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Lacey Luzzi Mafia Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Lacey Luzzi Mafia Mysteries Books

Lacey Luzzi Mafia Mysteries is a cozy and humorous series written by USA Today bestselling author Gina LaManna.

The series heroine is Lacey, who looks for her family after her stripper mom dies. She finds out that her grandfather is a mafia boss running the family business, and lacey the job he is offered in the business and is determined to make her grandfather proud.
Sprinkled is the first novel in the Lacey Luzzy Mafia Mystery series. After Lacey Luzzy’s mother passes away, she begins to look for a family she has never met. Her mother worked as a stripper and never introduced her to her other family members since she wanted to keep her safe.

She opted for the job so that she didn’t leave any paper trails to link her to her family. While searching, she learns about her family’s history and its twisted secrets.

Good for her, Lacey has a few sidekicks to lean on their shoulders and ask for help after finding out that her grandfather is a mafia boss. Currently, she lives with her 32-year-old cousin, a tech whiz, and her cat Tupac. Meg is her best friend and ex-cop owning a bar known as Shotz.

Lacey has lived both sides of life, and after failing in an attempt to become a stripper like her mother, she is sure that the stage isn’t meant for her. At first, when she began her investigation to find her family, she never thought she could find it.

After she’s welcomed into the family, she has to do some jobs to find her way into the various positions in the business. Lacey gets a job as a front desk attendant for the Luzzy family business. Her granddad gives her the first task where she is supposed to look out for a deal and ensures all the transactions go smoothly.

However, it turns out that she is incompetent for the task, and her grandfather offers her a job as the operations manager for the mob. After all, she had bills to pay, so she got no other option but to accept the job.

The operations job doesn’t include the use of hands as it is entirely strategic, mostly involving investigations. The Russians had stolen 15 million dollars worth of ‘stuff,’ and it’ll be her job to retrieve it. After Luzzy gives in to the gig, her life turns into an adventure as she tries to stay alive.

Meg and her computer literate cousin help her in the retrieval job to find the lost merchandise. It turns out that the Russians, an Italian, and a handsome personal trainer are also on the quest for the missing items, which takes Lacey and her friend on a disastrous and dangerous mission.

There are some hilarious moments in the mission, but it isn’t an easy job, but Lacey will do her best to make her grandfather proud. Lacey is obsessed with high-calorie snacks to keep her moving as she does the job amidst many potential suitors for her.

Can she make it to repossess the stolen items? Of course, no one can choose who their family is, but Lacey will be lucky if she’ll survive hers.
The story is filled with humor, computer hacking romance, and some cravings. Thanks to the twists and turns, the plotline is fantastic, and you will never know how the end is.

Sparkled is the second installment in the Lacey Luzzy Mafia Mysteries series. Lacey and her team are ready for the second assignment from her mafia grandfather. They’re sent on a quest but this time searching for a murderer.

As the Mafia team is watching out so that the Russian rival doesn’t get into their territory again, one family member is killed. This assignment has come directly from her grandfather after one of Luzzy’s family members is murdered.

Carlos believes this might be the work of their Russian rival, and he orders Lacey to tail the killer as fast as possible. However, all the mission details are too neat and good to be true. Might this be an open and shut case where they have to get the killer to confess?
Joey’s ex is getting married to Lutsen in a week. Vivian, Lacey’s cousin, was once engaged to Joey and is having a wedding, and lacey has to solve the case before Vivian’s wedding.

Joey has offered Meg some money if she takes him to the wedding as her partner. Anthony, the handsome head of the Luzzy family security department, will also be attending the wedding to ensure Lacey is safe. Joey plans to go to the wedding and start some trouble, but soon the case starts unveiling from the inside out, and it’s up to Lacey to sort out the mess.

Lacey is confused and unsure which of her decisions will be best. After Alfonso, the teenager, confesses to getting involved in killing his uncle Leo, Lacey and Meg keep him locked as they try to find more information in Clay’s apartment.

She wonders how she got the confession so quickly and immediately. Anthony is still sending signals that he’s interested in Lacey, and as more things start to uncover, the confessed murderer gets away. Lacey starts getting threatening notes, and then, later on, the bridesmaid goes missing.

Can Meg and Clay finally get together? Is Anthony interested in Lacey, or he’s just doing his duty as a bodyguard and a trainer? WILL lacey and her team catch Leo’s killer and figure out who has been writing the notes? Can they find the bridesmaid before the wedding starts? Can Lacey and Anthony make some good memories together?

Gina LaManna does an excellent job throwing in some laugh-out moments in the story. The twist will have the reader guessing who the real killer is until the final revelation. The author has created the story so that the reader will be engaged right from the beginning to the end.
The banter between Lacey and Meg is hilarious. The characters were enjoyable and added more flesh to the story.

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