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Publication Order of Land of Canaan Books

Seek Me with All Your Heart (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wonder of Your Love (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
His Love Endures Forever (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Land of Canaan book series is a renowned series of Amish fiction, Christian fiction, and romance novels. It consists of three books in total published between 2010 and 2012. The series is written by an award winning and bestselling novelist from America named Beth Wiseman. Beth has done the setting of each of the books’ plots in a small Amish community in Colorado’s Canaan. She has also mentioned a number of wonderful characters, who carry the stories forward with their interesting portrayals. The series’ high point is its female characters who deal with their life’s tragedies and overcome them with hope, faith, and belief. The women remain hopeful of a better life in the Amish community and go on to find their life partners, who promise to bring them all the happiness in life. Some even get a second chance at finding love and then cherish it for the rest of their lives.

Among the prominent characters created by Beth Wiseman for this series, there is the likes of Emliy Detweiler, David Stoltzfus, Katie Ann Stoltzfus, Eli Detweiler, Jonas, Danielle Kent, Matthew Lapp, and several others. Other than being set primarily is Canaan’s Amish community, some parts of the stories also take place in Pennsylvania and Ohio. The books are widely successful and are praised for their rich content, fresh stories, and exciting characters. Beth Wiseman was appreciated by her fellow writers and critics for the creation of such interesting stories and characters. Even today, the books have a large fan-following in many countries of the world. After publishing the third novel of the series, Beth Wiseman became busy with her other novel series. But, she is hopeful of writing some more stories based in Canaan in the future.

The debut book of the Land of Canaan series written by author Beth Wiseman is entitled ‘Seek Me With All Your Heart’. It was released in 2010 by the Thomas Nelson publication. This book features the central characters in the roles of David Stoltzfus and Emily Detweiler, and is set in Canaan, Colorado, United States. At the story’s beginning, it is stated that Amish people shift to Colorado and leave their friends and family for a number of personal reasons. Some move for the cheap lands in Canaan, and others want to get rid of the strict bishops and live their lives on their own terms. But, for Emily Detweiler & her family, the reason for moving is too personal. When they were living in Ohio, a great tragedy struck Emily Detweiler. This tragedy shook everything loose that Emily had a firm belief in, along with her faith. And when her family could not take it anymore, they decided to shift and resettle in the Canaan Amish community in Colorado. Emily and her family hoped that being far away from their old place will help to forget about the painful memories. Just like Emily Detweiler, David Stoltzfus’ family also moved to the community, but he does not understand the reason behind the move. All of them realize later that the Canaan community has turned into something that none of them had anticipated.

David Stoltfuz fears that he might acquire a health condition if he stays for long in Canaan. So, he plans to move back to his hometown in Paradise, Pennsylvania, as fast as he can. Before he could succeed in this plan, David comes across Emily and develops feelings that he had not encountered before. The mere presence of Emily near him stirs feelings that he is not able to understand. And even though he is apprehensive about his future, David is forced to stay back in Canaan and cherish the new feeling developed in his heart for the beautiful Emily. Seeing the growing love of David Stoltfuz for her makes Emily surprised. She seems to enjoy all the attention and care from David, but fears that he will reject her once her past life’s truth is revealed to him. The increasing affection of David for her makes Emily wonder if the truth about them being made for one another is much more important? Later, both Emily and David understand that God always wishes to grant the desires in people’s hearts and they must prepare themselves to seek Him.

The next volume of this Amish fiction series is called ‘The Wonder of Your Love’. Thomas Nelson publishers released this novel too in 2011. The book features the primary characters as Eli Detweiler and Katie Ann, and takes place in Canaan, Colorado once again. At the book’s start, it is described that Katie Ann was deprived of love in her life, but she is offered another chance by God in Colorado. She is a widow in her forties and resides in the small Amish community in Canaan. Katie is focused on raising her child, Jonas, but is worried that he will not know his father ever. She also wonders if God doesn’t wish to see her happy as a lot of time has passed for her in living a single life with her baby. Katie is desperate to come out of this misery and find someone to love her and look after her child. But, she doesn’t see that happening anytime soon.

Eli Detweiler visits Canaan for attending a wedding and spending some relaxing time alone in Canaan’s soothing environment. He has lost his wife long ago and has raised all his 6 children on his own. With years of living a lonely life, Elie seems to have accepted the fact that he is empty-nester. Also, he appears to be enjoying to not have anyone else to care about but himself. Things take a different turn when Katie and Eli come face to face with each other. They develop an instant connection immediately. But, in spite of the attraction being very strong, they both know somewhere in their heart that their romance is not going to work. Eli is not ready to take up parenting again because he thinks he is done with it, while Katie Ann has a long way to go in terms of raising her son Jonas. So, without jumping in their new relationship as lovers, they decide to remain just friends. As time goes by, their friendship also blossoms. Both of them have feelings for one another in their hearts that seems frightening as well as intoxicating. A time comes when they start wondering if the plans made by them for their future are the ones that God has made for them? They start thinking maybe God wants them to come together and share each other’s burden. As this feeling begins to take root, Katie Ann makes up her mind and heart to let another man enter her life and become her life partner.

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