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Lacie Waldon
Lacie Waldon is a writer with her head in the clouds. Literally. As a flight attendant, she spends all of her days writing from the jump seat and searching the world over for some new stories.

“The Layover”, her bestselling debut novel, can be found in bookstores all around the world, and not just because she uses her flight benefits to sneak some signed copies onto store shelves. It’s been featured by PopSugar, USA Today, Frolic, Buzzfeed, as well as many others, and was also voted a most-anticipated book by librarians all across Canada.

“The Layover” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2021. Life, and love, up at 30,000 feet above the ground.

Ava Greene, after having spent a decade as a flight attendant, is now poised to finally hang her wings up, and put down roots. She has got a last trip remaining before she can bid her former life farewell, and plans on enjoying every single second of it. However then she learns that Jack Stone, an ex-pilot and absurdly beautiful and incredibly cocky guy that she’s held this secret grudge against for years now, is on her flight. And he’s got the nerve to actually flirt with her, as if he does not recall the role that he played in the most humiliating night of her entire life. Good thing she’ll never have to see him again after they finally land.

However their plane encounters some mechanical issues, what should’ve just been a short stop at the Belize airport quickly becomes a weekend layover. Getting stuck on this three hour flight with her nemesis was already bad. But getting stranded with the guy at some luxury resort while in paradise? Even with the sultry breeze and white sand there to distract her, it’ll take all of the rum punch in the whole country to drown out the guy’s larger-than-life presence.

But the more time that she spends with him under the hot Caribbean sun, the more that she starts second guessing everything that she thought she knew about the guy. As well as everything that she believed she wanted from her life. Much too soon, she may have to pick between keeping her feet planted on the ground and her head up in the clouds.

Readers found this to be a breath of fresh air. Waldon’s exceptional debut novel combines some clever and sharp writing with crackling sexual tension for pure enemies to lovers gold. This is the ultimate summer beach read and is a new favorite. “The Layover” provides an ideal escape, from the intriguing insider’s view of air travel to the picturesque setting on the shores of Belize, and readers found themselves being swept away on Ava’s journey while she spars with Jack, learns to trust her own heart, and wrestles with her feelings.

“From the Jump” is the second stand alone novel and was released in 2022. One chronic yes-woman admits to what (and who) she truly wants finally.

Liv Bakersfield is used to living her life in “shoulds”. Be financially responsible. Be fit. Be your best self. She’s an overworked graphic designer, and is stretched so very thin that she is about to miss yet one more vacation with her beloved group of college friends. However when she decides to begin saying no finally, it feels pretty good, good enough in fact to leap right into quitting her job and jumping on a plane to join them all in South Africa.

Amid the unforgettable sights and the exotic landscape, she expects safari animals and sun and to have an easy time with all her best friends. However such close proximity to them all just makes everything that much more complicated, particularly with the emotionally unavailable Lucas Deiss. Their friendship is the sole thing in her life that is remotely solid, and she vows to do anything in her power to keep her little group together.

However once they return to LA, she finds that her leap of faith has turned into a free fall, which sends her crashing right into Deiss’ arms. With trust of people that she loves the most on the line, Liv has to pick between doing what she should, and risking it all for that which she shouldn’t.

“The Only Game in Town” is the third stand alone novel and was released in 2023. An eccentric millionaire’s fortune could change a woman’s life forever. If she could just win it.

Nothing at all ever changes in Redford, Georgia. It is part of what Jess Reid, freelance editor, loves about her hometown, and part of what keeps her from ever leaving, no matter how much she may want to. That and the relationship that she has with her car mechanic dad that raised her all by himself after her mom fled town. She’s resigned herself to an unremarkable and safe existence, right up until Jasper Wilhelm, the town’s eccentric benefactor, up and dies all of a sudden and leaves the opportunity of a lifetime behind.

Carter Wilhelm has been far too busy working long hours as a financial advisor to ever visit Redford, however he has heard a ton of stories about this town and all of its zany residents from his grandpa. An insular and small town in Georgia is the very last place that Carter expects to ever spend a summer, however it would appear that his grandpa had other plans.

Because Jasper had one last trick up his sleeve. At his funeral, it is revealed that he has left his whole entire fortune to the folks of Redford, however they are going to have to compete for it. Jasper has devised this huge, high stakes game that consists of several team challenges, with the winning duo taking home the prize. Only catch? Jasper went and paired everybody up already.

However while tensions, of both the romantic and competitive sort, rise between Carter and Jess, and the life changing prize grows ever closer, the pair has to decide what they are willing to risk for the chance at such a fortune.

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