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Lanie Bross is a reputed writer from the United States, who is famous for writing fantasy, science fiction, young adult, romance, paranormal, and mythology novels. She is particularly popular for writing the Fates series of novels. She is well known for creating the lead characters of Luc Kaller and Corinthe. Author Bross has gained a lot of success in her recently started writing career. She is very grateful for her fans, who have liked her stories with a lot of appreciation. She hopes to continue writing many more novels in the future and get herself established in the ranks of the prominent novelists. Author Bross birth took place in one of Maine’s small towns. She was raised in her hometown until the age of eighteen years. During all these years, Bross always dreamed of living in bigger places and enjoying a peaceful, luxurious, and successful life. After the completion of her studies, Bross moved out to the city with the hope of exploring the new ways of living life. She also took and worked for several jobs. Soon after, author Bross found the perfect life partner for herself and got married at a very young age. She also became the mother of two beautiful sons soon after her marriage. After living for several years in the city, author Bross and her family decided to move back to their rural life in Maine. Bross and her husband started living just one block away from where Bross spent her earlier years growing up. She believes that it was in her fate to return back to where she had started. This also served as an inspiration to her for writing her first book, which she also named as Fates.

Following the successful launch and worldwide sale of the novel, author Bross penned a short novella and a sequel novel titled Chaos, and included all the three in the form of a novel series titled Fates. Author Bross likes to spend all her day time writing novels and young adult stories. During her spare times, she loves to be in the company of her family and chase her rambunctious children. She likes to spend relaxing time with the members of her family and her friends. Bross is also fond of pet animals. She takes care of her 95-pound Labrador and plays around tug-of-war with it very often. As of now, author Bross is working on developing her next book, which she is expected to finish writing soon and publish in the next few months. Bross wishes that her fans like and appreciate her upcoming books just like they have loved both her previous novels.

The Fates series written by author Lanie Bross is comprised of a total of 2 novels and 1 novella, which were released between the years 2014 and 2015. Each of the books of this series features the chief characters in the form of Corinthe and Lucas ‘Luc’ Kaller. In addition to these main characters, the other important characters mentioned in the entire series include Jasmine, Ford, etc. The settings are done in Point Reyes, Pyralis Terra, and San Francisco. The debut book of the series is entitled ‘Fates’. It was released by the Delacorte Press publication in the year 2014. The central theme of this book deals with a foolish desire, one moment, and a single mistake that makes Corinthe lose everything. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Corinthe falls from Pyralis Terra’s tranquil life and finds herself exiled into the world of humans. She is given a big punishment and is ordered to make sure that the fates of the people in the human world unfold as per what is already planned for them.

After carrying out all the tasks given to her with great determination for some years, Corinthe receives her final assignment, that is to end the life of Lucas Kaller. It is only after killing Lucas Kaller that Corinthe can find her ticket to home. However, just as Corinthe proceeds to fulfill her last assignment, she begins to seem doubtful of her actions for the very first time. The doubt first grows like a lump in the throat of Corinthe and then moves further to her heart. Later, a time comes when Corinthe starts feeling as if she is experiencing a fall all over again. But, this time the fall is for a young boy whom she knows she can not have ever in life. Her love for Lucas Kaller seems very difficult to achieve as it is already written in her fate that one of them must die and one other must live. Every second, every fate, and every moment of the universe is already decided and it makes Corinthe wonder how she is going to make her love for Luc fit into it. The book is filled with exciting twists & turns and intriguing characters that help take the plot forward.

Another mind blowing book of this fantasy series is called ‘Chaos’. It was also published by Delacorte publication in 2015. The primary characters of this novel include Lucas Kaller, Jasmine, Ford, and Corinthe. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Luc and Corinthe make attempts to change their destiny. When they kissed for the first time, each of them felt electric about it. For Corinthe, it was like the cool air before any storm. By indulging in the love affair with each other, Luc & Corinthe ended up breaking the universe’s rule. It came to their notice very late that they will be facing consequences for their love.

During the aftermath of their affair, Lucas Kaller declines to accept what his destiny offers him as he cannot think of a life without his love interest. Later, a big fire breaks out at the Crossroads that links the different worlds. This leaves Corinthe in a dangerous situation. Luc decides to find a solution to this problem and travel back into time to save Corinthe. In the meantime, the 15 year old sister of Lucas Kaller, Jasmine, begins to realize that the things around her are not what they seem life. As the time begins to stutter, her everyday San Francisco life is sent spinning into a great chaos. Soon after, Jasmine finds herself thrown into Ford’s path, who is seen as a troubled person with a painful secret from the past. Ford helps Jasmine unravel the numerous mysterious links that connect everything happening around her. This story depicts 2 breathtaking romances that interweave across the time and show Luc & Jasmine discover the great lengths they are willing to go to protect and cherish their love.

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