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Publication Order of Lakeview Books

Still Waters (2004) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Die Before Nightfall (2005) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Even in the Darkness (2005) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
When Silence Falls (2006) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Valley Of Shadows (2007) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Stranger in the Shadows (2007) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Lakeview Protector (2008) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

The Lakeview series is a series of contemporary, mystery, and Christian romance books written by one of the prominent authors from The United States named Shirlee McCoy. It is comprised of a total of 7 books, which were released between the years 2003 and 2008. The stories depicted in the book series take place in Virginia, United States. Author Shirlee has described a new set of main characters in each of the novels and has depicted the deep romance between them.

One of the best known books of the Lakeview series is titled as the Valley of Shadows. The Steepe Hill publishers released this book in the year 2007. Author Shirlee has depicted the main characters in this romance cum mystery novel as Hawke Moran and Miranda Sheldon. At the beginning of the story, Hawke Morran is shown as a mercenary who turns into a DEA agent. Previously, he used to work as an undercover agent and things used to very dangerous at times. And when his cover gets blown suddenly, he comes to know what danger is actually in the real sense. As the life of Hawke Morran hangs in the balance, he believes that he could die at any point of time from now on. There is no one whom he can turn to for helping him from getting killed. Just as he is about to lose all hopes, he gets saved from his certain death by a mysterious woman. This woman, Miranda Shelton, comes in the life of Hawke as a savior from heaven. Before her entry into his life, Hawke Morran used to work as a lone wolf and used to bring down the bad guys all by himself. But now, he is joined by the beautiful Miranda Shelton and the two work together to deal with any situation that comes in their lives.

In an attempt to find the one who betrayed Hawke Morran and blew his cover, Miranda and Hawke enter into a dangerous world of deceit, treachery, and betrayal. When chased by the criminals to get killed, Hawke and Miranda run away to prevent themselves from coming into their hands. And seeing the dedication of Miranda in saving his life and trying to find the betrayor, Hawke vows that he will protect the beautiful Christian woman for the rest of his life once they become successful in coming out alive from the current situation. The two of them journey from the mountains in Lakeview, Virginia, to the Thailand Valleys in search of the one who is hell bent in killing them. The overall story of the book describes the lives of two strangers who come together without each other’s expectation and try to save each other’s lives while dealing with a deadly drug lord. The goons of the drug lord chase them wherever they go, but they do not become successful in catching the two very easily. Author Shirlee seems to have done a fantastic job in developing the characters. Particularly, the character of Miranda Shelton as she resembles every other woman and reacts as they would react in her situation. The suspense and mystery of the plot turn out to be quite good and this impressed numerous readers and critics. Even the relationship between Miranda and Hawke appears to quite real and genuine. Finally, the book depicts a complete story in an adventurous way.

One of the other popular books published in this series is titled as ‘Lakeview Protector’. It was also released by the Steeple Hill publication in the year 2008. In this book, the lead characters introduced include Eli Jennings and Jasmine Hart. As the story begins, Eli Jennings is depicted as a former military personnel. In one of the military missions, his commander had saved his life, due to which he owed his life to him. Jennings promised his commander that he will repay by helping him find his missing sister. As he begins his search for the commander’s sister, he is led to the mountain cabin of Jasmine Hart in Lakeview, Virginia. There, he comes to know that one more woman has gone missing. Jasmine was a widow and had a strong will. She did not think that the two missing cases were related in any way. Later, she goes on to find important clues to both the mysteries in her own house. Jasmine learns that her mother-in-law is a witness to one of those cases. This makes her fearful about the safety of her mother-in-law as she was the only family left with her. Therefore, Jasmine turns towards Eli Jennings for help. Later, it is seen that someone very powerful did not want her to feel safe at all and not even learn the whole truth. In order to do so, the kidnapper makes another woman go missing. Initially, Eli Jennings had arrived in Lakeview after leaving the military service for writing a book ostensibly. He also had planned to search for the missing sister of one of his military buddies. After reaching the picturesque Lakeview, Jennings rents a cabin from the widowed Jasmine Hart. She had come to Lakeview after leaving her New Hampshire home following the deaths of her daughters and husband.

The cabins in Lakeview are actually owned by Sarah, the mother-in-law of Jasmine Hart. After Sarah suffers a fall, Jasmine comes to take care of her as well as look for the person who tried to kill her. The lakeside cabins of Lakeview hold some cherished memories for Jasmine. And right after the deaths of her husband and beloved daughters, Sarah had clashed with her thinking that she was responsible for the deaths of her son and granddaughters. Even Jasmine holds herself responsible at some point. When Eli Jennnigs joins Jasmine in the search mission of the missing women, they become successful in establishing a connection between the fall of Sarah and the disappearance of the women. On the whole, the book described romance and mystery in equal parts. It also involves the description of a creepy church in the nearby town of Lakeview. Author Shirlee has explored the themes of love, passion, and loss throughout the book. Jasmine appears to be a sensible heroine, who has compassion in her heart for her close ones. Sometimes, she does appear to be distant, but mostly has a loving nature. Eli Jennings is also described as a tough yet tender. Also, Sarah is depicted as a an independent woman, who likes to speak her mind and does it with great ease. Seeing the high level of expertise of author Shirlee in describing the characters and the plot, many critics recommended this book as a must read for all those readers who like to have a taste of mystery and romance together.


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