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Lance Erlick
Lance Erlick, who was raised by a roaming aerospace engineer, grew up in different parts of Europe and the United States.

He took to stories as his anchor and was inspired by his dad’s engineering work on cutting-edge aerospace projects to look into the future. This includes the works of Heinlein, Asimov, and Bradbury, and he has been writing stories of his own since he was eleven years old.

Lance has traveled through various worlds, without ever leaving planet Earth, yet is able to imagine other fascinating realms. His writing has been inspired by the clever, strong, and resilient women that he has encountered along his journey.

Lance, in an ideal world, would find some time loops where he would be able to step out for a week at a time in order to write and read. Then he would go back to the moment that he left, without his life getting in the way. Life would obviously sneak in, since everybody would have the same exact ability.

Lance is a believer in things such as artificial intelligence, robots, time travel, space ships to the stars. Just as long these tools never fall into the wrong hands. Since they will, undoubtedly, he is a believer in the triumph of the human spirit over evil. This is the only multiverse that we have, after all.

He pens science fiction, speculative fiction, young adult, and dystopian and likes to explore the future implications of technological and social trends. He has written the “Regina Shen” series, the “Rebels” series, and the “Android Chronicles” series.

“The Rebel Within” is the first novel in the “Rebels” series, and was released in the year 2013. After the Second American Civil War, Annabelle is struggling to follow her conscience under the rigid regime.

The war took her biological parents and it ended in a shaky stalemate. Her adoptive mom is in the political opposition. The loss of her parents and her adoptive mom’s opposition leads Annabelle to being rebellious in a society that is enforcing conformity.

As she attempts to suppress defiant thoughts, protect her little sister, and avoid the draft, the Federal Union has got other plans for her. The government hunts down boys and men as outcasts and insists that she join up with the other enforcers. She has got no issues with any of the runaways and despises the government for taking her parents from her. This leaves her in the untenable position where following her beliefs puts those she cares about and loves in danger.

“The Rebel Trap” is the second novel in the “Rebels” series, and was released in the year 2014. Annabelle, since she is forced to become a dreaded enforcer, has to wear audio implants and contact cameras.

Helping a boy escape might not be the smartest move she could make, however it does fit with her beliefs. Her military commander hears and sees everything that she does. To make things worse, her boss assigns her one undercover mission to spy on corrupt cops that do not like her mother (the political opposition) or her.

Unable to get either the escaped boy or her commander, Annabelle is unable to confide in anybody, which puts a strain on her relationship with her beloved sister. Annabelle, who is a pawn in a much bigger game, does not know what or even who she can trust, including whether or not her mission is actually a vendetta. Toying with treason in helping the escaped boy out puts both of their lives at risk, pushing her own crisis of conscience to its very limits.

“Resilience” is the first novel in the “Regina Shen” series, and was released in the year 2015. They are coming to harvest Regina’s DNA just like she is a lab animal. She will not submit and has got some excellent survival skills.

A world after climate change caused collapse and some books are banned. Regina, a tenacious outcast, salvage from sunken cities (including illegal print books that she commits to memory) and endures by her wits.

Joanne Demarco, the chief Inspector, hunts Regina for her unique DNA that might prevent human extinction not to mention boost this inspector’s power. A hurricane is upon her, and Demarco as well as bounty hunters in hot pursuit, Regina risks both her freedom and her very life to help out her younger sister while attempting to stay free and alive.

“Vigilance” is the second novel in the “Regina Shen” series, and was released in the year 2015. The peace has been shattered. Regina jumps over the wall and into the Federation. They have laid down some traps.

For two years Regina struggled over failing to keep her little sister safe who was taken into slavery. Regina, under a tough instructor, trains hard, salvages some illegal books out of the depths, and commits them to memory. Another storm is bearing down. It is time for Regina to cross the barrier wall right into the Federation to search for her sister.

Being an illegal immigrant, she wages a battle of wits with Joanne Demarco, her arch enemy, who still looks for Regina’s unique DNA to boost up the inspector power base. This time Demarco has got a ruthless rival who only aims to use Regina to overthrow the inspector. They both come down on Regina who would actually rather die than help out the people who abducted her sister.

“Defiance” is the third novel in the “Regina Shen” series, and was released in the year 2015. Federation agents kidnap Regina’s sister to force her to surrender. Regina, however, has got other plans. Regina is determined to rescue her sister.

Joanne Demarco faces off with two ruthless rivals that is willing to do anything in order to control Regina and her unique DNA in a global power play. Regina, a pawn in Federation political infighting, and gets clues, hints, and help from strangers. But who is she able to trust? She wages a battle of wits against all of the rival agents hunting her.

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