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Kyle Perry
Kyle Perry is a counselor that has worked extensively in youth shelters, high schools, and drug rehabs.

Kyle grew up around the Tasmanian seas and bush, with the landscape a key feature in his writing as well as his spare time. He loves the sea, and his whole leg is covered in ocean tattoos.

In his work, he encounters journeys and stories that would fill up a hundred books. Kyle’s mom grew up in the foothills of the Great Western Tiers, in Tasmania’s heartland, where his grandpa was called on for search and rescues in the mountains. Kyle’s even gotten lost in the Tasmanian mountains twice, and one time, used ripped pages from a journal stuck on some branches to work his way out. Kyle’s also seen some odd things in the bush which defy any explanation and are best not spoken about.

Kyle divides his time between Hobart and his small country hometown in Tasmania’s North West.

His work as a youth worker at high schools and as a case manager, and counselor in a men’s drug and alcohol rehab inspired “The Bluffs” through the events and conversations from his time in these roles, and by his own heart’s best efforts to use storytelling to process and explore what exactly he was dealing with.

It was also inspired by growing up in the tiny country town, and his childhood spent in the Tasmanian bush, and the fact he loves books he’s able to escape into and just cannot put down.

While he did want to write a page turner of a thriller, a captivating mystery, and a novel where you cared enough about the characters you didn’t want to put it down. However woven through all of it, he believes is part of his heart that wanted to challenge the way that we view drug dealers as always being the bad guys, or assume that all teen girls are always so harmless and innocent, or how we see the Tasmanian bush as being dead and tame.

Kyle felt he had a particularly good story to tell about violent machinations, teen girls, drug feuds, suburban drama which is based on true events. And how some things are precisely what they seem to be, while others they’re not, and life is to try and tell the difference.

It took Kyle three years, from start to finish, so keeping track of all of the moving parts of the plot and the mystery was incredibly challenging.

He is incredibly lucky to just be able to block out all the distractions and write from anywhere, at any time: during the middle of the night, on lunch break, in a cafe, and as he watches television. Even while his mate and his wife discuss their day.

“The Bluffs” was shortlisted for the Indie’s Debut Fiction Book of the Year and the Dymocks Book of the Year. It was also longlisted for the Australian Book Industry Awards’ General Fiction Book of the Year. The novel was translated into five languages.

“The Bluffs” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2020. When a school group of some teen girls disappear in the isolated wilderness of Tasmania’s Great Western Tiers, the people in Limestone Creek immediately go on alert. Not too long ago, six young girls vanished in the same area of those dangerous bluffs, and the legends of ‘the Hungry Man’ is still haunting locals to this day.

Now, the authorities determine that Eliza Ellis, a teacher, was knocked unconscious, so somebody on the mountain was up to foul play. Jordan Murphy, the town’s local dealer and dad of missing student Jasmine, becomes a prime suspect, but Detective Con Badenhorst knows in a town this size, with corrupt cops, a teen YouTube sensation, and small town politics, anybody could be hiding something, and bluffing only comes second nature.

When there’s a corpse discovered, mauled, at the bottom of the cliff, suspicion heads in the direction of a wild animal, however that just cannot explain why she, like all the victims past and present, was found barefoot, with her shoes found close by, and the laces neatly tied.

What happened up on the bluffs. Someone knows. Unless, of course, the local legends are actually true.

“The Deep” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2021. A new thriller set on the rugged coast of Tasmania about family betrayals and bonds, modern day pirates, and the hidden dangers which lurk in the deep.

If you ever encounter the Black Wind while you’re out there at sea, all you can do is race on back to the shore. There isn’t any predicting it, no living with it, and no sailing through it. And if you are a Dempsey, it can also play tricks on your mind.

On the Tasman Peninsula, nestled amid the biggest sea-cliffs in the southern hemisphere, is Shacktown. It’s here that the Dempsey family have run their drug ring for generations, using the fishing industry and the lethal Black Wind as their cover. However when Forest Dempsey, age thirteen, walks out of the ocean, all bruised up and branded, it’s all imperiled. Because Forest was believed to be dead for the previous seven years.

Mackerel Dempsey, out on strict bail conditions, is attempting to alter his fate, doing his level best to stay out of trouble before his next court appearance. His cousin Ahab has renounced the family completely, in favor of working to keep the town and the fragile tourism economy safe. However in their search to find answers about Forest, both Ahab and Mackerel can’t help but get drawn back into the underworld. What could have possibly happened to the boy all those years ago? Could it have anything to do with the infamous drug kingpin Blackbeard, who has been rumored to be moving in on Shacktown?

Secrets long believed buried at sea wash up on the shore, generations of the Dempsey family have to stand up for what they truly believe in, even if this means sacrificing everything. However in the gritty fight between right and wrong, blood ain’t always thicker than water, and everybody’s at risk of getting pulled under.

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