking on another problem. That is because Mama Joy had her own shop in Harlem that she ran. Now that she has passed away, this knitting shop is either going to be sold or they are going to have to find a way to keep it going and honor her memory.

However, keeping the knitting shop open in the city may be easier said than done. They never discussed what would happen if their mother passed away and what would be done with the store. Now she has gone so suddenly that the brothers have a choice to make. The situation grows even more complicated as they start talking to each other about what to do with it and have different inputs.

Mama Joy loved that shop, but does that mean that they should automatically keep the knitting store open? They never planned on her leaving them, but now she has. Jesse Strong always loved his adoptive mother and was devoted to her endlessly in life. They had a special bond and he’s torn up when she leaves.

Jesse may also be known for being into women and has broken a heart or two in his time. But when his mother passes, Jesse knows that he would like to keep the local store open. Strong Knits is a fixture in Harlem and a great place to go and get supplies. However, his brothers do not share his views. They have different plans for what should happen with it.

While Jesse would like for Strong Knits to remain open, his brothers do not agree. All they want to do is just bring the whole thing to a close and close up the shop as well. Jesse really wants to keep it open and asks his brothers if they will help him keep it open.

Helping the cause for Jesse is a young woman named Kerry. Kerry Fuller has been a part time employee at the shop for a while and knows how everything works. She’s also had a bit of a crush on Jesse for a while, but never told anyone. That was her secret to keep. But then she accidentally hears Jesse begging his brothers to help him with the store and save the knitting shop. Kerry does care, so she tells him that she’ll do what she can to help out.

This is a great favor because Kerry is very comfortable with the business and knows a lot that Jesse just doesn’t. Having worked there for a while, she knows the ins and outs of how everything runs and has a handle on the knitting store. Working closely with Jesse, the two are doing what they can to try and reinvent the store and make it just as successful as ever, appealing to the next generation of customers.

It turns out that they may have more than just a passion for saving the business. As they hang out more often, their chemistry is becoming apparent. As sparks start to fly, Kerry has to contemplate whether Jesse is even capable of having a lasting relationship. Jesse is so drawn to Kerry that he wants to convince her that he is her man. Is their relationship going to work? Read this book to find out!

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