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Publication Order of The Witches of Thistle Grove Books

Payback's a Witch (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
From Bad to Cursed (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Back in a Spell (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Charm's Way (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rise and Divine (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lana Harper is a former literary agent, freelance writer and paranormal romance author from Chicago best known for the “Witches of Thistle’s Grove” series of novels. The author was born in Serbia but lived in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria before she moved to the US.

In her previous life as a literary agent, she worked for “Zachary Shuster Harmsworth” and “Chalberg & Sussman.” As such, she is highly skilled in copywriting, editing, writing, copy editing and game writing.

Lana studied literature and psychology from Yale University and graduated with a law degree from Boston University. She would then attend Emerson College writing and publishing program and graduated with a masters degree, before she became a communication and media professional.

Harper published “Payback’s A Witch,” her debut adult romantic comedy, in 2021 and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

“Payback’s A Witch,” the debut novel by Lana Harper, is best described as the “L Word” meets the “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.” She got the original inspiration for the novel from “John Tucker Must Die.” She wanted to convey some edgy magical vibes with a gorgeous spookiness, which she manages through the character Sabrina.

She references the “L Word” in that the setting for her novel is a Halloween like space where queer love can flurish. This also has something to do with the fact that the author has always been bisexual.

While she has always enjoyed writing young adult stories she believes she is more attuned to the adult genre. Some of the themes she loves to work with often include love.

She has also been known to write coming of age stories, about complex relationships that people have with friends and family as adults and the challenges of romantic relationships among adults.

Still, while she likes to write on serious themes she has also been known for her steamy scenes even if much of her writing is sex positive.

Lana Harper’s novel “Payback’s A Witch” introduces the witch Emmy Harlow. Since it has been a very long time since she visited Thistle Grove, the magical town, her powers are very weak.

She has gone on a self imposed exile motivated by a desire to forge her way in the world and a complicated family history. She also wants to see Gareth Blackmoore who is next in line to inherit the power of the most powerful magician in town. He is also known as a destroyer of dreams and casual breaker of hearts.
When she learns that her family will be the arbitrators over a spellcasting tournament, she knows that she has to head back home. She wants to do her duty to family and also spend time with Linden Thorn, her best friend before he goes back to Chicago, to what she considers her real life.

But on the very night she gets back home, she bumps into Talia Avramov fresh off a breakup. The expert witch who is better than almost anyone in the magical arts was left in a lurch by Gareth Blackmoore. It turns out that Gareth was seeing both Linden and Talia at the same time and now both women are looking for vengeance.

Meanwhile, Emmy cannot seem to stop thinking of the wickedly charming, devastatingly gorgeous and terrifyingly competent Talia Avramov.

“From Bad to Cursed” by Lana Harper follows Isidora Avramov, a skilled demon summoner and thrill chaser. While she embodies the evil and sexy sorceress vibe, she happens to love animals a lot. When she is not writing new storylines and designing costumes for the haunted house at the Arcane Emporium, she harbors a secret.

She dreams of becoming an independent fashion designer and leaving behind the family business of witching. But then they realize that someone is deliberately using dangerous and dark magic to sabotage the celebrations that usually lead up to the Beltane festival.

In the chaos, a Throne family member that has been in intense rivalry with the Avramovs is injured badly. The Avramovs are the immediate suspects and this means that Isadora needs to step up to clear her family’s name. She needs to work with Rowan Thorn to try to get answers to the mystery.

Rowan Thorn is a tragically noble but ultimately good person who Issa pines for. But still their two families have been in enmity for years and have grown to hate each other with a passion.

But as the unlikely partnership unearth a trail of clues they come to a shocking discovery. Rowan and Issa learn that they have a maddening attraction that they can no longer ignore.

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