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Langthorne Police Books In Order

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Publication Order of Langthorne Police Books

Langthorne Series

Langthorne is a mystery series by Charlie Gallagher. The series stars detective George Elms, a talented man who loves his job as much as he does his family. Elms will be tested, both at work and in his own home, and life will at times get overwhelming. It is fun following this man as he works to put the bad guys away and raise his young family. All installments are exhilarating, and the fun bit is that the stories sound so real. The cast is well developed, and the narration so flawless you will not e want to put these books down once you start reading. If you love police procedurals, this series is for you.
Bodily Harm

Bodily Harm comes first in the Langthorne series. The book starts with a vicious stabbing of two young adults inside a city bus. A young teenage girl who also happens to be the mayor’s niece and her boyfriend decide to take a bus ride home after spending some time after school together. There is only one other person in the ride, and when he comes to them demanding their wallet, this duo is scared to death. They did not expect that this man would leave them with severe stab wounds aside from stealing from them. This crime serves as the final straw for the local community. Such occurrences had been recorded, and people were getting tired of the rising insecurity around Effingell Estate.

Enters detective George Elms, a respected police officer with a sharp investigative mind. Elms is tasked with solving the stabbing case, and with other criminal cases to solve, he has enough on his plate. The rising media pressure and a confession don’t make his work easier. Elms is almost sure that the lowlife who confessed to the crime was lying, and he is determined to find the truth. Desperate to get to the bottom of this and other crimes, Elms comes up with a risky plan that involves undercover infiltration in the Effingell Estate. Since there are few people to trust, the plan is only communicated to a few criminal officers.

Effinger Estate is home to criminals and drug dealers. The police had been watching the residents’ violent lives from afar and now wanted the whole estate cleaned up. This is not going to be easy. Since very few officers know about Elms’ plan, the detectives are outnumbered. Dealing with these criminals turns out to be more challenging than Elms anticipated, but when his pregnant wife and their young child’s lives are threatened, he will do anything to keep them safe. How does Elms’ plan to clean Effingell estate go? Will this seasoned detective manage to catch the man responsible for stabbing the mayor’s niece?

Bodily Harm is an exhilarating ride that takes you deep into the world of crime. Detective Elms is a lovable character that you will enjoy following as he works to resolve different cases. We get to see him in action and get a glimpse of his life as a family man. The ending will leave you in shock and open the door for the second installment in the series. This reads like a true story, probably because the author is a long-serving detective in different law enforcement agencies. It is a perfect choice for readers who enjoy well-plotted detective stories with believable characters and non-stop action.

Panic Button

Panic Button is the second installment in the Langthorne series. Following events in the first book, detective Elms was suspended. However, he will still find himself in the thick of things in this story, and for all the wrong reasons. Someone has been killing Langthorne police officers and in some twisted way. Before shooting each police officer to death, the killer forces them to push the panic button on their video so his colleagues can listen in on their final moments. The officer is forced to read a message as the entire unit listens before being shot to death. Three officers had already been killed in the same inhumane way, but something is different when the fourth body shows up.

The fourth officer is killed right outside Langthorne police station. There is no radio broadcast this time around, but there is a radio on the scene. The most shocking thing is that the radio belongs to detective Elms. What connection does he have with the police killings? Unfortunately, former colleagues jump quickly to conclusions, and detective Elms is put on the spot. Now, he will be forced to prove his innocence and possibly catch the killer. Will Elms succeed in this dangerous mission? What is a man to do when the people he worked with for many years can no longer trust him?

Just like its predecessor, this is an exhilarating read. DS Elms has already suffered enough losses, but it seems like his bad luck has not run out yet. After the suspension, Elms is not himself. However, after this setup, the disgraced officer will work day and night to exonerate himself. It doesn’t matter that those he considered friends do not believe him. This great protagonist continues to become even more complex, and you cannot help but get mad at his former colleagues for not being there for Elms when he needs them. The plot moves fast, taking the reader to dark and unexpected places. Curious to find out what Elms discovers about the police killings? Read this exhilarating book for this and more.

Panic Button is a suspenseful story that will keep you wondering what happens next. What twisted killer is murdering police officers? Will Elms catch him before more police officers lose their lives? Why does the killer want it to look like Elms is involved? Once the pace picks up on the first page, it doesn’t ease up until the end. The book is less than 200 pages making it perfect when you need a quick read. Like the first book, the story ends with a cliffhanger that will leave you searching for the next installment.

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