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The Last Suspicious Holdout (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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About Ladee Hubbard

Ladee Hubbard, an American literary novelist, is known for her original and captivating stories. In her work, she provides readers with engaging narratives displaying her inventive skillset in the art of storytelling. Every character in her stories is intricately designed, displaying a profundity that keeps her readers bound until the last page.

Above all, Ladee’s ability to craft interesting and lively protagonists is one of her most admired characteristics – a staple of her writing that never fails to entertain.

Hubbard’s narratives demonstrate an understanding of her audience – she produces stories that captivate, making her work a joy to read. Her creativity is unleashed in the form of brilliantly woven stories that resonate with many.

Whether it’s a fiercely independent protagonist or a gripping storyline, Hubbard’s talent lies in her gifted ability to engross readers, illustrating that she is undeniably at the forefront of American literary novelists. The way she captures minute details, creating a sense of intimacy between readers and characters, further testifies to her strengths.

As a writer, Ladee Hubbard has not just been distinctive, but also pioneering, providing readers with eloquent pieces of literature that continually enrich the American literary landscape.

Ladee Hubbard masterfully intertwines compelling characters with captivating stories, making her a beacon of fresh thinking in the literary world. She has a knack for creating characters that are not only compelling but also resonate deeply with readers. Through these characters, she fashions narrative arcs that are engaging and immersive, capturing our interest from start to finish.

Combining these characters with such narrative arcs exemplifies Hubbard’s unique talent. Each story from her pen feels like a fresh and unique exploration of the human condition, delivered in a manner that is both entertaining and insightful.

Essentially, Hubbard’s work speaks volumes about her fresh and powerful perspective towards storytelling. There’s a uniqueness in her work, a kind of innovative spirit that infuses originality into every tale she presents. It is this combination of compelling characters and engaging narratives that makes Hubbard’s work a vibrant addition to the world of literature.

In short, Hubbard’s gifting in creating compelling content stands out, adding significantly to her literary repertoire. This shows in how effortlessly she merges entertaining characters with engaging narratives. The combined effect is an extraordinary reading experience which attests to Hubbard’s prominence in the literary world.

And she’s not stopping any time soon, with lots more set to follow.

Early and Personal Life

Ladee Hubbard, a renowned American novelist, hails from Massachusetts and spent her formative years in Florida as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands. Throughout her upbringing in these diverse places, she developed a deep connection with reading and writing that would blossom into her future career. Today, she finds inspiration for her exquisite literary works in the vibrant, culturally rich environment of New Orleans, where she currently resides with her husband and three children.

Her educational background is just as impressive and varied as her upbringing. Hubbard holds a Bachelor’s degree from Princeton University, evidence of her dedicated commitment to excellence from an early age. But she didn’t stop there, she went further to acquire a Ph.D. from the University of California-Los Angeles, further honing her intellectual capabilities while exploring her passion for literature.

However, it was her Master’s degree in creative writing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison that solidified her desire to become an author. This degree particularly developed her skill in crafting compelling narratives and creating engrossing characters. Throughout her journey, Ladee Hubbard has grown exponentially as an author, continually inspired by her surroundings, her life experiences, and her unwavering passion for the written art.

Writing Career

Ladee Hubbard’s writing career took off with her debut novel ‘The Talented Ribkins’ in 2017, followed by ‘The Rib King’ in 2021. Both novels demonstrated her ability to weave intricate narratives with engaging characters, marking her as an author with intriguing tales to tell. Writing novels, however, isn’t the only way she has showcased her vast literary talents.

Apart from her novels, Hubbard has published a collection of short stories titled ‘The Last Suspicious Holdout’ in 2022.

Her short fiction works have also graced the pages of numerous publications, such as the Beloit Fiction Journal and the Crab Orchard Review. Awards and fellowships, including the 2016 Rona Jaffe Foundation Writer’s Award and fellowships from the Hambidge Center, the Virginia Center for Creative Arts, and the Hurston/Wright Foundation, further attest to Hubbard’s accomplishments and growth as a writer.

The Talented Ribkins

‘The Talented Ribkins,’ written by Ladee Hubbard, was first brought to the literary world on August 8, 2017. The esteemed Melville House Publishing would publish this debut. Hubbard’s work stands as a celebrated addition to their valuable collection.

At age seventy-two, Johnny Ribkins finds himself needing to repay money he stole from his mobster boss within a week. He comes from a unique African-American family gifted with peculiar superpowers, such as his ability to create detailed maps of any space. Once, the Ribkins used their abilities in the civil rights effort, known as The Justice Committee, but resorted to staging daring burglaries when their powers fell short.

Now Johnny embarks on a speedy journey to unearth hidden loot across Florida, accompanied unexpectedly by his brother’s daughter, Eloise, who possesses her own special power.

The story itself presents an engaging, unique adventure that readers find hard to put down. Ladee Hubbard expertly combines the unexpected elements of superpowers and daring escapades.

This novel offers a thrilling experience, captivating readers till the last page. Hubbard’s extraordinary storytelling lights up every twist and turn.

The Rib King

‘The Rib King,’ an intriguing historical novel by Ladee Hubbard, was shared with the literary world on January 19, 2021. The publisher Amistad was responsible for its publication. This marked another remarkable milestone in Hubbard’s literary career.

August Sitwell, a groundskeeper for the once affluent Barclays family, was rescued from an orphan asylum fifteen years ago. As the family’s fortunes dwindle, a plan emerges to sell the cook, Miss Mamie’s, rib sauce under the brand name “The Rib King,” with August’s caricature as the label.

Despite this, neither August nor Miss Mamie will profit. Feeling deeply humiliated, August’s frustration culminates in a startling catastrophe.

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