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Publication Order of Lane Winslow Books

A Killer in King's Cove / Dead in the Water (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death in a Darkening Mist (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Old, Cold Grave (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
It Begins In Betrayal (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Sorrowful Sanctuary (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Deceptive Devotion (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Match Made for Murder (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Lethal Lesson (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Framed in Fire (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Track a Traitor (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lightning Strikes the Silence (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lane Winslow Series
Lance Winslow is a mystery series by Iona Whishaw. In the first installment, we meet a devastated Lane. It is right after the end of the second world war, and its devastating effects are still being felt. Lane has just stopped working as a secret agent, and she is also struggling to heal her broken heart. The small village of King’s Coven is a perfect hideout for her. However, she doesn’t get to enjoy the quiet life she so much wanted. Throughout the series, Lane will be actively involved in solving complex murder cases. She will be working alongside the local police and also making new friends in the process.

A Killer in King’s Cove
A Killer in King’s Cove comes first in the Lane Winslow series. It is 1946, and the second world war has just come to an end. Weary and heartbroken after the loss of her career and partner, Lane Winslow moves to a small town in Canada. All that this twenty-six-year-old wants to do is to put her experiences working as an MI-6 agent behind her. The sleepy village of King’s Cove turns out to be just what Lane needed. It is beautiful, and with about 12 residents spread across the town, it provides just the quiet Lane is looking for. However, this peace doesn’t last for long.

A body shows up just when Lane is starting to settle in her new home. No one knows the dead man, but strangely, he is found to have Lane’s name on a note in his pockets. The police bring Lane for questioning, but she doesn’t offer much information. First, she doesn’t know this man so there is nothing much she can say about him. Also, after years of working as a spy, she doesn’t give information easily. This lands her in trouble, and the police hold her as a suspect until another man shows up, proving her innocence. So, who is the dead man, and why did he have a note with her name in his pockets? Why was this man murdered, and who committed this heinous crime?

Follow Lane as she works to unravel this mystery and clear her name. The mystery is well done, so it is hard to tell the killer until you get to the last chapter. King’s Cove is described in such detail, and you will feel like you are enjoying the idyllic life right alongside Lane and her new-found friends. It is fantastic how Lane relates with the police boss here, and you can only hope their relationship grows to something more serious. This investigation is going to shake Lane to the core as secrets about her past life are revealed. However, it is admirable how gracefully she handles it all.

A Killer in King’s Cove is an enchanting story that will appeal to historical mystery fans. As Lane’s story progresses, there will be flashbacks to the second world war that paints a picture of how life was for those who lived during this period. The author has done an excellent job of populating King’s Cove with unique and mostly likable characters and bringing the tiny village’s beauty to life. All the characters have personality and depth, and the plot stays solid to the end. You will be shocked to discover the killer and the connection between Lane and the dead man.

Death in a Darkening Mist
Death in a Darkening Mist comes second in the Lane Winslow series. Lane’s peace is disturbed yet again when she is dragged into another murder case. This young woman is enjoying a day in the local hot springs when she overhears some visitors speaking Russians. When one of the patrons turns up dead, Lane is called to help with the investigation because of her language skills. The man is shot in the head using a gun used during the resistance movement. It is clear he was targeted, but the killer is not easy to find. Lane is the only person in this small community who can speak both English and Russian. Her skills and intelligence experience come in handy throughout this murder investigation. Will Lane help the police catch the killer before it is too late?

Lane and the police will find out that this murder has links to the Soviet Union. However, this is not an easy link to make. The murder victim has lived in Canada for many years, and it is hard to imagine that his community had any ties to the Soviet Union. The police at King’s Cove will be quite busy trying to solve this murder mystery as they work through a long list of suspects. As the mystery unfolds, we are going to know more about Lane’s past and present life. Her complicated relationship with police inspector darling continues to grow, and it is impressive that they are both opening to each other and sharing their experiences.

Lane is such a lovable character. This young lady is thorough in her work and is always willing to help when the occasion calls for it. Despite all she has been through, Lane is working very hard to rebuild her life, and Darling looks like just what she needs. Darling has his baggage to deal with, but it is sweet how much he is willing to bend for Lane. These two forms quite a force, and when they team up in this case, they are unstoppable. A ruthless killer will be smoked from his hideout, and the duo will also reveal secrets that had remained hidden for a long time.

Death in a Darkening Mist is an excellent addition to this murder mystery series. The rocky mountain background will keep you captivated as you follow Lane and Darling in their adventures. As you get deeper into this story, the author reveals more about Lane’s childhood and work during the war. If you are a cozy mysteries fan, this book is for you. The author will grab your attention in the first chapter, and the pace will keep on increasing the more you get into the story.

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