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Publication Order of Ladies Of Covington Books

The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Gardens of Covington (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
From the Heart of Covington (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Spirit of Covington (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
At Home in Covington (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Covington Christmas (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Two Days After the Wedding (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Unexpected Family (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Promises of Change (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Blue and Gray Christmas (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Born and raised in the Virgin Islands, Joan Medlicott is a veteran author, popularly known for the Ladies of Covington book series. Currently, Joan Medlicott resides with her husband in North Carolina.

Ladies of Covington Best Books
Ladies of Covington-Send their Love
Joan Medlicott is an author who loves to pen down stories which revolve around the tenderness and complexity of women. Medlicott writes with honesty about love, commitment, friendship, and passion. In Ladies of Covington-Send Their Love, author Joan Medlicott introduces the readers to three widows, who are in their late sixties. Grace, Amanda, and Hannah reside in Pennsylvania boarding houses, where they unhappily confront the danger and the injuries associated with aging. When Amelia, inherits a dilapidated farmhouse in Covington, the three ladies decide to move into the house, with the hopes of rehabilitating both their lives and the house as well. Despite the fact that their overbearing and neglectful children are not happy with their mother’s new lifestyle, the women eventually find themselves enjoying independence and companionship.

Between cooking, exploring photography and gardening, the three women weather many adventures and trials including fire, flood, romance and a claim on their new property. With that said, author Joan Medlicott has a penchant for describing local sights such that the readers can use the book as a tourist map. Nonetheless, due to the book’s slow pace, readers used to action-packed novels, will find Ladies of Covington-Send their Love quite cozy and warm. Furthermore, some of the events, which may surprise the characters in the book, may be somewhat mundane to the readers. By solving the common house dilemma, the three ladies will inspire the readers, by forming a community, where they find new careers, dilemma, and love with autonomy and dignity.

The Garden of Covington
In the Garden of Covington, we meet with the three ladies once again, in their beautiful old farmhouse. The book begins when a group of hungry developers tries to convert their farmhouse into a Condo haven, Hannah and the three ladies fight back with all their might. As Hannah fights against the developers, Grace and Bob are making plans to open a tearoom, while Amelia, on the other hand, continues to pursue her talent in photography. While pursuing photography, Hannah accidentally falls for a man. Nonetheless, as Amelia comes to find out, the romance is not all sweetness, as she begins to hide the suspicion that both her friends do not like. Apart from liking her relationship, Grace loves her team room as well. Nonetheless, Grace does not know what to tell Bob regarding his request to erect a cabin, on the property shared by the three senior women.

While fighting the developers, Hannah receives a little bit of resistance, as she is reminded that she is a Yankee and a newcomer. Shortly before her death, the three women can befriend, Ms. Maxwell, their frail neighbor. What the three women do not know is Ms. Maxwell will play an important role in the drama that ensues. Despite the fact that the fact that author Joan Medlicott highlights the importance of friendship among senior women, the prose is extremely flat.

From the Heart of Covington
From the Heart of Covington is the third installment in the Ladies of Covington book series. This time around, author Joan Medlicott presents the trio with new challenges. While recuperating after a boat accident, Laura, Hannah’s daughter relocates into the farmhouse, where she will be living with Grace. Amelia on the other hand volunteers at a local hospital and in the process receives an opportunity to showcase her work in New York City. Grace, the lady who lives to eat and bake, is still in denial about her diagnosis with diabetes. With everything that is going on in their lives, these three ladies must deal with the illness of a neighbor and close friend, Harold. Just as the youth in Sweet Valley High deal with various challenges, the elderly ladies deal with geriatric concerns such as hip replacement, adjusting to sleeping alone, after the sudden death of a spouse and finally making dietary concessions.

The lead by example episodes in the novel, From the Heart of Covington should offer reassurances to the readers who might be facing similar problems. Nonetheless, the readers may find it a little bit difficult to endure the painful dialogue. Apart from healing wounded birds, the trio also organizes health care centers for terminally ill patients and assist the underprivileged kids. With that said, from the Heart of Covington is a novel about restoring and developing friendships. However, just like the Jane Austen book series, very little happens in this book. Thus readers should not expect more than the challenges that the trio face.

The Spirit of Covington
The Spirit of Covington begins as a summer fire has just destroyed the farmhouse that the three elderly ladies were living in. As time goes by, the trio eventually realizes that rebuilding the house from scratch will be one of the toughest decisions that they will ever have to make. In the fire, the three ladies, Hanna, Grace, and Amelia lost their most prized possessions. Thus, for now, the ladies must find a temporary resident as they figure out what to do next. Grace and Amelia relocate to Bob’s condominium, while Hannah with Laura, her daughter relocate to a family owned condominium. Of all the three ladies, the fire affects Amelia the most, as it reminds her of her harrowing past, which claimed the lives of her daughter and husband. Nonetheless, the ladies, especially Grace and Hannah are unbeatable and immediately after relocating, begin to come up with a plan for a new house, which will incorporate everything.

After raising enough money, the rebuilding process beings. Nonetheless, before the construction comes to an end, their friendship is tested once again by the new developments. Laura is planning to marry her co-worker Hank. However, she feels that she must first abort the child that she is carrying. Though delighted by Hank, Amelia does not support Laura’s decision to abort the baby. When Bob experiences a heart attack, Grace makes the decision not to leave him, though she misses her independence. After seeing a psychiatrist, Amelia is now feeling better, while Hannah, on the other hand, moves into her new home, though she eventually finds out that life is not the same, without her friend Grace.

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