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Publication Order of Black Shamrocks MC Books

Seizing Control (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Making Choices (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seeking Redemption (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tempting Fate (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finding Nirvana (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Conquering Circumstances (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Black Shamrocks MC: First Generation Books

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Publication Order of Centrifuge Duet Books

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Soothing Suffering (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Kylie Hillman

An Australian author, the writer Kylie Hillman is well known for creating suspense fueled novels that entice and excite her readers in equal measure. Knowing exactly what she’s doing with her stories and characters at all times, she really manages to make the most out of her material, pushing her premises to their full extent. Infusing her narratives with both romance and thriller elements, she really knows how to take the action right up to the next level, giving her readers something new and exciting to read in the process. This success can be seen reflected through her sales, as she has become a bestselling author worldwide, with scores of readers from across the world flocking to her work. Following in the footsteps of a long line of writers within her field, she has a vast wealth of contemporaries to choose from, drawing inspiration from a number of different sources.

With a hint of eroticism about her work, she creates stories that are seductive and immersive in equal measure, involving the readers in their rich and layered worlds. The characters themselves are very well drawn too, allowing the stories to come alive off of the page for the reader, whilst taking them on a journey. Creating a number of series too, she manages to maintain narratives, with long running character arcs that span over a number of books. This is something that will carry on for many years to come, with plenty more titles all set to be released in the near future for some time yet.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in Adelaide, Australia, Kylie Hillman would grow up in the area, constantly taking in inspiration from the world around her. Moving around the east coast of Australia for over fifteen years, she would continue to work on her love of writing, continually looking out for new and promising ideas. This would also allow her to hone and refine her skills, building upon her many tools, taking in a whole range of different contemporary inspirations.

Moving back to her home-state in Australia, she would settle down with her husband and kids, as she would continue to write full time. This she would do from her 45 acre farm there, putting out work on a regular and consistent basis, finding popularity with an international audience worldwide. With a lot more to come, she will carry on writing for a long time yet, as she keeps herself active, always looking for new ideas to use.

Writing Career

Bringing out the novel ‘Seizing Control’ back in 2015, Kylie Hillman would release her first book and debut novel onto the international market. This would see her become a bestselling sensation, quickly rising in both prominence and stature, allowing her to reach a worldwide audience. It would also be part of her ‘Black Shamrocks, MC’ series of novels, as she would go on to create other franchises such as ‘Black Hearts, MMA’ and ‘Centrifuge Duet’. These would revolve around themes of romantic relationships with an element of seduction floating throughout, providing them with their essence. Not showing signs of stopping either, she carries on building her profile both online and off, something that will continue into the foreseeable future.

Tempting Fate

Published by ‘DyMi Ink’ in 2016, this would be a novel set in the ‘MC romance’ subgenre, or ‘motorcycle club’. Drawing from her own life, Hillman writes with a high degree of authenticity and realism, creating a more genuine style of storytelling. This would also be the fourth title in the ongoing ‘Black Shamrocks MC’ series of novels, continuing on from the previous books in the series set around the group.

Setting much of its action around the motorcycle group known as the ‘Black Shamrocks’, this sees the ongoings of a relationship taking place within it. Focusing on Madelaine O’Brien and Mikhail Kennedy, it sees them both attempting to overcome their various hardships and difficulties. It also manages to move the genre of MC romance forwards as well, taking it in new and far more grittier, realistic directions. Giving her narrative a real sense of heft, Kylie Hillman definitely manages to take it up a level in this Australia set novel.

With them both having always been item, Madelaine O’Brien and Mikhail Kennedy have always been an item since the dawn of time. Now that Mik has taken his rightful place as the President of the Black Shamrocks MC, he has Maddi by his side and everything seems perfect. The only issue is that Mik desperately wants revenge for the wrongs done to him in the past, as he even seems blinded to Maddi’s own personal struggles. They both need to let go of the past and look to the future, not holding on to the regrets that seemingly bind them, holding them down. Will they be able to overcome them? Can they both look to a brighter and more promising future? Are they going to end up tempting fate?


Published on the 3st of January in 2019, this would mark the third title in the long-running ‘Black Hearts MMA’ series of books. Continuing on from the previous titles, it focuses on the relationship of Zali and Jep this time, as it once again sets itself in the world of MMA fighting. A romance story with a tough edge to it, the story manages to sparkle, whilst also giving long-term readers returning characters and plot elements.

Always looking to stir up drama, Zali Mitchell is the younger sister of Gabriella Mitchell, from the previous novels, as she is young, beautiful and headstrong. Then there’s Jep Haynes, a man who’s permanently angry at the world, constantly railing against it and everyone around him. This leads to Harvie Hooligan, Gabriella’s partner, asking Jep to ‘look after’ Zali and make sure that she doesn’t come to harm whilst out in the city. Initially finding himself in a permanent state of conflict with her, she then starts to warm to him, as he starts to discover who she really is. Will the two of them overcome their differences? Can they possibly become an item? How will they both face the impending dissent?

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