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Publication Order of Landmark Mountain Books

Landmark Mountain (Series by Willow Aster)
Willow Aster writes the “Landmark Mountain” series of new adult romance novels. They are interconnected stand alones that can be enjoyed on their own or read in any order.

“Unforgettable” is the first novel in the “Landmark Mountain” series and was released in 2023. Jamison Ledger is the hottest man that Scarlett Landmark has ever laid eyes on. The enemy that she never saw coming.

On one of the worst days of her life, the very last thing that she planned on was falling into bed with this guy that quite literally charmed the pants right off of her. Little did she know that this hot and gorgeous man, Jamison Ledger, the man responsible for the same tears she had been crying.

He was a thief, a very sexy thief that took everything away from her that she had ever wanted: her happiness, her legacy, and what she has worked so hard her entire life in order to attain. Now, they must co-exist. Working together at her family’s lodge, the inheritance that actually should have gone to Scarlett, as they attempt to keep their hands to themselves after their unforgettable night together.

However as Scarlett sees him again and again, she must remind herself not to fall in love with this charismatic lodge owner that has taken their small town by storm. There is a fine line between hate and love, and Jamison is blurring this line. He may have given her a night that she will never forget, however can she really allow him to take more of her future than he has already?

This is a sizzling, workplace, small town romance, and enemies to lovers read.

Readers loved Jamison and Scarlett together, as they have such strong chemistry with each other. The novel has the right amount of heat and sweet in it, with unforgettable characters and story.

“Someday” is the second novel in the “Landmark Mountain” series and was released in 2023. From childhood best friends to high school sweethearts, which lead to a relationship that was so broken it seems to be impossible to fix.

Theo has loved Sofie Copewell for as long as he can remember. She was all that he ever wanted. They said that someday they would have a family together and then raise them on their ranch in Landmark Mountain. Sofie was his home, his forever. He spent his entire life hanging on her every word, chasing her, and lighting up when she would smile at him. And he never once had a single doubt in his mind that she felt the same way. Until she left and then did not come back for eight years.

Now she has returned, and he is resentful and wants answers. Answers to why she left without a goodbye, taking all of their dreams along with her. However as angry as he is and as much as he does fight it, the electricity between them is still just as strong as it was before.

When he gets the answers he is looking for, he realizes that she never quit loving him either. Theo wants to believe that their someday is now, however can he trust her not to leave yet again?

“Irresistible” is the third novel in the “Landmark Mountain” series and was released in 2023. A single mother that has sworn men off, and a sexy doctor that really wants to change her mind.

With Marlow’s little girl in tow, she packs up her Texas roots, seeking a fresh start in Landmark Mountain. Leaving behind this trail of shattered trust and her cheating ex, the very last thing she is expecting is to collide with a sexy stranger.

Their first encounter is this whirlwind of fiery glares and heated words. However fate has got a twisted sense of humor and places him right in her path, not once, but so many times again and again. Why does Dr. Wyatt Landmark have to be related to her best friend’s boyfriend?

However Landmark has got a way of softening her heart, both the town and the man. This place already feels like her home, and Wyatt’s interactions with Marlow’s daughter reveal this side of him she had not expected. It is not too long before his small acts of kindness start chipping away at the walls she has so carefully constructed around her heart. That, and the passion between them she cannot deny whenever he looks her way.

Despite swearing off love, the resolve she has had is stripping away while Wyatt gets more irresistible with each day.

“Falling” is the fourth novel in the “Landmark Mountain” series and was released in 2024. When Little Miss Sunshine and a grumpy yet hot rancher are stuck living together, what could possibly go wrong?

To the small town of Landmark Mountain, Callum Landmark is a man of few words and is thought to be the family grump. Ruby, unexpected and uninvited, crashes into his world like a wrecking ball and disrupts the delicate balance of his carefully constructed existence.

They are forced to live together because of Ruby’s unexpected adventure her life takes, and finds that the more time she spends with Callum, the more that she is able to see underneath his impenetrable exterior and into the heart of the guy that not too many are privileged to witness. Against all odds, this vulnerability draws her in, tugging at the strings of her heart with this undeniable force. Coupled with his love for animals, nothing more could be more charming than to watch this rugged and sexy rancher and animal whisperer while he’s at work.

However their connection is forged at the worst possible of timing, because she is running away from past mistakes, so meeting him has got her jumping headfirst into this whirlwind of new complications. But Ruby cannot resist the guy’s allure and the sizzling tension between them.

While she navigates the turns and twists of her new life in this quaint town, she cannot help but wonder if falling for Callum may be the most unpredictable adventure there is.

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