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The Nanny (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fake Mate (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Game Changer (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Under Loch and Key (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lana Ferguson is a bestselling romance fiction author who loves to call herself a sex-positive nerd whose works never shy away from sass or spice.

When she was just fifteen, she stumbled upon a faded copy of Fabio and things would never be the same again.

She published “The Nanny” her debut novel in 2023 and this would become a blockbuster work that gave her the confidence she needed to kick on.

She now has at least three titles to her name and has said that she will not be slowing down any time soon. She has said that she writes in the hope that she can produce all kinds of sexy stories which she has so far managed to do.
When Lana Ferguson is not penning her blockbuster romance fiction works, she can usually be found subjecting her friends to “Lord of the Rings” extended editions, arguing over which “Batman” was the best, and singing show tunes.
For the most part, she lives in her own head, even though she can sometimes be found in the great American outdoors chasing her dog through the coppice.

When Lana Ferguson began writing, she never knew much about writing. Initially, she thought that once she closed the tab on the rough draft her work was done.

But then she was shocked to learn that there was a lot more to do as she had to add in four more chapters and delete thousands of words before her editors thought her manuscript was good enough.

Nonetheless, she was lucky that she had an editor who turned her voice and was just amazing. The edits for her manuscript went by very quickly as she made some important suggestions that made her story more solid.
Lana had to deal with several rounds of copyedits where she learned a lot that she would use in writing her subsequent novels. The whole process from conception to the ultimate publishing took more than a year.
Initially, she did not have an OnlyFans element but included it as an opportunity for Lana to portray sex positively which she believed was severely lacking in most media.

Since Lana Ferguson still works a day job, she does not have much of a writing schedule. Much of her writing happens either on the weekends or late at night though he is the type that has a hard time writing in small pieces.
She often writes in a corner of her sectional couch, on her bed or just about anywhere she can recline. Lana likes to write with her laptop propped against her legs lying down.

She also turns down the lights and in the same vein plugs in her earbuds and plays some sad piano music. She loves to have a playlist handy as her mind has a tendency to wander all over the place when she leaves it off the leash for very long.
As such, the music serves to help her stay grounded so that she can write without accidentally starting to think about the awkward interaction at the grocery store or where she put her birth certificate.

Lana Ferguson’s novel “The Nanny” is an interesting work that introduces Cassie Evans.

She finds herself on the brink of eviction after losing her job and now has just two choices. She could either reboot her OnlyFans account or get a new job as fast as she can.

However, there are hardly any jobs out there and there are many reasons for not going back to her OnlyFans account. But just when she is about to lose all hope, she sees an ad asking for a nanny which she thinks is the perfect solution for her problems.
It seemed too good to be true until she met Aisden Reid her employer. He is a sexually attractive older man but not the typical single dad she imagined.

She could not be any more pleased when he begs her to take the job as she is the most qualified candidate he has interviewed.

He has eyes that scream sex and hands that mess with her hindbrain and the idea of living under the same roof with him seems very dangerous.

But she does not have any other option and ultimately takes the job that will require her to live with Aiden and Sophie her adorably tenacious daughter.

It is not long before she discovers that Aiden is somehow very familiar with who she is and her body. But as their relationship heats up she struggles to tell Aiden the truth as it could threaten the best chance at love she ever had.

“The Fake Mate” by Lana Ferguson is the story of two wolf shifters who make a pact to be fake mates but unexpectedly find something very real in their relationship.

Mackenzie Carter is a woman who thinks she has the worst luck, especially with regard to her latest dates.

She has only been meeting mansplainers, model train experts, and men strangely obsessed with her tail it has been months since she had a successful date.

It has only been a year since she graduated from her residency but her grandmother has been on her case driving her mad about settling down with the perfect mate.

She is out of options and finally lies to her grandma that she found someone. But then she accidentally blurts out the name Noah Taylor who is the last man she would ever date.

Noah Taylor is an all-around grump, interventional cardiologist, and Big Bad Wolf of Denver General Hospital. What no one knows is that he spent much of his life hooding who he is.
Noah has kept his true designation hidden since there are all manner of stigmas against unmated alphas in the world he lives in.

It had been working for years but then there was an anonymous tip that left him with just two options He could either find himself a mate or come clean to the administration at the hospital which could threaten his entire career.
When the overly friendly and chatty ER doctor asks him to be her fake boyfriend, he cannot believe his luck.

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