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Publication Order of Great Lakes Saga Books

Publication Order of Sunrise-Side Mystery Books

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Landon Beach
Landon Beach, having been born and raised in Michigan, spent most of his summers on the beaches of Lake Huron dreaming about writing suspenseful fiction which would captivate readers. He learned a great deal about writing in his MA program and, encouraged by close friends and family members, decided to release his work at last. Best part of publishing (and a major relief) has been to learn that people seem to enjoy his work. It’s with great humility and pride that he can say he’s a bestselling author.

Landon is a US Naval Academy graduate, serving as a Surface Warfare Officer and traveled all around the world, enjoying the chance to meet different folks from various cultures. At the end of his service, he was an NROTC Assistant Professor of Naval Science.

It was then that he found his love for teaching, which has led him to serve for more than a decade in another capacity: as a high school English teacher. It’s allowed him the time to pursue his hobby of penning stories to entertain total strangers, which, he freely admits, would seem like a crazy way to spend his free time.

Landon pens screenplays and novels. When he gets writers’ block, he typically does one of four things. If he’s stuck while working on a novel, he’ll continue working on his current screenplay, or vice versa. He’ll pick up a good book and read until he’s ready to write some more. He’ll change the current scene’s weather. Or he’ll hit the weights or go for a walk.

“The Wreck” is the first novel in the “Great Lakes Saga” series and was released in 2018. Brooke and Nate Martin show up at their summer cottage along the quickly gentrifying Great Lakes shoreline. The water is cool, beach is warm, and the sea breeze is blissful, such perfect conditions for them to rekindle their strained relationship.

But, as Nate’s on a morning stroll along the beach, he finds a strange gold coin half-buried into the sand. Where could it have come from? Are there more? Teaming up with Abner Hutch, a reclusive ex-Coast Guard Officer and Great Lakes Master of the deep, Nate begins diving to find clues for the origins of this treasure. However once word gets out that there could be a fortune hidden underneath the waves, they find they’re being hunted by the mega-rich residents up the coast that are willing to do anything they must to advance their extravagant lifestyles.

Are the Martins going to change their family’s fortunes, or is this summer just going to end in tragedy? Apply some sunscreen, unfold a beach chair, and prepare yourself to find The Wreck.

“Huron Breeze” is the first novel in the “Sunrise-Side Mystery” series and was released in 2021. Ten years ago, Riley Cannon (a legendary author) produced three of the bestselling thrillers of all time. Then, she up and vanished, leaving the last three books of the saga not finished and producing the largest mystery in all of publishing.

Now, one decade later, there’s word from her mega-agent, the powerful and glamorous Topaz Kennedy, that there’s a new Cannon novel all but finished. However, Topaz knows the actual truth: Riley Cannon’s not even begun writing it yet. With the clock ticking down toward the publication date, there are desperate measures are needed.

At the same time, Kaj Reynard is in the sunrise-side town of Hampstead, Michigan, and emerges from Lake Huron on a cool night in June and falls face down onto the beach right next to a fading bonfire with a knife sticking out of his back. Who would murder him? And why?

That’s where veteran Hampstead PI Obadiah Ben-David, a guy that has never taken on a case which he couldn’t solve, comes in. However this is a whole different sort of mystery. The one piece of evidence is the knife, which doesn’t have any prints on it. Not a soul saw or heard a boat that night, and the woman sitting next to her bonfire didn’t see anybody else in the water. It’s almost as though the deep blue waters of Lake Huron murdered Kaj Reynard, and the Huron breezes blew him up to the shore.

With Hampstead now in jeopardy of losing its summer revenue from vacationers that are chilled to their bones about a killer on the loose. Ben-David takes an apprentice on, some computer coder, named Rachel Roberts, who lives just down the beach from where Kaj came ashore. Bored by her solitary existence spent behind a screen all day, she believes becoming a PI would be a welcome sea change in her life. However neither of them could possibly foresee the web of treachery, lies, and danger that they’ll encounter.

For when the summer Huron breezes show up, the inhibitions vanish, the blood boils, and nobody’s safe.

“Narrator” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2022. By the time Shawn Frost (actor and playwright) had won 2 Tonys by his late twenties, he was viewed as a theater prodigy—experiencing a meteoric rise that the performing arts community hadn’t seen in close to a century. His work? Shakespearen in character, scope, and popularity, beautiful and boundless. His character? Flawed.

Shawn Frost finds, in a place like New York City where failings are magnified, that nobody’s insulated from the demons which have caused even the best of entertainers to fall from grace, even at the heights of artistic sublimity. Shawn survives an accident which almost costs him his life, and he leaves NYC as well as the theater world for the picturesque, quiet Pacific cliffs of Carmel-by-the-Sea and begins a new life narrating audiobooks. While rising through the ranks, narrating one bestseller after another, he once again flirts with artistic immortality.

However, while his limitless abilities emerge in the exploding arena of voice arts, his flaws do as well. Then, he experiences the worst fear of every audiobook narrator: He gets kidnapped by these two obsessed fans, each determined to get Shawn to perform their novel. Or was he?

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