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About Laila Sabreen

Laila Sabreen is an American novelist who has become particularly popular amongst the young adult demographic. Her work is exceptional and invigorating, resulting in a growing demand for her stories. She stands out among her peers due to the in-depth characters and intriguing protagonists she crafts so expertly. These characters, full of life and meaning, become the readers’ companions, making her stories all the more fascinating and delightful to explore.

Sabreen’s stories are not only well-written but also have an entertaining streak that keeps readers hooked from the first page. Her writing style combines simplicity with elegance, making her books a fun read without compromising on depth and substance. Each page brims with excitement and suspense, encouraging the reader to turn one more page, then another until the very end, offering an overall entertaining reading experience.

One of her real talents, however, lies in her ability to weave compelling narratives. She has a remarkable knack for creating storylines that quickly draw you in and keep you engrossed. Sabreen’s stories are filled with engaging narratives that make readers feel like they’re in the heart of the action, enhancing their connection to the characters and their journeys. Truly, Laila Sabreen’s work is a testament to her masterful storytelling abilities and unparalleled skill in character creation.

She also has a flair for combining compelling characters with engaging stories is truly notable. Her books aren’t just composed of one-dimensional figures; they come alive with vivid personalities and relatable complexities. The bond between Sabreen’s characters and her captivating tales is strong, creating a mesh of interactions and action that makes every plot twist more exciting and every poignant moment deeply touching. It’s this fascinating interplay that makes her work a bestseller amongst young adult readers.

Yet, Sabreen’s brilliance doesn’t stop there. She consistently breathes something unique and fresh into her stories. She has an extraordinary ability to turn the everyday into the extraordinary, imparting fresh perspectives and insights to her readers through her narratives. Each novel is an exciting adventure, exploring new worlds, delving into uncharted territories, and sparking conversations that extend beyond the storyline.

And perhaps most importantly, Sabreen has found a way to make her stories speak for something of intrinsic importance. She has never been known to shy away from the hard topics but instead tackles them head-on with sensitivity and insight. Through her compelling characters and engaging plots, she addresses themes that challenge the reader’s perspectives and question societal norms. Truly, Laila Sabreen’s work stands as a testament to modern literature’s power to amuse, enlighten, and inspire.

Early and Personal Life

Laila Sabreen is an accomplished young adult author with roots in the Washington DC area. Her upbringing would contribute to the rich tapestry of her works. A student at Emory University, Sabreen impressively combined academia with her writing, pursuing a double major in Sociology and English.

Sabreen’s passion for writing didn’t appear out of the blue; it evolved from her deep love for reading. Childhood memories of weekly library trips sparked this love, where she found a heartfelt connection with the Angelina Ballerina series. So strong was her affection for the series that she began penning what she now recognizes as fanfiction at the tender age of five, demonstrating her writing flair from a young age.

As a writer, Sabreen would prove herself to be multitalented over the years. When she’s not busy penning her latest novel or working furiously on academic essays, she indulges in her love of music. In fact, she can often be found pouring her creative juices into crafting extensive playlists – much to the delight of her many followers. Laila Sabreen’s life is a testament to the vitality of her creative spirit, and this boundless imagination is clearly reflected in her rich and colourful stories.

Writing Career

Laila Sabreen embarked on her writing career with the release of her debut young adult contemporary novel, ‘You Truly Assumed.’ This captivating piece hit the shelves on February 8, 2022, published by the eminent Inkyard Press, a division of HarperCollins. This achievement is backed by her representation by Kat Kerr at the respected Donald Maass Literary Agency, as she has fast become a respected name within her field.

Additionally, Sabreen’s literary contributions extend beyond individual novels. She proactively participates in collections, demonstrating her versatility and creativity in different narrative formats. One such contribution is in the ‘Study Break’ collection, published in 2023, further broadening her writing repertoire. As Sabreen continues to write, readers all over eagerly anticipate more of her compelling prose and vivid storytelling.

You Truly Assumed

Laila Sabreen, an accomplished writer, made a significant stride in her career with the publication of her novel ‘You Truly Assumed.’ This highly anticipated young adult novel hit bookstores on February 8, 2022. Published by through Inkyard Press, it solidified Sabreen’s position in the literary field as a sensational new voice in young adult fiction.

Sabriya, an avid planner, finds her detailed summer plans derailed following a terror attack near her home, especially when Islamophobia escalates as assumptions are made about the attacker’s religion. Seeking solace, Sabriya turns to her online journal, ‘You Truly Assumed,’ which unexpectedly gains a viral following among Muslim teens across the nation, who find comfort and a sense of community through her words. Sabriya is soon joined by two other teens, Zakat and Farah, in managing the blog, and together they foster a profound friendship.

However, alongside the blog’s burgeoning popularity comes harsh backlash and the bitter thorns of hate comments. Everything comes to a head when one among them receives a threat, setting off an investigation into its source and putting their newfound friendship to the test. Their predicament reaches a crux when they must decide whether to shield themselves by ceasing the blog and thereby lose their hard-earned platform, or summon the courage to take a stand, echo their voices and risk everything they hold dear.

‘You Truly Assumed’ is a moving read that skillfully encapsulates modern struggles. Its resonance with today’s society and heartwarming friendship story makes it a must-read. Laila Sabreen’s poignant storytelling and memorable characters enhance the intense, relatable plot.

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