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Finding My Pack (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Keeping My Pack (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Loving My Pack (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Fractured Thoughts (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lane Whitt is an American romance, paranormal, and fiction author best known for “My Pack” series of novels. Whitt made her debut into writing when she authored and published “Finding My Pack” the first novel of the “My Pack” series. It was an explosive debut as within a few weeks it had taken over the charts and topped romantic and paranormal charts on Amazon and gained massive popularity and critical acclaim among fans and critics. By the time her second novel “Keeping My Pack Lane” was published Lane Whitt had become one of the most influential reverse harem authors. The “My Pack” series of novels follows the adventures of Kitten the lead protagonist, who has a series of thrilling adventures as she is thrust into the world of paranormal wolves that are some of the most handsome alpha males. Besides her romance writing, Lane Whitt has a range of other interests though she has asserted that writing has always been her first love and that is not going to change any time soon. Nonetheless, she has still not decided which genre between reverse harem and pure traditional romance she likes better, through she has only ever wrote in the former.

Lane Whitt loves to describe herself as a reader turned writer who discovered that she could write when she fell in love with the reverse harem genre. As an independent author, she does not have many obligations and thus spends much of her time working on her novels. However, she does love to interact and connect with her fellow authors and readers, most of which she does through social media. Living in Ohio, most of her winters are freezing which means she does not go out much. She does her summers doing a range of outdoor hobbies. When she is not writing she spends her time curled up with a good romance and a coffee on a cozy chair. She can be quite naughty and fun loving as she has asserted that among some of the things she does is taking walks on the beach, eating ice cream, and sticking her tongue out at random people as she drives by. Even as she has taken the reverse genre world by storm, Whitt does not have any literary training and writes in plain English for those that read and speak her language.

The “My Pack” series of novels is a fantastic series of novels in the reverse harem genre similar to C.L. Stone’s “Ghost Bird” series of novels. However, unlike in the “Ghost Bird” series, the girl in the series has access to 8 alpha men rather than nine. The lead protagonist of the series is Kitten, a girl that had been rescued from a dumpster by a crazy homeless lady that believed she found herself a cat and gave her the name Kitten. She had never been taken to any physician as the woman had been the one that cut her umbilical cord and lived with her on the streets. She had run away as soon as she was old enough and used her street smarts to survive. She does not know her birth date or her age though she knows she is older than sixteen. Things change for Kitten when she is attacked one night and is rescued by two guys who take her to a house owned by eight shape shifting wolf men.

Things are very strange for Kitten though she has never been in a normal family and would not know the first thing about what is normal. But as she stays with them in the house and gets used to them she starts getting feelings for all of them. On the other hand, the guys learn about her and her secrets and come to also love her and enter into a relationship with her. They are loving and protective and never leave her side given that they live in such dangerous settings. What makes these men so swoon worthy is that even as they are handsome alpha males, they rearrange their lives so that they could be with and share the object of their love. At the beginning, Kitten starts out as an innocent and naïve girl but over the course of the novels comes into her own, becoming more confident around the guys and other people and not letting anything get to her. Over the narratives she shows her thoughtful, caring, reflective, loyal, strong, honest, and unyielding nature, which makes for intriguing stories.

“Finding My Pack” is the first intriguing novel of the “My Pack” series of novels by Lane Whitt. The bestselling debut novel introduces Kitten the lead who had been abandoned as a baby and forced to live with a homeless woman. She had to grow fast if she was to survive her dangerous world. Given her unique upbringing she has acquired street smarts that involve a unique code of living and survival that she follows. But even with her smarts, she finds herself at a low point and thinks it is the end of the road for her until she runs into a group of handsome shape shifting men that invite her into their hearts, and home and show her the kindness she had never been shown by anyone. But what will happen to their relationship when she comes to learn of their secrets? She also has secrets of her own and will come to learn that she may be more connected to her new housemates than she ever thought possible.

In “Keeping My Pack” the second novel of the series, the guys are in a desperate quest to find Kitten who has gone missing. Emotions and tensions are running high and out control until they unexpectedly find an ally who they hope can get them to Kitten in time. Kitten has been held prisoner by her so called uncle, a man named Adam. She has lost all hope of ever being found by the guys as the man has successfully broken her spirit. The guys and Kitten go on a journey where they intend to figure out what they really mean to each other. With enemies following their every move and a slew of new characters, it is almost impossible for them to tell apart foe from friend and ally. Life for Kitten and her team of shape shifter wolves just got more complicated.

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  1. Amrita: 2 years ago

    I would really appreciate it if the future reading reference in the last book ” loving my pack” is going to be a book.. I will love to read the spin off series and know more about kitten and her amazing children..

  2. Brittney Peppers: 2 years ago

    I was wondering if the future reading is gonna turn into a book that’s at the very end of loving my pack. I would very much like to read it


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