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Land of the Lone Star Books In Order

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Publication Order of Land of the Lone Star Books

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“Land of the Lone Star” series is a set of novels by Tracie Peterson, an inspirational, romance, religion & spirituality, and historical fiction author. Peterson is an award-winning and bestselling author of more than seventy novels, all of which she has written from her home in Belgrade, Montana. She usually describes herself as a Christian speaker, wife, editor, writer, and mother, which means that her slate is often full. After she signed her first publishing contract in 1992, her debut novel “A Place To Belong” was published in 1993. She now has more than a hundred novels in thirty-one series alongside several single standing titles. Heartsong Presents readership voted Tracie as 1997, 1996, and 1995 favorite author. She also got the 1994 Inspirational Romance of the Year by Affaire de Coeur’s among many other awards. Tracie loves spinning tales for readers and gives thanks to God for the creativity she has to write such stories. She currently gives workshops and teaches at conferences in historical research and inspirational romance. She recently resigned from her job at Heartsong Presents where she had been managing editor for three years to concentrate on writing.

Tracie Peterson’s journey to publishing started when she was very young, even though for the longest time, she took it as a hobby. Everyone had told her how unlikely it would be for anyone to get published though she kept hoping that it would come to happen. She had published some columns and feature articles for Christian newspapers and magazines over the years which was something she enjoyed a lot. Peterson decided to take another stab at it and sent out hundreds of letters from a variety of Christian and secular publishing houses but never got anywhere. When she was about to give up, she prayed for direction and that very afternoon she had a call from Barbour Publishing asking if she would be interested in writing contemporary and historical romance. While she was not interested in contemporary romance at the time, she convinced the agent to take a look at her historical romance manuscript. A fortnight later, she had a contract and published her debut novel in 1993.

“Land of the Lone Star” is a series of novels set in Texas during the Civil War era. It comes with the obligatory ranch settings, hard-working virtuous women, Mexicans, Indians, cowboys, and the children who look up to the adults around them. Add to that an emotional story and a despicable villain and you get a beautiful historical fiction work. Peterson writes wonderful characters that endure high emotional stress though they choose to trust in their faith and finally make it through to the other side. In “Chasing the Sun” the first novel of the series, Hannah Dandridge is a strong-willed and valiant woman trying to ensure things run smoothly on the ranch in her father’s absence. She does this while also having to take care of her sister and brother. Since she has not heard from her father for several weeks, she asks Herbert Lockhart his partner at law to find out what had happened to him. But Mr. Lockhart has ideas of his own. In “Touching the Sky” the second novel of the series, Laura Marquardt the lead meets Captain Brandon Reid the handsome man in an alley where she had been waylaid by two Confederate backers. Regrettably, he thinks she is of the same stripe and reproaches her strongly. But things will change when the two are seated together at a dinner party. In “Taming the Wind” the third novel of the series, Carissa is full of mistrust and fear as she feels that she can never love again. She has accepted that she is a widow though she is thankful to have her daughter. But her ex one Tyler Atherton never forgot her and he learns that she is living on a nearby ranch he wants back into her life and her daughter Gloria loves him too.

“Chasing the Sun” the first novel of the “Land of the Lone Star” series is set in the Civil War era Texas. Hannah Dandridge has been left in charge of the Texan ranch that her father had purchased before he disappeared into Mississippi to fight the war. She also has to take care of her brother and sister and feeling overwhelmed, she starts considering a marriage of convenience but first she needs to ask God for direction. William Barnett is a wounded soldier that comes back home to find his family ranch seized and a good-looking woman with astounding resilience running the place. He is bitter and angry at the unfortunate turn of events that had happened while he was away and wants to set things right. Hannah desperately needs help and William wants to get back his family and so they agree to an uneasy truce. But the arrival of Confederate troops, the threat from neighboring Comanche tribes, and a persistent suitor threaten the blossoming romance between them. Can they find it in their hearts to set aside their ambitions and make a bright future together?

“Touching the Sky” the second novel of the “Land of the Lone Star” series is the story of the Marquardt family. They have been resident in Texas throughout the Civil War and just like many families its members have had to endure a variety of shortages that have even included basic needs. While they are southerners, they have always favored the union. They have two daughters that are Laura a staunch Christian with a compassionate and generous heart. She is also a person with a strong personality and is very level headed. Carrisa the younger daughter is a spontaneous and immature girl and her nature eventually gets her into a lot of trouble. While they are very different, they are very loving and close toward each other even though their differences come in handy later. Carissa is the first to get married as she believes she has fallen in love with Malcolm Lowe. Even though things have not been so good in their small town of Corpus Christi, the church and the whole town attends the wedding as they need something to lift their spirits up. But Laura believes Malcolm is a devious confederate who is scheming to kill Union soldiers. She also believes her sister is unprepared for marriage especially since she married the wrong man.

“Taming the Wind” the third novel of the “Land of the Lone Star” series is the intriguing story of Cassie Lowe. She has gone to live with her sister a few years after the American Civil War. It is while she is living with her sister that she gets reacquainted with Tyler Atherton, the man that had once upon a time save her life. But he finds that she is no longer the lighthearted, immature, and carefree woman he once knew. She had gotten married and lost her husband leaving her a widow with a small child. She is still nursing the hurts and disappointment from what had been a difficult marriage. While she would love to love and be loved again, she is full of mistrust and fear. Tyler is also haunted by ghosts from his past. His father had killed by Comanche tribesmen and now he is focusing on reclaiming the ranch that had been grabbed from his family when people learned that he was fighting for the Confederate forces. His love for Cassie is always growing and he longs to provide a future and home to her and her daughter. While they desire to pour out their hearts for each other, they are still struggling with their fears. But will post-war renegades, Indian attacks, and the hardship of life on the plains of Texas destroy their will to make something of their growing love?

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