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Publication Order of Kyle Swanson Sniper Books

In this thriller series, Kyle Swanson is a top marine sniper. The authors of this New York Times bestselling Shooter wrote the series where the autobiography of Kyle Swanson, a Top-Ranked Marine Sniper, faces present day dangers of war, betrayal and intrigue. The author of the series, Gunnery Sgt. Coughlin, has written eight novels with Donald. In his books, he describes his real life experiences in the then Iraq war. He joined the marine at a young age of 19. Jack was born in Waltham, Massachusetts. He has a military career from Marine Corps Recruit Depot Paris Island. This series is interesting for people who like novels.

The Kill Zone novel is all about a modern day sniper. Although this novel may not be the greatest ever written, it is of suspense and action. Coughlin juxtaposes the action of people in the Middle East in a story, with deception and coercion in Washington. The main character is Kyle Swanson and Gunnery Sergeant details his own experiences in the desert storm. Kyle Swanson is also a Marine Germany sergeant and a Sniper just like Coughlin. The action begins with kidnapping of the general and Kyle along with his friends is sent into Syria to take part in a rescue mission of this Marine General. The former U.S. service members are the one behind the kidnapping. The kidnap situation happens on the eve of a planned speech of the General to the House armed services committee. The general is, however, not able to privatize military usage. The sharks (mercenaries) try to dismantle the Generals action to address the House. With assistance from Gerald Buchanan a National Security Advisor, a business tycoon Gordon Gates, and Ruth Hazel Reed a U.S. Congresswoman, the shark team sets up strategies to bring down the United States Armed Forces team. They reorganize and set up an ambush with the intension to kill the Marines. Kyle is among the Marines under target, when they land in Syria. Although the Syrian have tricks up their sleeves that confuse the reader so that he or she cannot know what is exactly going to happen, Jack realizes the trick and throws a curve ball. The only survivor, Swanson, must achieve his mission and therefore journeys across the dark desert. This is a believable story, despite the fact that it is full of “bad guys”. The detailed story of the life of a sniper gives the reader an insight into the mental actions taken by highly trained assassins. Kyle is dealing with both the mental strains of his profession and struggle to accomplish the task that he was sworn in for by the nation.

This novel is great for anyone to read. Generally, it has been greatly developed with amazing characters and plot. The author gives the story a unique feel when he accurately speaks of the life of a sniper. Although it is not a great poetic story, some parts of the novel plot are elementary. Jack combats and contradicts that because apart from the story being modern, it is so real that a reader might forget about the mechanics and give more focus on the story. The book has received a lot of praise with the Washington Post commented it as renowned sniper, Gunnery recounts the battlefield action with a considerable energy. The publishers weekly described it as “The action reaches a furious pitch”. Booklist, on the other hand, commented it as “Tight, suspensefu and hoped that it was first of the many Swanson novels”. Some of the details in this book are only explainable in a “so goes war” type manner because it is gruesome and vivid.

The next novel in the list of the sniper series titled Dead Shot. The sequence of events begins with murder of an Iraqi scientist who is ready to give a secret that the terrorist Saddam took to his grave. This is the secret about location of thedeath place; the home to the devastating weapon that the Islamic militants have quietly developed. Juba, a mysterious sniper carries out the assassination work. This guy has British training, but now has joined a twisted mastermind group that is after sealing control of terrorist world from the Al Qaeda. He is impersonal to the extent that he tests the power of a new weapon and kills hundreds of people, who have attended a wedding of the British royal family in London. Kyle Swanson is a key member of the secret special team called Task Force and was once a Marine Corps top sniper. He is given the burden of hunting down his special oops rival. A new global terror reign can only be defeated by confrontation between the world’s two best snipers, a dual that usually results in winning by the first shot.

The traitor is not given a chance to get reach of the interrogation room alive, Juba is highly determined not to allow this. Juba makes sure that the cool stock is ready when he presses his cheek into it and roves his fingers over the gun. Three yards away, he checks the flags located on government buildings and estimates the wind 7-11/hr full value. This is aimed to move the fired round 2 inches and 100 yards to the left. At the time he adjusts the scope to compensate the humidity is zero. He spots the waving arm of the officer when he was describing something. When the officer’s right arm windmills to emphasize a point, Juba exhales, lets his heartbeat slow, and decides to shoot under the arm. He times just when the American is raising his arm, squeezes the trigger back and fires the big riffle. The American officer dies before anyone reaches him. Juba puts the riffle aside, ducks down to the ground, craws forward, and slowly closes the door on the outside piano. He goes back, retrieves his riffle and kit, tosses the pillows back onto the bed, and leaves the room. Juba takes off to London on an evening on Royal Jordanian Airlines Fokker plane from Baghdad International Airport. Juba is finally successful in his mission.

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