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L.A. Casey is an Irish author of fiction, contemporary and romance books. Casey is also a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author famously known for her Slater Brothers series. She is an Ireland born and raised a writer, and this is spotted by many from her accent which also goes into her writings. She is an individual who is sociable and is seen from the way she chats and relates with her followers.

She was born on 11th July 1991 Dublin where she resides to date. The author made the first independent publication Dominic in 2014 which had a major hit on Amazon. A series of other books among them Keela and Alec followed which have featured on USA Today and also the New York Times. Some of Casey’s books have been published independently and also traditionally and have representation from Mark Gottlieb associated with Trident Media Group. Her publications have also had a very positive and high reading on Amazon.


Dominic is the first book in Slater Brothers series which introduces the readers to a lady by the name Bronagh Murphy. She has chosen to keep herself from the world after she is involved in a car accident in her childhood. This accident is the reason that she does not have her parents and in the effort to hide from being hurt in the future chooses this life.

Her thinking is that the moment she does not talk to anyone, befriend or even try acknowledging the presence of other people, the same will come from the other side before Dominic comes into her life. The book further goes to introduce another character Dominic, who is used to having everyone around him giving him attention, something that Murphy does not do which creates curiosity in her.

The two characters, Bronagh and Dominic have different opinions and ideologies in life which makes it impossible for them to merge. However, Slater who has moved into Dublin with his brothers to carry on with their family business gets an opposite of what he is used to from Bronagh.

This creates a deep interest in him since he is a person who believes that he must get whatever he wants. She is unconscious of slater since her life is already boxed in a corner where no one else is supposed to interfere with her life. Instead of pushing slater away, it pulls him even closer since failing is not in his line.

It’s an ideal book that takes different turns and also keeps the reader awake and curious throughout. The introduction itself is worth pushing an individual to go deeper into the book to understand how the two worlds get to merge and how it ends. It takes force to pull out the beautiful brunette from the corner that she is fixed it into the position that Dominic wants.

It is a book that puts you into the conversations and makes it feel alive as you read across. It’s a story that guarantees to grab the reader’s attention from the start to the end and through this one can understand every bit of the story. The author has different settings from the beginning through the entire reading which moves in tandem with the story.

Casey makes the reader feel the two sides where she makes it clear the stand that Slater has and also that which Murphy has and how the two worlds finally manage to come together. The twists of events from the beginning drag the attention of a reader all the way to the end.

In conclusion, Dominic has received huge readings since its publications as individuals yearn to have a glimpse of this beautiful love story.

Until Harry

Published as a standalone book in 2016, Until Harry is another thrilling book by L.A Casey which revolves around love. The novel features two main characters Lane and her childhood best friend, Kale.

Being friends since childhood is not supposed to turn the same into other emotions of which it does. However, her feelings are turned down by him since there is already another lady into his life. Lane is forced to come back into a past that she had forgotten the moment she left.

Tragedy strikes and her uncle passes on which makes it a must for Lane to come from New York where she had fled to due to kale. Growing up together with him turns later that it is more than friendship which is a bit confusing for her. She had moved out to New York since standing the sight of kale with another woman was something that she had refused.

Lane is forced to come home after the sudden death of her uncle who she loved, but at the same time, the thought of kale makes things complicated. However, she still comes and dealing with the two kinds of feelings makes it rather hard to be around.

She struggles with maintaining the two sides where she is mourning her uncle at the same time trying to keep off the thought of kale with another lady. Making it worse, coming back loses all that she had worked on while she was away on forgetting this man. It is an exciting story which leaves the reader craving for more as the events unfold making her face her worries.

The author has an artistic way of turning a simple thing into something that creates more color and suspense. L.A. Casey makes the reader move along as the different events unfold in the life of lane. It turns tragedy into an opportunity for rekindling what was once lost in the lives of the two characters. Reading this book makes one feel the pain and emotions that Lane has to deal with all through from the start to the end. Casey makes it an exciting and captivating book that is filled with suspense and plenty of romance and love.

If you enjoy reading contemporary and romance books featuring different brother who find love in the most unimaginable ways, Slater Brothers series would make a perfect read.

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