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L.L. Collins is a Barnes & Noble and Amazon bestselling novelist from America, who likes to write fiction, romance, contemporary, and young adult novels. She is particularly well known for writing the Living Again series. Besides this series, she has also penned a couple of other novel series as well. Author Collins likes to publish her books on her own. She has been writing stories for a very long time. Collins says that there used to be always one or the other story going on in her mind. And when she thought that the time is right, she decided to allow the characters and stories out of her mind and start penning them on paper. It was her dream of a lifetime to become a novelist, which she was finally able to fulfill. In addition to being an author, Collins has also worked as a teacher for around 10 years. She is happily married and resides along with her loving husband and a couple of sons in Florida, The United States. Author Collins says that she loves to spend time on the beautiful beaches of Florida during the daytime with her family. She likes to enjoy the soothing sun, which starts becoming even more beautiful as it begins to set in the evening. Most of the books written by her are heartfelt and emotionally charged novels of romance. Her stories show that the heroes aren’t always the alpha males. Also, the heroines do not seem to be perfect in any sense. Author Collins is fond of taking up tough subjects in her books, including foster care and mental health. As a kid, author Collins used to fill numerous notebooks with stories. She still possesses all those notebooks, which shows how passionate she was to become a writer at that time. Collins finished her school education and enrolled herself in college. Her interest in writing stories continued all along her academic journey. She obtained her degree in the subject of Creative Writing.

In 2013, Collins heard about the idea of self publishing and was pretty much fascinated by it. Eventually, she began developing a story that was already going on in her head. And she was finally able to finish and publish it, she felt that all her dreams have come true. While developing her characters, Collins sometimes likes to take references from real and mixes them with the imaginary ones that she thinks of. And, what comes out is an interesting character that she likes to work on and which even the readers appreciate to read about. However, most of her characters are fictional. As for the tough issues that author Collins takes up in the stories, she says that it is extremely important to talk about them. It is a normal tendency with the people to ignore them, but she makes sure that she puts ahead her point of view through her stories. She believes that mental illness is seen as a stigma in this world. People tend to suffer from it in silence than talk about it openly. Because of this, many of them are generally labeled and misunderstood, and all because they fear getting treated or diagnosed. Being a social worker herself, author Collins knows how the system of foster care works. She knows very well the situations through the foster children go through. And so, Collins believes that it is important to tackle such issues. She believes she is doing her part through her fiction writing. Collins says that even if a single person gets help from her writing about such issues, she would think that she has done her job well.

The Living Again series written by L.L. Collins is comprised of 4 books in total, which were released between the years 2013 and 2014. This series also consists of a novella. The first novel of this series is entitled ‘Living Again’. Author Collins released it by herself in 2013. The primary characters described by her in this story include Kayley Carson, Ben, Alexis, Alex, and Emily. At the start of the novel, it is depicted that Kayley Carson had everything to lead a peaceful and satisfied life. She was married to the man whom she loved a lot, had a wonderful job, and was expecting a baby soon. But, her life takes a sudden tragic turn when her husband dies in an accident and this changes everything in Kayley’s life. She is unable to decide how to move further in life after such a huge loss. The only thing that she could think about is her newborn daughter, Alexis. Kayley’s close friends and family members, help her to move on in life and look after the upbringing of her daughter. As time passes by, Kayley begins to think that she can live the life of a single parent. The idea of a second marriage crosses her heart many times, but she doesn’t think that she could love anyone else the same way as she loved her deceased husband. However, her beliefs are challenged when she meets Ben. Kayley wonders whether she should let Ben enter her life and fulfill the needs of a father for her daughter and a loving husband for herself. Ben too, seems to have been struggling with his own issues. He has been trying to get over his broken relationship. The two are brought together due to a certain misunderstanding and what follows next makes them believe that they help each other overcome their past painful memories and start living again.

The next exciting book of the series is called ‘Reaching Rachel’. It was released in 2013. The central characters of this story include Rachel and Devin. At the beginning of the book, Rachel is introduced as a wild child, who has never committed herself or thought of settling down. For not letting others know her truth, she wants to keep it this way. But, she feels the pain from inside about something that had taken place a few years ago and had ended in losing the man she loved very much. Later, Rachel meets Devin, who convinces her that she can commit herself again. However, before she could think of doing so, her past life comes back to haunt her again. Even Devin is suffering from the painful memories of his lost love. He had sworn at that time he would never anyone again. After his recent promotion, Devin lands in a difficult situation that forces him to face his past. He comes across the same woman who had broken his heart, but comes to know that she is need of help desperately. He begins to wonder whether he could help her in overcoming her difficulty? Also, he doubts whether he could prevent his heart from falling for her love once again. It turns out that the truth about his past might result in making them close again and cherish a lovely relationship once again.

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