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Kym Grosso is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author. Kym is best known for “Club Altura,” the contemporary erotic suspense series, and “The Immortals of New Orleans,” the erotic paranormal series.

Kym published “Kade’s Dark Embrace,” her debut novel in 2012 and kicked on from there. She now has more than a dozen novels to her name. In addition to writing romance, Grosso has written and published several articles on autism.

In her earlier years, he went to West Chester University where she got her bachelor’s degree. She would then proceed to Widener University and graduated with an MBA.

Before she became a bestselling author she used worked as a health care consultant speech therapist and at a software company where she was a product manager.
The author currently makes her home in suburban Pennsylvania but has always wanted to move to a southern California beach. She believes it would be the perfect place to pen her works as she listens to the roar of the sea.

The biggest inspiration for Kym Gross becoming an author was Tyler her son. In 1999 her son was diagnosed with autism and this was the time she developed an interest in writing.

Using her experience taking care of her son, she began to blog about autism. She also published several articles in journals and magazines the most prominent of which was featured in “Psychology Today.”

At some point, she thought about writing a book on autism but could not get clear on how to go about it. It was then that she decided to pivot away from writing about autism and write something sexy and fun.

In 2012 she published “Kade’s Dark Embrace,” her first romance and she was hooked. Kym had always been a huge reader and her writing has been impacted by the writings of all manner of authors.

Still, paranormal romance has always had the biggest influence on her work. As for authors, there are too many inspirational authors that she loves but if she had to narrow it down it would have to be the works of J.R. Ward.

Grosso likes how her stories pull one in and not let go. She can still remember reading the entire “Black Dagger Brotherhood” series and thinking this needs to be made into a TV series.

When Kym Grosso is not writing her novels she has all manner of hobbies that she loves to do.

She particularly loves heading to the beach, walking along the coast, and watching the sunset. There is just something that she finds so calm and relaxing about the sea and she would give everything to live by the ocean.

Kym sometimes loves to kayak and hike with her children and now that she makes her home in California, this is something she does more often.
When she is at home, she can usually be found doing yoga which she finds a very laid back and relaxing experience. She was introduced to it by a friend and now can never get enough of it.

Kym also loves reading and seeing new places and hence she is quite the traveler now that she is a full-time author.

“Kade’s Dark Embrace” by Kym Grosso opens with the ritualistic murder of several girls on the cold streets of Philadelphia.
Sydney Willows is the seasoned detective in charge of the case forced to work with Kade Issacson the alpha vampire. While she is working the case, Sydney finds herself intensely attracted and fighting the passion she feels for Kade.

Kade is determined to mete out justice and solve the case but is fascinated by the fiery and independent detective. Attempting to protect Sydney from a dangerous killer, Kade is concerned that the very human but also very beautiful detective could get killed.

However, she will not stop tangling with supernatural forces that are too powerful. The investigation leads them down a dangerous and dark path deep into New Orleans.

Together Kade and Sydney look for the killers who they believe practice some form of voodoo rituals. Sydney is soon targeted by the killer and ends up fighting for love and her life in New Orleans.

Kym Gross’s novel “Luca’s Magic Embrace” is the story of Luca Macquarie, a sexy vampire who never engages in romance particularly not with humans.
However, since he rescued Samantha Irving, he has been struggling with an enigmatic attraction toward the very alluring woman. He is very much concerned about her safety and wants to bring her back to safety.

He sets out to go find Samanta the rookie witch who will only be safe in her coven. Luca never intended to fall in love with her as it just happened.
On her part, Samantha never wanted to be a witch but finds herself one. When she fails to elicit her magic, she flees to the hills where she believes she can go back to the life she had when she was fully human.

When her cabin is torched by an arsonist, she realizes her worst fears. Acknowledging that her life is in danger, she does not resist when Luca comes to pick her up to take her back to New Orleans.
In the city, Luca and Samantha go on a compelling journey as they search for a mystical amulet that will set her free from an obligation to a lethal and very ancient vampire that is threatening to kill her.
With clandestine allies and cryptic clues, will Samantha and Luca be able to overcome all the danger in their path and have their happily ever after.

“Tristan’s Lyceum Wolves” by Kym Grosso is the story of Tristan Livingstone, a powerful alpha Lyceum wolf. He is out for revenge following a brutal attack on his pack.

He had been among the very few survivors and had bounced back as he orchestrated the rebuild of his state-of-the-art entertainment establishment.
In his quest for justice, he finds a beautiful witness that could be the key to resolving the mystery of the attack on his home and family.

On the other hand is a dedicated veterinarian named Dr. Kalli Williams, who is harboring a secret that may be dangerous to wolves all over the country and to herself too.

When she is tortured by some vampire, she agrees to work with the sexy alpha to try to identify the killers. Working with the dominant alpha she soon wants to fully submit to him even as he too is inexplicably drawn to the enticing and mysterious woman.

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