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Publication Order of Land of Shining Water Books

The Icecutter's Daughter (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Quarryman's Bride (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Miner's Lady (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Land of Shining Water novel series is an exciting series of adult fiction, historical fiction, romance, inspirational, and Christian fiction stories. It consists of just three novels, all of which were released in 2013. The series is penned by the expert hands of a well-known American novelist, Tracie Peterson. Although Peterson has written the stories as a series, the books can be read in the order of the reader’s preference. Each book follows a different story and revolves around the lives of a distinct set of primary characters. Peterson has set all the three books in Minnesota, United States; but they take place in different locations. No character from one book repeated in the other two books.

Author Peterson claims that she had a great time writing the novels and was excited to publish them as soon as possible. She has hopes of getting a good response from the audience. And when the response was way better than what she had hoped, her happiness knew no bounds. Every next book in the series received a lot more love and appreciation from readers than the previous one. This increased Peterson’s hopes of writing more books and publishing them to great individual success. But, she decided to call it a day after the third book and did not intend to add any more titles to the series. Author Peterson got so much involved in the development of other books and series that she hardly found time to work on a fourth book. So, she had to contend with just three titles. Also, Peterson did not want to spoil the charm and beauty of the series by hurrying things up and adding unnecessary stories.

Some of the exciting characters that Peterson created in this series include Rurik Jorgenson, Merrill Krause, Tavin MacLachlan, Emmalyne Knox, Orlando Calarco, Chantel Panetta, Isabella Panetta, Dante Calarco, and a few others. The period of this series is mentioned to be as the 1880s. The lovely historical setting and all the intriguing characters received love from readers across the globe. They were noticed and appreciated by the well-known names of the publishing world as well, who also praised Peterson for her work and dedication. After the worldwide success of this series, Peterson used her excellent talent to go on and write other wonderful series in her career. She continued to ride the chariot of success and is still enjoying her days as a successful author or Christian and historical romance.

The debut book written in the Land of Shining Water series by Tracie Peterson is called ‘The Icecutter’s Daughter’. It was released by the publishing company of Bethany House in 2013. The central characters featured in this novel include Rurik Jorgenson and Merrill Krause. Initially, it is depicted that Merrill Krause wishes to settle down fast and have her own family. But, she is unable to do so soon because she had promised her dying mom that she will look after her older brothers and father until the situation comes when she need not look after them anymore. Merrill spends her time by taking part in the family business and enjoys every bit of it. Along with her father and brothers, she harvests ice at the time of the brutal winters of Minnesota. She takes active participation in the harvesting process and also possesses a keen interest in working with horses.

One of her good friends advises her against everything she does, saying that she has developed unladylike behavior and it is not good for her. Merrill’s friend tries to talk her out of everything she does by making her realize that she might have a problem in finding a suitable husband for herself in the future if she continues to act like a man. Later, Rurik Jorgenson comes to the Minnesota town where Merrill lives. He visits his uncle to provide him help in his carpentry business. Soon after his arrival in the town, Rurik comes across the beautiful Merrill. Unlike other males, who often get frightened by the sight of Merrill’s brothers, he is not intimidated by any of them. Rurik doesn’t even care about the strength of Merrill or her lack of femininity.

Rurik begins to dream about making Merrill his wife and for that, he starts gaining experience under the guidance of his uncle with the hope of inheriting the carpentry business in the coming time. But, while Rurik is determined to give a new beginning to his life, his past is more determined to come after him. His dreams of settling down with Merrill are scattered when his ex-fiance arrives with her brother. Shortly after, Rurik finds himself involved in a scandal that poses a huge threat to his relationship with the Krause lady. He just hopes that she trusts him enough to not believe in the accusations against him and support him in his quest to achieve each other’s love.

The second volume of this series is known as ‘The Quarryman’s Bride’. It was also published in 2013 by the publishers at Bethany House. This novel is set in St, Cloud, Minnesota; in 1886. The lead characters are shown portraying their roles as Tavin MacLachlan and Emmalyne Knox. This book opens by mentioning that Tavin and Emmalyne were supposed to get married to each other soon, but all plans of the grand wedding were put to a sudden halt due to the tragic deaths of the youngest sisters of Emmalyne. And as per the family tradition, instead of getting married, Emmalyne must perform all the duties of the youngest daughter and remain unmarried to take care of her old parents.

When all her requests to release her from the family tradition fall on deaf years, Emmalyne is left heartbroken and surrenders to the duties expected of her. Tavin also becomes devastated at the sudden turn of events and moves out of town. Several years, Emmalyne’s family relocates to a different location, where she meets Tavin again. Both of them discover that they still have strong feelings for one another. But, they cannot do anything about it because Emmalyne’s father is still not ready to free her from her duties. Later, the two families find themselves at the center of a growing conflict between the workers of the granite quarry owned and operated by Tavin’s father. When a few near-fatal accidents take place, Tavin tries to find out the person responsible for the attacks and stop him before anyone gets killed. As Emmalyne and Tavin yearn to live together, they pray to God for change of hearts of the ones standing in the path of their true love.

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