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Publication Order of Ladybug Farm Books

A Year on Ladybug Farm (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
At Home on Ladybug Farm (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Recipes From Ladybug Farm (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Letters from Ladybug Farm (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas on Ladybug Farm (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vintage Ladybug Farm (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Wedding on Ladybug Farm (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

In the year 1982, Donna Ball published her first novel. Ever since then, Donna Ball has written more than eighty books of commercial fiction using various pseudonyms including Donna Carlisle, Rebecca Flanders, Donna Boyle and Taylor Brady. Donna is widely known for her adventure and supernatural works as well as suspense and women’s fiction. Moreover, many of her books are available in more than twelve languages in almost all the countries in the world. Due to the success of her works, Donna appeared on Lifestyles of the Rich-and-Famous as well as Entertainment Tonight. Donna Ball has many awards under her name including Georgia Author of the Year, Storytelling Award, Romantic Reviewer’s Award, Lifetime Achievement Award and the Maggie Award. Currently, Donna Ball resides in Northeast Georgia in a Victorian Barn, which appeared on At Home on the Ladybug Farm and A Year on Ladybug Farm.

Ladybug Farm Best Books
A Year on Ladybug Farm
A story of independence, self-discovery and friendship, A Year on Ladybug-Farm is the first installment in the Ladybug farm book series. Apart from being a fluffy read, A Year on Ladybug Farm is also quite heartwarming. Author Donna Ball introduces the readers to three ladies, Lindsay, Cici, and Bridget, who have been the best of friends for more than twenty years. As a matter of fact, the three ladies have always been neighbors, who laughed and grieved together. One day as they had wine, the ladies begin to question whether anyone of them can claim to have lived her dream. Eventually, the idea turns into reality, when the three ladies eventually find themselves in front of a tumbled down house in the famed Shenandoah Valley. Their friends and families do not support the idea of selling the house and relocating to another location.

Apart from being funny, the women are also quite likable. As the narrative progresses, the readers get to care about the women and the other characters in the book. Moreover there is decent drama tension. After selling their houses, the three women purchase a huge farmhouse, which they call, the Ladybug Farm. As they begin to settle down, the women come to the realization that life in Virginia is quite different from the life in the city. Nonetheless, despite facing different challenges, they begin to settle in quite well. The three ladies work extremely hard to bring the old Victorian mansion back to life. With that said, a Year on the Ladybug Farm is a quick read, filled with numerous surprises that readers will never see them coming.

A Home on Ladybug Farm
The story picks up one year later, after the three ladies made the life-changing decision of living their old life and relocating to an old Victorian farmhouse. Bridget, Cici, and Bridget are still making changes to the Victorian Farmhouse. As expected, the farmhouse is growing, considering the fact that Cici’s daughter has just left college and moved in. Cici’s daughter is more than determined to make her contribution. Instead of going back to college, Cici’s daughter hopes to make a life for herself at the farm. Lindsay on the other hand decides to foster Noah, who had been camping on the folly, on the farm. Noah is now a part of the family, considering the fact that he is now living in the house. However, Noah is not used to family life or sticking around. Apart from sharing adventures of sheep rearing, the three ladies also share the losses associated with barn fires, which eventually leads to the discovery of hidden treasures.

Love-Letters From Ladybug Farm
Lindsay, Bridget, and Cici are still transforming their historic farm into a business opportunity. Apart from having vines, which they will use for their winery, they also have different projects that they are currently managing to ensure that they make a little bit of cash during these tough times. While making plans for transforming their farm, the three ladies are presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity, where they are asked to host an upscale wedding. Apart from being quite demanding, the family in charge of the wedding is also quite unreasonable at times. Nonetheless, these are the type of behaviors that the three ladies expected from families with lots of money and very little regard for other individuals. The sailing is not smooth, as the trio encounter several disasters along the way. They are in turn forced to make a number of improvisations

With that said, Love-Letters from Ladybug Farm is an amusing and light-hearted read. There are numerous love stories building along the way. Irrespective as to whether the readers have read A Year on Ladybug Farm and A Home on Ladybug Farm, it is quite easy to grasp what had happened in the first two books. Furthermore, though the narrative may appear to be a little bit far-fetched at times, the book is still quite enjoyable. Overall, Love-Letters from Ladybug Farm is a light-hearted read, which features highly entertaining characters.

Christmas on Ladybug Farm
Unlike the first three installments, Christmas on Ladybug Farm is part a cookbook and part a story book. Just as the name suggests, Christmas on Ladybug Farm is about Christmas. The three elderly ladies, are this time around, preparing for their yearly party. Any person who has read the Ladybug Series, clearly knows that anything may happen on the Ladybug Farm. It is extremely fun to find out what kind of mishappening is going to befall the three elderly ladies and how exactly they are going to cope up with these mishappenings. Despite the fact that Christmas on Ladybug Farm can be read as a standalone, it is advisable, to begin with the first installment.

Each setting that author Donna Ball presents in, Christmas on Ladybug Farm is highly detailed, such that it will make the readers want to pull a rocker and join the party. Readers will also love the recipes that author Dona Ball includes in the book, as the readers laugh and cry with these group of friends. Overall, Christmas on Ladybug is a highly entertaining book, revolving around the three elderly ladies, Bridget, Cici, and Lindsay.

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