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Bear is Broken (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lion Plays Rough (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fox Is Framed (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Panther's Prey (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wolf's Revenge (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

An award winning author, the American writer Lachlan Smith is well known for his intricate and intelligent mystery thrillers combining both suspense and high drama, as he keeps the reader on a knife’s edge, never letting up with the tension, as he allows the story to build and build, all the way until its final thrilling conclusion, whereby he provides all the answers that the readers have come to crave as the story progresses. Along with this he is known for his finely tuned characters as well, all of whom manage to engage their audience on a very intimate and basic down-to-earth level. This has lead to him becoming a highly successful author, winning various awards, whilst also gaining critical acclaim from both his peers and contemporaries alike, whilst also achieving a substantial amount of commercial success as well. Setting many of his novels in the courtroom, he’s also known for taking the hardboiled detective novels from the days of pulp, and really making them work for a far more modern contemporary audience. These include elements such as PIs and tough gritty detectives, factors which he uses knowingly, whilst also not becoming too self-conscious so as not to have any fun with the format. Moving the template is something that he clearly excels at, as he manages to bring the reader in to the action, allowing them to really feel as if they’re well and truly a part of it all, something which goes some way towards explaining how he has come to have the success that he currently has to this day. Learning law as well, partly with the intention of becoming far more adept at writing legal thrillers, he would create highly realistic thrillers set in the world of law and order, as they’d adhere to a sense of accuracy and realism unlike any other.

Early and Personal Life

Born in America, Lachlan Smith would grow up with a strong passion for both reading and writing, along with a keen interest in the legal profession. This would be continued later on in life when he went on to gain an education at UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall, whereby he would manage to gain an M.F.A. in the subject, as he initially had an interest in becoming a public defender. This would be something that he’d nurture throughout the years, as he continued to retain a passion for writing, something which he’d always hoped to make a living from.

Never letting this dream go, he’d continue to work at becoming a writer, gaining more and more ideas, along with more material as well, allowing him to become a far more versatile author in the process. Over time this would transfer itself into a more concrete writing career, as eventually he would achieve his dream, ultimately becoming the writer that he’d always wanted to be. With more titles expected to follow in the near future, he continues to write about the legal world, creating fun and highly engaging legal thrillers for many years to come yet.

Writing Career

With his eyes always set clearly on the prize, Lachlan Smith never once strayed from his dream of becoming an author; one who would write about the legal world. The systems of law and order continued to fascinate him, especially that of justice and the society that held it up, as he would get down into the minute details, really seeing what made them work. Over the years this would become more and more refined, as he gradually began to find his style and his voice, getting his confidence up as a writer, finally becoming the successful author that he currently is today.

It was in 2013 that he’d write his first novel in the form of ‘Bear is Broken’, a novel which would also become the first in his ongoing series of ‘Leo Maxwell’ novels. These titles would feature the eponymous Leo Maxwell as he attempts to navigate the world of law and order as a private investigator living in the shadow of his defense attorney older brother. Over the years these novels would become the titles that he’s perhaps best known for, as they’d allow him to make his name as successful author of crime fiction; a title which he continues to enjoy to this very day.

Bear is Broken

Published in 2013 this was originally brought out through the ‘Mysterious Press’ publishing label. Marking the first in the much acclaimed ‘Leo Maxwell’ series, this sets the franchise up. Establishing the style and tone, it manages to introduce the characters, as well as giving them their first case.

Growing up in the shadow of his older brother and famous defense attorney Teddy, Leo Maxwell attempts to follow him into the world of law and order, trying to make his own name for himself as a private investigator. That’s when Teddy is shot and put into a coma and, ultimately, it is up to Leo, as his brother, to find out who the real culprit is, something which proves to be difficult given the amount of corruption in the police department. Attempting to uncover the truth from the lies, Leo needs to find those guilty and fast if he ever hopes to bring them to justice, as he navigates through the seedy side of San Francisco in order to get to the heart of the matter. Will he discover the truth? Can he save his brother? What will happen when the bear is broken?

Lion Plays Rough

Brought out through the ‘Mysterious Press’ publishing house once more, this continues from where the last left off. First released in 2014, this was initially released just one year later. Continuing in much the same vein as before, it provides some extra twists and turns along the way.

Following on from the last, Teddy is now disabled, as he relies on his brother to assist after being shot in the head in the first novel, with Leo Maxwell also being a defense attorney now as well. Working together in Oakland for his former sister-in-law’s small defense firm, the two of them are on the lookout for the one big job that will change everything. That’s when a mysterious client turns up with a seemingly hot tip that there’s corruption within the Oakland Police Department, as he’s all set to defend her brother from a murder charge. Who is really guilty though? Can he find the truth? What happens when the lion plays rough?

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