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Kylie Scott is a New York Times and USA Today Best selling author. She loves B Horror, rock n roll music, and love stories. She lives, reads, and writes in her home located in Queensland, Australia. She has written over ten novels; included in this are the “Stage Dive” series, the “Flesh” series, “Colonist’s Wife” series, the “Dive Bar” series, and the “Heart’s A Mess” series. Her favorite color is blue and plans to write more in the “Flesh” series.

“Lick” is the first book in the “Stage Dive” series. This series features different lead characters in each book, but with some of the same cast of characters from the fictional band Stage Dive. Evelyn Thomas headed to Vegas with one goal: to have a great twenty-first birthday. What she did not count on, was that she should wake up with a killer hangover, and find a half-naked man covered in tattoos in her room, and find a large diamond ring on her finger. She would just like to remember how it all happened. She will quickly find that being married to a big rock star will be a wild ride. For David, he has never met a women who did not care that he was in a band, but actually wanted to get to know that man himself. Evelyn, has a plan through life that has made her who she is today; that includes not very experienced in matters of the heart and without a love life. The two decide, after feeling that the whole thing was a big mistake, to give each other a chance. This is due to the newlywed couple developing feelings for each other.

The book has received 1,073 five star reviews on Amazon and 21,940 five star reviews on Goodreads. Fans of the book like the way the two have great, steamy chemistry with a blend of emotional growth that is realistic. The story will keep readers turning the pages til the finish, wanting more. This story is one that is impossible for fans to put down. Readers love Scott’s ability to write great one liners, and conversations that will have you react accordingly, either swoon, panting with lust, or giggling. The book will have you putting off going to the bathroom to finish a thought. Readers liked the idea that two people could get married (with one being a famous musician) when one is drunk and find that they actually love each other.

Some readers did not like that they could not relate to the characters in the book, and that the book was poorly written, without much basis in reality. Some found that the book has a lot of typos and sex scenes, but not much to the story. Readers also did not like the way that the characters swear in the book; they find that they do it too much and to the point where it detracts and distracts from the actual story. People found that the author should have quit seventy pages before she did as it felt like she had ran out of steam. Some found the way Evelyn and David broke up to be bad and the way they got back together was worse.

“Play” is the second book in the “Stage Dive” series. Drummer for the rock band Stage Dive, Mal Ericson, is in need of changing his image, and fast. He thinks that if he has a good girl on his arm it should help things, but it is not a permanent thing- it is only to last until he and Stage Dive go on tour. However, what he does not realize is that he found the perfect girl to pretend she’s his girlfriend. For Anne Rollins, she never thought she would get to meet her hero from her favorite band; she also has some pretty big debts to pay. So pretending to be Mal’s girlfriend could be beneficial to her money situation, otherwise dating a partier wild man could not end well or so she thinks. The two meet at a party that Stage Dive throws that Anne goes to with some of her friends. Mal winds up moving in with Anne due to the fact that he is now looking for a place to stay, and she could use a new roommate after her last one told her that she had betrayed Anne. He also sees that she is hurt and shows her some much needed kindness. This book also features more scenes between David and Evelyn.

This book has received 920 five star reviews on Amazon and 16,590 five star reviews on Goodreads. Readers liked that Mal has a soft side and is vulnerable, and liked the way the two, Anne and Mal, text back and forth. The majority of the readers that liked the book liked reading about Mal, and were unable to stop laughing at his character’s antics and jokes throughout the book. The pair just have great chemistry together and Anne is able to bring out a different side of Mal that he tried to hide away form everyone, as he deals with all of his personal problems in his life. Readers find Kylie Scott to be great at developing her characters, keep the reader laughing and engaged and the story moving forward. Some readers felt that it takes some time for the characters to open up to one another but once they do and feel comfortable with one another, they feel able to let the other get to know the real them.

Some readers did not like the book because the Mal that the first book “Lick” featured was not anywhere to be seen for most of this book. Some had problems with the fact that by the time Mal and Anne start to dig deeper with each other, the book was just about over. They spend too much time with superficial things and have no time to really get to know the real people they are with. Readers felt that Mal was a little too manic, making the book hard to read without feeling that the room was spinning; this made the reader wish that his character was not so wild.

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  1. Kelly Bloom: 3 years ago

    This Series made me giggle and quite often. There were some eye rolling and a difference in option on how some situations should have been handled. However, as a read this was great! Loved the sex, and even though they fought they all had each others backs. It reminds you that rock stars are still people after all.


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