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The Never Never Sisters (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Neighbor's Secret (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

L. Allison Heller is a family mediator, and divorce lawyer who decided to become an author. The author was brought up in Connecticut and went to the Maine-based Bates College for her undergraduate studies.
Afterward, she interned and temped, trying all manner of things before she went to the School of Law at the University of North Carolina where she got her degree in law.

In 2008, Heller graduated from university with honors and then went on to work at several law firms in the state. After gaining much-needed experience, she opened her own mediation and family law practice.
Alison currently makes her home in Brooklyn where she lives with her husband and children. She has said that much of her work was about helping couples going through divorce get through it with their sanity intact.
When she is not working on her next novel, she is probably working on a divorce case riding the subway in New York, and being dragged or dragging at least one child on their scooter.

Heller had always dreamed of herself as an author and told her husband that she would one day make it come true. In 2010, she signed up for a writing workshop on the worst year of her life.
At that time she was running her divorce mediation practice and had two children to take care of, all under three.

Moreover, she spent most weekends strapping her toddlers into their car seats to go visit her ailing father who would be deceased by the end of the year.
She kept quiet about signing up embarrassed that she could even have had the idea buzzing in her head.

She used to joke with her friends that while raising their toddlers their professional goal was to stay afloat treading water. They would ride out the day-to-day and wait for calmer times to get involved in any long personal quests.
While she often felt uncomfortable trying to make headway with any personal achievement, her panicked momentum took over once she registered.

She started attending the workshop one night a week for three hours over eight weeks. By the end of it, she had penned several draft chapters to make her confident that she could continue on her own.

Over a period of about 10 months that followed L. Allison Heller has memories of madly tapping on her laptop just about anywhere she was.

She would write while waiting for her daughter to leave class, she would take a quick sneak peek into the manuscript while working on legal documents, and even used to wake up in the middle of the night to scribble a few thoughts about the next plot twist.
She made it all work since she was running on passion. She was obsessed with the project but found it all fun spending time with the characters she had come up with before returning to the real world refreshed and happy.
Still, she remembers letting some things slip such as home cooking, exercise, school deadlines, dentist appointments, and thank-you notes.

She now describes the process of writing and publishing her first novel as a force that came into her world like a Tasmanian Devil, injecting lightness into what would have been a particularly boring year.

L. Allison Heller’s novel “The Neighbor’s Secret,” asks the critically important question of how well can you really know your neighbors.

With its excellent schools and sprawling yards, there is nowhere better to raise children than Cottonwood Estates. The Cottonwood Book Club meets once every month for cocktails, gossip, and discussion and is the subdivision’s ears and eyes.
Whenever they decide to read works on some spicy murder mysteries or thrillers, it usually has to do with the fact that most of them believe such things would never happen in their little heaven.

Whatever happened to the Lena family one and a half decades ago was a tragic accident and she will always tell people so. Annie who is a devoted mother and wife refuses to acknowledge the weight of a shameful past even to herself.
Jen who is the newest resident wants to make friends but her constant worries about her troubled son always make things complicated.

When some women from the book club find themselves targeted by late acts of vandalism perpetrated in personal and violent ways, they will be forced to make some tough decisions trying to keep their secrets.
At least they all agree that protecting their children at whatever cost is the most important thing.

“The Never Never Sisters” is a work that asserts that sometimes it is important for people to just get away.

Paige Reinhardt is a marriage counselor who cannot wait for summer to come so that she can head back to the cozy rental house in the Hamptons and reconnect with her workaholic husband.
It is not long before their gateway plans are ruined by a mysterious work at Dave’s place of work.

Paige is working on how to revive her chilling marriage when her estranged sister comes back after a radio silence that had lasted for more than twenty years.
All she wanted was to enjoy a lazy summer on the ocean but now has to navigate the swirling waters of a rocky relationship with a sibling in the heat of the sweltering city.
While attempting to investigate the happenings at Dave’s workplace in addition to some family secrets that have dogged the family for years, she learns that she knows very little about her loved ones.
This summer she will be grappling with her biggest challenge yet and may have to choose between finding herself and her most precious relationships.

It makes for a highly entertaining and absorbing novel that introduces the big-hearted women of the Reinhardt family who reunite only to have to deal with some dark family secrets.

L Allison Heller’s novel “The Love Wars” is another brilliant work about relationships.

While Molly Grant has not had that many relationships she has been through too many divorces. She works as a matrimonial attorney at an elite law firm in Manhattan where the bonuses are stratospheric, the bosses tyrannical, and the hours too long.
She works with famous and rich clients used to getting their way in everything they do. Molly’s primary concern and purpose is to ensure her clients have their way until she meets one client who turns her life upside down.

On the other hand is Fern Walker who was formerly married to a ruthless media mogul. Her former husband is a powerful man who has been slowly but relentlessly pushing her out of her children’s lives and she is worried that she may lose them.
Seeing Fern’s suffering evokes something that happened in her own past she sets out to help her. However, she will need to help her while keeping what she is doing hidden from her bosses.

As personal and professional complications stack up, Molly can only hope that her own instincts, heart, and wits will be enough both out of court and in it.

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