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Publication Order of The LaNague Federation Books

Healer (1976)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wheels Within Wheels (1978)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Enemy of the State (1980)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tery (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dydeetown World (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon

The LaNague Federation series is popular book series written by a famous American novelist named F. Paul Wilson. This science fiction, fantasy, and space opera series is comprised of 5 books in total, which were released between the years 1976 and 1982. Author Wilson began writing the series in 1976 and released its first book in the same year under the name of Healer. Following the worldwide success of this, he went on to write 4 more books in the series in the next few years. In the beginning of the series, author Paul Wilson has described the LaNague Federation’s apocalyptic birth. The story talks about the unique revolution of Peter LaNague, who sets out to overthrow the Outworld Imperium and fundamentally alter the concept of government of every Outworlder. In order to accomplish this mission, Peter LaNague is required to become an ally of a madman, have faith in the final word of the robber barons of Sol System, and make the best use of the planet Flint’s consummate warriors. Also, Peter LaNague needs to confound the Imperium’s omnipresent forces at every turn and make money pour like rain at regular intervals. All of these seem to be easier for Peter LaNague as compared to the only one thing that he feels very hard to achieve. Peter sees it as his greatest challenge to make his plan become successful without turning himself as the enemy that he has promised to destroy.

An initial book of the LaNague Fedration book series written by author F. Paul Wilson is entitled ‘Wheels Within Wheels’. It was released by the Infrapress publication in the year 2005, after its first release in 1978. The lead characters mentioned in this novel by author Wilson include Pete Paxton, Josephine Finch, and several others. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Pete Paxton is very canny in nature. He thinks that a monstrous conspiracy is brewing which poses as a threat to the LaNague Charter. The conspiracy also seems to threaten the freedoms that guarantees for the planets of the Federation. Pete Paxton decides the only way to get rid of this conspiracy is by enlisting the help of Josephine Finch. Josephine is commonly referred to as Jo and is the CEO of the Insterstellar Business Advisors. This firm was co-founed by Pete Paxton with the grandfather of Josephine Finch around 50 years ago. However, Josephine Finch does not have her trust on Pete Paxton. She suspects that he may have a role in her father’s bizarre death. After a little while, Josephine Finch becomes convinced that the fears of Pete Paxton are justified. She teams up with him and the two begin to match their wits with a very shrewd and devious politico of the Federation. This devious politico seems to be threatened by a deadly psi talent, the victims of which face something far worse than death. Pete Paxton and Josephine Finch are also required to deal with the enigmatic and gentle inhabitants of the Jebinose planet, called Vanek. They claim that they have murdered Josephine’s father. This book was the winner of the 1979 Prometheus Award in the category of the Best Novel. With this novel, author Paul has tried to tell a fast paced story, which is well written in a unique style. The story appears to be so good that it holds the interest of the readers right from the very first chapter. And with the way the other novels of this series shaped up, the whole series became very impressive to read. The climax of the book’s story consists of a big surprise to the readers that they were really startled to read and discover. It seems to have political intrigues’s satisfying resolution. The Library Journal reviewed the book as a must read for every fan of science fiction books. Author Paul has done a great blend of politics, finance, and science fiction by coming up with this interesting page turner novel. It is quite easy to read and follow, and very hard to put away once started.

Another excellent book of this series is called ‘Healer’. This book was also published by the Infrapress publishers in 2005, after its initial release in 1976. It was supposed to be stunning conclusion of the series, but later, the writer decided to add a couple more books before finally concluding the series. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that the Outworld Imperium was started as a form of rebellion by the colonials, who were seeking independence. But, after a couple of centuries, it remains bloated as a bureaucratic business. Even though it is seen as a business, it fails to produce anything. The income derived by this business is not from the free exchange of services and goods, but from the taxation model. The business never shows its profit and always remains in the code of red. It continues to borrow from others, thereby making staggering deficits. The initial part of the book describes the story of Steve Dalt, a human, who, while traveling to one planet ends up in a cave. There, an alien approaches him and fuses to form a relationship of symbiosis. Prior to this incident, Steven used to live his life like an ordinary person and did not have anything fantastic going on in life. But, after his attachment with the alien, he has suddenly become a superhuman immortal being. The alien made use of Steven’s body that he did not possess, and Steven was able to use the incredible skills and knowledge of the alien that he didn’t have. Shortly after, Stevem Dalt turns into The Healer, having the ability to heal anything. He even heals himself. The story runs through the centuries across many galaxies and finally comes to an end with an interesting climactic sequence. This novel was also awarded with the Hall of Fame Prometheus Award in 1990. This book looks to be a good science fiction story and a nice read. It seems complete with its pre chapter quotations and the time scale of centuries long. Many readers from all over the world enjoyed very much while reading this book. They liked the simple writing of author Paul Wilson that helped them understand the complex story clearly. Author Wilson has mentioned that even though the book is written as one part of the series, it can also be read as an independent story.

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