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Publication Order of The Black Magician Trilogy Books

The Magicians' Guild (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Novice (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The High Lord (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Magician's Apprentice (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Traitor Spy Trilogy Books

The Ambassador's Mission (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rogue (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Traitor Queen (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Trudi Canavan is an Australian author, widely known for her bestselling trilogies, Age of the Five and the Black Magician. Before she became a published author, Trudi Canavan served as a graphic designer. In the year 2012, Trudi Canavan completed the Traitor Spy Trilogy. Born in Kew, Melbourne Australia, Canavan was brought up in the suburbans of Ferntree Gully. Ever since she was young, Trudi Canavan was extremely creative and had an interest in arts, music, and writing. After Trudi Canavan became a professional artist, she decided to pursue a Promotional Display, Advanced Certificate at the world renowned, Melbourne College. At the college, Trudi Canavan received the highest aggregate marks ever in Art subjects. In the year 1995, Canavan began a freelance business, where she specialized in graphic design services. In the same year, Trudi Canavan began working for an Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine, Aurelius, where she served as an editor and web creator.

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The Magicians Guild
In the Magicians Guild, author Trudi Canavan introduces the readers to Sonea. Sonea and her family live deep within the slums, after the magician’s displaced them and other residents from their rightful home. After taking over control, the magicians introduced a new system of governance, where the gifted individuals lived in seclusion from the rest. Each year, the magicians displace the residents of the slums from their home in what is known as the purge. As the Magicians Guild begins, the yearly purge is also about to begin as well. As the purge begins, an angry mob immediately surrounds the magicians guild and start to throw stones at the magicians who came out to watch what was happening. Irrespective of the number of rocks that the mob throws at the magicians, the residents could not harm the magicians in any way, mainly because the shields protect them from such occurrences. Nonetheless, when angry Sonea, uses all her might to throw a stone, something unusual happens. The rock that Sonea throws goes right through the shield and suddenly lands on the head of one of the magicians.

Immediately, the magicians notice that Sonea was different from the rest. Throwing the stone through the guild meant that she had magical powers. The magicians begin to hunt her down. While the magician tracks the Sonea down, Sonea goes into hiding because she believes that the magicians want to kill her. However, the main reason why the magicians are tracking down Sonea, is to convince her to join the magicians guild. With the help of her friend, Cery and Cery’s thief associates, Sonea manages to avoid captivity for such a long time. Furthermore, due to the fact that Sonea’s magical powers are now fully activated, Sonea finds it extremely hard to put her powers under control. Sonea becomes worried, mainly because she believes that her powers might end up killing her because she does not know how to control them. After the magicians capture Sonea, they take her to their leader, the High Lord. Lord Rothen was the first magician to notice Sonea’s magical powers, and thus, tries to first earn her trust by first teaching her, how to control her powers.

Once Sonea begins to attend magical classes, it becomes evidently clear that Lord Rothen will become her guardian. However, the magician who Sonea hit with the stone a while back, Lord Fergun, also wants to be Sonea’ guardian. Unlike, Lord Rothen who has good intentions, Lord Fergun has different plans for Sonea. When Sonea begins to live with the High Lord, she discovers that the High Lord also has his plans as well. In the Magicians guild, the readers get to fully understand more about the world that author Trudi Canavan creates and also how magical powers work in this world. Sonea adapts well to living in the guild and also becomes passionate about Lord Rothen. With that said, the Magician’s Guild is a brilliant book. From the first page, the readers will immerse themselves in the world that author Trudi Canavan creates. The adventures of this world will definitely make the readers want to find out what happens next.

The High Lord
The High Lord begins a year after Sonea completed her first challenge. By completing her first challenge, Sonea earned the respect of the magicians and the other trainees as well. When we meet with Sonea, she is still living in the house of the High Lord. While living with the high lord, Sonea gets to learn more about the high lord including the plan that he has for the magician’s guild. In the process, she comes close to figuring it out, whether the high lord is manipulating her or telling the truth. As time goes by, the high lord is left with no other option, other than to tell Sonea the truth, and also to teach her everything that he knows, including the forbidden black magic. The more Sonea gets close to the high lord, the more she finds herself in a much greater conflict, which endangers both the high lord and her life as well. The grudge against the magician’s guild is one that is much older than Sonea and is also one that cannot be quenched quite easily.

To bring the conflict to an end, Sonea and the high lord must do everything in their power to ensure that they protect everything that means something to them, even if it means being cast out from the guild. Meanwhile, Tayend and Dannyl have a mission to stop a team of rogue magicians. Cery, the thief, is now tracking down serial killers, under the orders of the High Lord. With that said, the High Lord, is full of action. Unlike the second installment, all the characters in the High Lord are fully developed. All the characters now are fully developed. Readers will enjoy watching this characters grow including Sonea, who now begins to make right decisions. The relationship between these characters will also add spice to what was already going on in the previous installments. Overall, the High Lord is a highly entertaining book, filled with lots of intrigue, twists, and turns. Highly recommended for individuals who love action and fantasy stories.

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