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Publication Order of Kylie Hatfield Books

By: Mary Stone, Bella Cross

Mary Stone is a published author known for co-writing the Kylie Hatfield series of novels along with Bella Cross. The popular mystery series features an amateur aspiring private investigator that takes on local cases in an attempt to deliver justice and hone her skills.

Mary lives in the eastern part of Tennessee in the middle of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. She is married and she and her husband have children together. They share their household with their pets as well, which includes multiple dogs and cats. When she was younger, the author would be worried about creatures under her bed and would look for them herself instead of going to her parents and asking them to do it. The reason she did this was to see for herself and know that monsters were not under her bed.

Mary has also always enjoyed doing puzzles, no matter what kind they are. She can often be discovered working in the corner with a pen in hand and a puzzle book that she is working on in her lap. She enjoys doing things alone, but despite her fondness of introverted activities and puzzles is not a loner and has an active social life. She is often the leader of group activities with her friends and family, and being sure to take friends along with her on different adventures whenever she can.

These days, Mary has channeled her love for adventure and fascination with all things imaginary to make up stories that are unique. She loves to write stories that feature strong independent female characters that don’t need to rely on men to save them. When writing the villains, Mary likes to make them dastardly and truly deserving of the role that they play. She gladly welcomes readers to come into her world, where heroines share space along with special agents and serial killers. Stone’s female protagonists are always independent and capable, able to take care of themselves and go head to head with anyone they come across.

Bella Cross is the co-author of the Kylie Hatfield series written along with Mary Stone. The series first began in 2019, with the publication of the debut novel, which is titled Deadly Act. This is a dramatic and intense series that is full of twists and turns that will have readers racing to get to the end to find out what happens! Check out all of the novels in this mystery series and discover all of the adventures one by one as they unfold.

Deadly Act is the first novel in the Kylie Hatfield series by Bella Cross and Mary Stone. If you love mystery novels, check this debut out!

Main character Kylie Hatfield may have gotten herself into something that she shouldn’t have. It all started when a girl named Jessica disappeared. Known for being quiet and shy, the disappearance seems suspicious. Jessica’s sister is desperate to find her sibling and recruits Kylie to do so. Kylie makes the promise to her sister that she will track down her sister, and now she’s got to follow through.

Kylie does work at Starr Investigations, but she’s not an investigator. Actually, she’s just the office assistant if you really want to get technical. But in her opinion, that doesn’t matter if she’s capable of getting the job done. Kylie sees this as the ideal chance to show her boss that she has the potential to be a real investigator.

Kylie looks into the case, but starts to get concerned when clues start to imply that Jessica going missing may have links to a serial killer. Everyone that knows she’s taking on this case is concerned for her and wants her to drop it. Her boss, the police, and even ex-soldier Linc Coulter want her to just walk away. Her life could be at stake.

Linc’s just busy training Vader, her dog, but he doesn’t want to see Kylie hurt. No one does, least of all Kylie. However, she’s determined to become a private eye for real and no one is going to get in her way. Even if that person is a killer that’s struck before, and seems to have plans to strike again. Can she catch a killer before she becomes the next target? Read Deadly Act to find out!

Deadly Lies is the exciting second novel in the Kylie Hatfield series by Mary Stone and Bella Cross. Continue the adventure by picking up this sequel and getting in on all of the action!

Family can be a great thing, but it can also sometimes feel like a curse. Especially when they’d rather see you dead than alive. Kylie Hatfield is approached to take on yet another case when Emma Jennings suspects that her large estate is being robbed. She wants Kylie to look into things and confirm that theft is going on and she is being embezzled from or to put her mind at ease.

Kylie thinks the case risks being too dull to get into, but can’t help feeling badly for the woman, who is eighty something years old. If she is being stolen from, it’s egregious. So she accepts the case and thinks that she might even be able to make some progress with it. There’s no better time to shine since she’s recently been made the assistant private investigator at Starr Investigations.

Things take a turn when the simple embezzlement question flips quickly over into murder. Kylie’s soon in over her head in a case that she never was truly prepared for. She thought she’d handle it on the fly, but that isn’t working out so well so far. Her personal life is also in an interesting place, since her friend Linc Coulter is dealing with the past and might not be totally one hundred percent emotionally available.

Could Kylie find a killer and avoid becoming targeted in the process? Is there something about her that just attracts trouble? Could she be a source of strength for Linc, or simply part of the problem? Read this book to find out!

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  1. JANICE LITTRELL: 2 years ago

    I read the first and last book in the Kylie Hatfield series. This series is so poor compared to Winter Black, Autumn Trent, and Ellie Kline.
    When I was ready to start a new series, I chose Kyle Hatfield. This first book in the series was a big, big disappointment. Not at all as good and interesting as the other series. Deadly Act has immature characters who do nothing but curse and use the “F” word on practically every page and sometimes a lot more than once. Not an enjoyable read at all. The worse of the worse in the Mary Stone series.


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