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The Mages of Starsea (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Orb of Binding (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rifts of Psyche (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Chosen of the Manifold (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Prophecy of the Seven (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fire of Hephaestus (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Psion of Darkness (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Siege of Earth (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Gates of Time (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Trip Planner and Travel Journal (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kyle West is an American author of fiction. He specializes in novels that generally fall into the fantasy, horror, or science fiction category. He was born on February 12, 1988, in Lake Jackson in Texas. Kyle West currently resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

West says that he enjoys writing books that contain a lot of action as well as many crazy twists that will continue to keep the reader interested in the story and turning the page all the way until the very end of the book! He is the author of the Wasteland Chronicles, a series of fictional novels.

Kyle West’s Wasteland Chronicles kicked off with the release of the debut novel, Apocalypse. It was followed by the sequel, which is titled Origins. West followed those fantasy novels up with the third novel in the series, Evolution. The fourth book in the series is titled Revelation. It is a seven book series and if you absolutely love science fiction books that have interesting stories to tell, you’re going to love this series from West.

Apocalypse is the first book in the Wasteland Chronicles. The year is 2030, and the planet is Earth. This is the year, the fateful period of time when a meteor came into contact with the planet. No one on the blue marble that hosted life ever saw it coming. The meteor was named Ragnarok, and when it made its fatal impact on Earth it changed the world as everyone knew it into a total wasteland.

It was a huge event that ended up spelling the end for millions upon millions of people. Over a billion people were dead at the end of it, after the sky had turned red and the entire world had come into a new ice age as the result. The ice age will not wear off for hundreds of years. In the course of a single instant, the entire world and the entire way that people try to survive has changed.

The year is now 2060, thirty years after the deadly arrival of Ragnarok. The United States as we know it is done. The country– or what is left of it now– is entirely underground, housed in a place that is referred to as the Bunkers. These were the last ditch efforts to have a plan and a place to go, the secret bunkers that were built when survival was first priority and everything else had to be abandoned in the descent underground.

There used to be a hundred and forty-four Bunkers left, but now there are only four of them remaining The other ones fell for various reasons that were never pretty, whether it was starving survivors, rebellion against the status quo, an uprising, or something even worse. After the meteor came to Earth and changed the fabric of reality for good, things became a lot more sinister and the fight for survival became the only thing that anyone had to focus on.

There may be still more threats lurking in this world unknown for Alex Keener. Alex is 16 years old, and he has been born into the post-apocalyptic world here without really knowing the world that existed before. All his life has been spent in the 108th bunker, underground in what is the only United States he would ever see with his own eyes.

Things totally shift when Alex sees a stranger being let into the Bunker– someone that is from the wasteland. This is a breach of protocol, and sure enough, their arrival leads to everything going left. Alex might just find that his life is about to change for good. What will happen? You have got to pick up Apocalypse by Kyle West to find out!

Origins is the second book in the Wasteland Chronicles by talented fantasy author Kyle West! When it comes to fiction, there are so many things that really make a great novel. You can see some of them in this thrilling sequel, the follow up novel to the exciting debut Apocalypse.

When it comes to a meteor hitting the Earth named Ragnarok it turns out that the event was just the start of something. The human race has bigger problems on their hands, like surviving the deeply buried Bunkers and the people around them (as well as other threats out there).

Bunker One is buried deep in Colorado’s Cheyenne Mountain and it seems like the perfect shelter to hide away from the world. However, the xenovirus’s spawn has long conquered it by now. So now it is the goal of three individuals that include Alex Keener to set out and try and locate the fallen Bunker. He and Makara Angel and Samuel Neth are determined to either find it or die in the attempt.

What’s in the bunker that’s so special? That would be the Black Files, the mysterious source of information that may have a way to finally combat the xenovirus properly and stop it once and for all. But when it comes to that happening, there is about 1,000 miles of desert between the group and their mission, and not every person that they come across is likely to want to give a helping hand.

The group must take on the quest and try to get to the bunker before deep winter snow comes over it and buries their chances of finding it. Along the way they must take on deadly dust storms and hostile human beings in a race to find the Black Files and claim them as their own before anyone else gets to them first.

Just how important are the Black Files? Who else is out there that would possibly want them? The group may have no idea what’s out there, but an empire is growing in the south. This Empire wants to not only expand but also wants resources, information, and tech from the Bunkers. It turns out that Bunker One is also their number-one target.

With the Blights expanding, and the monsters growing larger, the risks are greater than ever for Alex and his friends. Can they reach Bunker One before anyone else does? Can they even make it out there and find it in the first place, or will the monsters get them? Read Origins to find out.

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