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Publication Order of Lady of Ashes Books

Lady of Ashes (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stolen Remains (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Virtuous Death (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mourning Bells (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death at the Abbey (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Grave Celebration (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Death on the Way to Portsmouth (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lady of Ashes Series

Largely writing historical mystery novels, Christine Trent is a highly regarded author with a lot to say, creating an entirely unique style of her own. Knowing her audience well, she really relates to them in a manner quite unlike anyone else currently working within her field. Taking her ideas and really pushing them to their fullest, she allows her stories to come alive, taking them to another level. A bestselling novelist too, she’s seen her work translated all over the world, reaching readers far and wide with her many series.

One such series that she’s particularly well known for is that of her long-running ‘Lady of Ashes’ series of novels. A collection of novels set in Victorian era England, they take place in the 19th century, and focus on the character of one Violet Morgan, who later becomes Violet Harper. Solving mysteries of the time with her husband, she works as an undertaker, as she deals with numerous funerals too, with the series starting out in the 1860s.

Running for over six books, the series itself would start out in 2013, continuing to 2016, and there would be a spin-off tie-in in 2020 titled ‘The Deadly Hours’ whereby she would collaborate with other authors. Each book contains a self-contained mystery, and they can be read on their own, although there are ongoing arcs as part of the overall series. This makes it perfect for both casual readers and long-time returning fans invested in the character developments and arcs.

Lady of Ashes

First published in 2013 on the 26th of February, this would be the first in the ongoing ‘Lady of Ashes’ series of novels. Setting up the series, it really manages to create an evocative style and tone that is very much all of its own, lending it a strong sense of ambiance. It would pay close attention to detail of the era too, drawing in a number of different themes and ideas, tackling a lot throughout.

Attempting to establish a strong reputation for her business, Violet Morgan is living in 1861 Victorian era London. Married to her husband Graham, he’s ignored the business, largely focusing on his hatred of American since his grandfather fought for Great Britain there in 1812. Selling arms to the South of the US now, he suddenly goes missing, and, not only that, but it seems there’s a killer on the loose with the poor of London dying. Will Violet be able to find her husband, can she solve the mysterious deaths, and what will become of the Lady of Ashes?

It’s a strong first entry into the series, and is definitely a great start to the franchise, marking much of what’s to come. The self-contained mystery itself is very well done too, keeping the reader constantly guessing throughout every step of the way. When it comes to the characters themselves, there’s a lot of interesting elements at play here again, making for what is an extremely engaging novel.

Stolen Remains

First published by the Kensington publishing imprint in 2014, this would initially come out on the 29th of April to much acclaim yet again. The second title in the ‘Lady of Ashes’ series, it’s another historical mystery thriller, filled with plenty of action, intrigue, and adventure. Gifted at the art of suspense, Christine Trent really does allow the story to come alive, with ongoing character arcs, and a self-contained mystery.

With a now well established funeral parlor in Victorian era London, Violet Harper wants to head to the wilds of the otherwise lawless American West. Soon though, she’s called back to London along with her husband Samuel, as she must undertake the funeral of Anthony Fairmont, otherwise known as the Viscount Raybourn, and close friend of the Queen Victoria. Not only is it a mysterious death though, but the body disappears, as Scotland Yard hope to find the remains, as the investigation takes Violet all the way to the tombs of Egypt. What will she manage to find there, can she uncover the truth of it all, and just who is behind the stolen remains?

This is an extremely compelling second entry into this particular historical mystery series, and it’s got plenty of exciting twists and turns. Keeping the reader constantly guessing throughout, it’s definitely a story that manages to seriously engage on every level. Knowing the reader well, there’s a lot running throughout the story, as it really does make the most of its exciting premise.

A Virtuous Death

Presenting the third book in the ‘Lady of Ashes’ series of novels, this brings another intriguing mystery once more. Also set within the Victorian era, it further develops the character of Violet Harper, as she works as both an undertaker and amateur sleuth. Published in 2014, it would come out on the 28th of October through the Kensington publishing house, paving the fourth, ‘The Mourning Bells,’ in 2015.

Dealing with the loss of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria is in mourning for her late husband, leading to her seeking the solace of of palace servant John Brown who has an interest in the occult. Inviting Violet Harper to a divination session with him, the predictions that he makes soon come true, as the dark veil of death descends upon Buckingham Palace. When friends of the Queen’s daughters start dying, it would seem that something mysteriously is definitely afoot, as Violet suspects John Brown. Is he really to blame for what’s happening through, who is actually behind it all, and what will become of a virtuous death?

The series has definitely gone up a level, as there’s a lot of fun to be had with it through, as Christine Trent knows what she’s doing. The characters are comfortably well drawn at this point, making for a lot of entertaining story elements and intriguing strands. It definitely has a strong sense of world-building too, as it brings the era to life in a real evocative and compelling manner.

The Lady of Ashes Series

This is a great example of what the historical mystery genre can do, really delivering upon it’s compelling central concept. There’s a lot of good ideas at play here, with plenty of interesting and well developed characters throughout as well. Keeping the readers constantly guessing throughout for every step of the way, it’s definitely a worthwhile and distinctive series. Finding more and more fans every day, it will continue to live on, with plenty more titles to come in the future too.

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