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A Pizza with Everything on It (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Sundae with Everything on It (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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We Put A Man On The Moon: Thoughts on Living a Better Story (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Host a Viking Funeral: What I Learned Asking 20,000 People to Share and Burn Their Regrets (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kyle Scheele is a well-known motivational speaker, author, and artist. He hails from Springfield, Missouri, United States. As an author, Scheele is popular for writing his debut novel, A Pizza With Everything On It. He has penned a few other books that are available all over the world. Scheele strives to make the world a better place to live. For this purpose, he organizes events and conferences where he gives motivational speeches. He is known to have challenged students across the United States to come together and make a better world.

Whenever Scheele is not busy planning an event or speaking on a stage, he can be found chilling at his home. Scheele is happily married and has four beautiful. His lovely wife Lindsay offers her full support in all his indulgences and feels motivated to work alongside him. At times, Scheele wonders how he ended up having a crazy, incredible family. To avoid falling into trouble in the event that Scheele feels he has made a mistake through his work, he tries to maintain a low profile. However, his popularity reaches places before him and he is often greeted by people for his inspiring work. This motivates Scheele and makes him believe that his work can never be termed as a mistake.

During his spare time, Scheele loves to read, write, and making weird stuff from cardboard. During his school days, Scheele was the president of the student body. He used to volunteer in organizing and leading assemblies. So, from a very young age, he used to stand in front of a group of people and give announcements. This boosted his confidence to face crowds and pour his heart out. When Scheele reached college, he continued getting speaking offers at many events. Scheele loved it. A few years later, he realized his worth as a speaker and decided to take it up as a means to earn his livelihood. This is how he turned into a motivational speaker.

While growing, he used to listen to speakers that came to his school. Most of them used to talk about what not to do in life, but none of them ever talked about what to do, which bothered him very much. So, when Scheele established himself as a speaker, he decided to take the approach that those speakers didn’t bother to take. Now, Scheele mainly tried to indulge with students to make them understand the fact that people’s lives are defined by the things they do: the amount of help they provide, the lives they change, and the actions they take. So, he challenges them to give thought to the things that they can start doing now to live their life with satisfaction.

Typically, Scheele’s talk lasts for about forty-five to sixty minutes. Scheele often likes to customize the contents of his talk as per the needs of his clients. For that purpose, he likes to know his client first, their need for approaching a speaker, and the hope they want to accomplish through the event. There have been many people who have influenced Scheele throughout his life. The biggest support he has received has been from his family members. Scheele’s wife, his mother, and father, and his brothers are all incredible people. He claims that his face lights up just by looking at them. As a kid, Scheele had a pastor who believed in him and inspired him to become a confident person. Likewise, he learned the qualities of a good leader from his student council sponsor.

Scheele also understood the value of being gracious and what good it brings to an individual. The interest in cardboard arose in Scheele after watching the performance of an artist named Wayne White in the film called Beauty is Embarrassing. Though his initial attempts at making things out of cardboard didn’t yield anything better, he didn’t stop doing it. It was only after meeting Wayne White in person that Scheele started showing improvement in his work. He got hooked to it so much that he has not stopped and continues to do it even today.

Author Scheele loves to watch movies and TV shows in his free time. His favorite movies include A Beautiful Mind, Shawshank Redemption, Deceptive Practice, etc. On TV, Scheele mostly likes to watch the Discovery Channel. He is a big fan of the show Stranger Things. Scheele likes to interact with his followers online and solve their queries. He keeps switching between his roles as a speaker and author and appreciates both of them equally. Scheele feels blessed to have found his way in the world of speaking and publishing. It is his wish to spread his beliefs and thoughts among all the students of the world. And for that, he intends to write a lot of inspirational books in the times to come.

An interesting book penned by author Kyle Scheel is entitled ‘We Put a Man on the Moon’. It was published as a Kindle book in 2012. This book opens by mentioning the fact that children are often told while growing up that life is a test and you can be successful only if you take the correct decisions and every stage. But, Scheele believes that it is not exactly true. He feels that the truth about life is that it is much more than making right and wrong choices. Scheele also thinks that life should not be measured in terms of successes and failures. In fact, success is not what it is often perceived to be. Scheele says that a person can live a meaningful life by thinking of it as a story instead of a test. He likes to emphasize that people should live their lives like they are telling a story, and every story can be interesting depending upon how the person is telling it. By giving references to the stories of his life, Scheele tries to say through this book that life can be an incredible, amazing story of a person in its own sense.

Another exciting book penned by the author is called ‘A Pizza with Everything On It’. It was released by Chronicle Books in 2021. Scheele has collaborated with illustrator Andy J. Miller to write this book. The story revolves around the life of a man and his son who attempt to make a unique pizza and end up destroying the universe in the process. Later, they try their best to rebuild the universe and right whatever wrong they have done. They take the help of the pizza that was made before. The book follows various ups and downs in the life of the father & son pair and depicts some funny incidents that make this book quite interesting to read.

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