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Lady Osbaldestone’s Christmas Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of Lady Osbaldestone's Christmas Chronicles Books

Lady Osbaldestone's Christmas Goose (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lady Osbaldestone and the Missing Christmas Carols (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lady Osbaldestone’s Plum Puddings (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lady Osbaldestone's Christmas Intrigue (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Meaning of Love (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Stephanie Laurens is a best0selling author from Sri Lanka.

The author first started writing romance stories as an escape from her world working in professional science. What began as a hobby quickly transitioned into a career when she had her first book accepted to be published. Her books are usually set in a time period that takes place from British Regency to the early Victorian days, while her settings can be anywhere from India to Scotland.

She has since published over seventy novels, forty of which have gone on to be best-sellers with the New York Times. They are available in digital form in addition to print and have been popular globally, being translated into different languages as a result. She has been the recipient of the RITA Award from the Romance Writers of America for her novella The Fall of Rogue Gerrard in the category of best romance novella in 2008. She has also written several series.

Stephanie was born in Ceylon, which is now known as Sri Lanka. When she was five years old, her family decided to move to Melbourne, Australia, and have resided there since. She attended school in Melbourne and graduated university holding her Ph.D. in biochemistry. She also got married and move to London with her husband, taking a trip from Katmandu to get there that took them through different countries and places.

Once in London, she and her husband both got jobs as research scientists. They resided in a sixteenth-century woodcutter’s cottage that had authentic tiles from that time and were surrounded by green fields courtesy of the rural area of Kent around them. They had a first-century protected Roman villa’s remains next door and a fourteenth-century castle not far from their house done in Queen Anne style with Tudor buildings still present.

Stephanie spent four years living in England while also taking time to visit Portugal, France, Spain, England and northern Italy together. She says that the provincial area of France became a favorite place to go to for the couple. They then returned to Australia, where the married pair continued to do scientific research, with the author working in the field of cancer research and moving up to run her own lab. However, fate had more in store for her.

The author had been reading romances ever since the young age of thirteen, reading books that her mother had borrowed from a co-worker. Once she read the romances, she was hooked on the genre. She had picked out a number of Regency romances in England that were otherwise unavailable in Australia or the United States. But at some point on her move back to Australia, she had read them all. She wanted to read a new romance, but stores didn’t have any. So she decided to sit down and write her own, something she had long thought about but to this point had never done.

Stephanie sat and wrote her story, putting it down over the course of nights and weekends. She ended up finishing the book and liked what she had written. It became Tangled Reins, which was her first romance story. Mills & Boon published the British Regency romance and she would write several more novels for the publisher. She eventually ditched the high-stress job of being a research scientist to write romances and hasn’t looked back.

Lady Osbaldestone’s Christmas Goose is the first novel in the Lady Osbaldestone’s Christmas Chronicles series by Stephanie Laurens. If you’re looking for something new to read, check this book out!

It’s been three years since she has become a widow and Therese, also known as Lady Osbaldestone, has decided to settle into her Hartington Manor dower property in Hampshire’s village of Little Moseley. She does not know whether the place will be able to amuse her when not visiting London or country friends but will find out.

The time is December in 1810, and she’s happy to be going to attend the family Christmas at her youngest daughter Celia’s house, Winslow Abbey. Then a carriage shows up and her daughter’s three oldest children come out. As their father has gotten the mumps, Celia has sent her three kids Jamie, George, and Lottie to Little Moseley to spend the holidays with their grandmother.

Looking after small children is something new for Therese. She thinks that the kids will be able to occupy themselves, but soon finds out that the young kids have a lot of energy. She figures she’ll come up with something to keep them amused, but then they all find out that the flock of geese in the village has gone missing with only twelve days until the big day.

This means that each home will have to do without the central part of their holiday feast. Therese and the children are baffled as to how the whole flock is able to go missing without a trace. She sees that the mysterious situation could be a great distraction for all of them and commit themselves to the hunt for the missing birds.

While doing so, they find two local people that need help with their lives– their love lives. Therese decides to match the lady Eugenia with the Lord Longfellow. The kids are game to help her out, having inherited her matchmaking talents, and they work on subtly steering the two of them together.

Their matchmaking efforts are going well, but they haven’t found the geese yet. With Christmas on the way, can they find the flock in time? Read this holiday romance to find out!

Lady Osbaldestone and the Missing Christmas Carols is the second novel in the Lady Osbaldestone’s Christmas Chronicles series by Stephanie Laurens

Therese returns in another adventure, and is pleased when Celia’s three kids once again come to spend some time with her in Hartington Manor. Their plan is to spend time together in the three weeks until Christmas and spend some time participating in the traditional events of the village. Then her granddaughter Melissa shows up at her door, with her mother pleading with Therese to take her in until Christmas since she has no other place to go.

Therese welcomes her granddaughter in, and the kids are thrilled to include their teen cousin in what they’re doing. Melissa soon finds out she likes spending time in the village celebrating Christmas.

Meanwhile, the town organist has had his church’s Christmas carols book go missing, and he needs written music in front of him before he is able to play that piece. Therese immediately has something to occupy her grandchildren, who are game to search for the missing book. The town needs it to put on its Carol Service, one of the most dearly held Christmas traditions it has.

The four grandchildren try to trail where the book has gone, but the mystery only gets thicker. They can even be part of a guest choir after being invited to do so upon hearing them sing. If they can find the book, they’ll be able to put on an extra-special performance. Thus the search for the book and the urgency behind it goes up. However, they can’t help being distracted by a potential romance right in front of them.

Can the four find the carol book in time for the service? Read this charming book to find out!

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