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About Lamya H

Lamya H, a vibrant author known for her literary fiction, has a knack for spinning stories that keep readers glued to the pages. Her journey in the literary world is marked by her association as a former Lambda Literary Fellow, a testament to her talent and dedication. Her work has graced the pages of high-profile publications such as Vice, Salon, and Vox, showcasing her ability to engage a wide audience. Now, calling New York her home, Lamya lives a fulfilling life with her partner, surrounded by the city.

With a unique talent for character creation, Lamya brings to life protagonists who are both relatable and mesmerizing. Her stories are not just narratives; they’re adventures that readers live through, thanks to her exceptional storytelling ability. This gift for crafting compelling tales is paired with an engaging narrative style that makes each book impossible to put down. Through her words, Lamya offers an entertaining escape into worlds that echo reality yet are imbued with a distinct flair of imagination.

Beyond her writing, Lamya is deeply committed to social change, particularly in advocating for LGBTQ+ Muslims, combating Islamophobia, and pushing for the abolition of prisons. Her passion for these causes often seeps into her storytelling, adding depth and relevance to her work. When not weaving enchanting tales or championing social justice, Lamya enjoys simple pleasures: indulging in desserts baked by her partner, engaging in board games, and ambitiously exploring every corner of New York via its subway stops. Through her vibrant stories and compelling characters, Lamya H continues to enchant and inspire, proving herself a powerhouse in the literary world.

Lamya masterfully blends her advocacy and personal passions into her storytelling, infusing her narratives with a unique vivacity that captivates readers. By drawing upon her experiences and commitments, especially her work with LGBTQ+ Muslims and her stand against Islamophobia and prisons, she enriches her tales with depth and authenticity. This integration makes her stories not just entertaining but also enriching, offering readers insights into important social issues through the lens of captivating fiction.

By doing so, Lamya doesn’t just tell stories; she invites readers into thought-provoking worlds, making each page turn an invigorating journey of discovery and empathy.

Skillfully intertwining messages of importance within her tales, she ensures that her audience is not only entertained but also leaves with valuable insights. Her ability to address complex themes through engaging narratives makes her stories resonate deeply with readers.

And Lamya is just getting started, with a bright future ahead filled with more stories waiting to be told. Her creative journey shows no signs of slowing down, promising readers an expanding collection of works that continue to blend entertainment with insightful messages.

As she forges ahead, her fans can eagerly anticipate fresh narratives that not only charm but also challenge and inspire. Lamya’s path forward is lined with unlimited possibilities, destined to enrich the literary world with each new chapter she writes.

Early and Personal Life

From a young age, Lamya H discovered the magical world of books. This ignited a passion for reading that later blossomed into a love for crafting her own stories. Living in New York with her partner, she draws inspiration from the city’s vibrant energy and diversity, weaving these elements into her literary works.

Lamya’s dedication to social change, particularly in creating inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ Muslims, combating Islamophobia, and advocating for prison abolition, deeply influences her writing. These themes often surface in her stories, providing not just entertainment but also thought-provoking content for her readers. Through her narratives, Lamya invites her audience into discussions on pertinent social issues, enhancing the depth and relevance of her work.

Her life outside writing, filled with simple joys like enjoying desserts, playing board games, and exploring every subway stop in New York, adds a unique flavor to her creations. These experiences enrich her storytelling, making her characters and settings more relatable and vivid. Lamya H’s journey as an author is a testament to how personal passions and life experiences can beautifully blend to create compelling literary art.

Writing Career

Lamya H has made her mark in the literary world as a talented queer Muslim writer, drawing from her life experiences to create vibrant and thought-provoking work. Her memoir, ‘Hijab Butch Blues,’ released through The Dial Press in February 2023, remains a significant milestone in her writing career, showcasing her ability to weave personal narratives with broader cultural and social themes. Furthermore, her writings have found a home in respected publications such as the Los Angeles Review of Books, Salon, Vice, and Autostraddle, among others, highlighting her versatility and appeal across various platforms.

Acknowledged for her unique voice and perspective, Lamya has been honored with fellowships from Aspen Words, Lambda Literary, and Queer|Arts, which not only recognize her talent but also support her continuing growth as a writer. This support, alongside her relentless passion for storytelling, signals that Lamya’s journey in the literary landscape is far from over, with promising prospects for more compelling works in the future.

As she continues to write, her audience eagerly awaits the stories she has yet to tell, confident that they will continue to challenge, entertain, and inspire.

Hijab Butch Blues

‘Hijab Butch Blues,’ penned by Lamya H, found its way to bookshelves on February 7, 2023, through The Dial Press. The memoir quickly garnered recognition, becoming a nominee for the Best Memoir & Autobiography category in the Goodreads Choice Awards of 2023.

At fourteen, Lamya faces a confusing emotion: a crush on her female teacher, a feeling she conceals by adopting the roles of an overachiever and class clown. Moving from South Asia to the Middle East early in her life left her feeling invisible, struggling with desires and dreams that seem unimportant.

However, a Quran class reading about Maryam sparks a pivotal realization, leading Lamya to explore her identity through the lens of Quranic stories, questioning and finding parallels in her journey.

This memoir traces Lamya’s path from her youth to her early adult life in New York City, unfolding her story of coming to terms with her identity as a queer, devout Muslim immigrant, illustrating her courageous, trust-filled, and loving journey toward self-acceptance and community.

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