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Lara Prior-Palmer is a published author of fiction.

Lara Prior-Palmer was born on June 24, 1994. She is known for having been the first ever woman to compete and win the longest horse race in the world, the Mongol Derby. She also happened to make another milestone as she was the youngest ever person to also compete in it. She may have horse riding in her blood as Lucinda Green, the famed British equestrian, is her aunt.

Lara Prior-Palmer is also a new author and is putting her story into the form of the written word. This equestrian’s book is titled Rough Magic. Released in 2019 by Catapult press, it’s a look into the memories and the experiences of an extraordinary young woman.

If you are a fan of books such as H is for Hawk by the author Helen Macdonald or other memoirs, you may be interested in checking this book out for yourself. Pick it up by going online and see whether this true story grabs you!

Lara Prior-Palmer is the author of Rough Magic: Riding the World’s Loneliest Horse Race. When it comes to the world of sports, some would not even think to consider a horse race among them. This is the memoir and the first ever book from a young equestrian who has already made a name for herself in the lonely and sometimes magical world of horse racing.

This is an exciting debut that fans of memoirs will surely enjoy! It is the true story of how Lara traveled all the way to Mongolia as a young woman with dreams of entering in the longest horse race in the world, not to mention the toughest.

The odds were certainly against her, but Lara managed to emerge out of it all competing and a strong contender for victory. In one of the most notoriously difficult horse races in the world, she achieved what was not an impossible result, but an unlikely one. She became not only the winner of the race, but also its youngest ever victor and its first female victor all at the same time.

The road to this race was not always straight and narrow. In fact, Lara only found out about the race by going online and finding a website all about it. She was just nineteen years old when she stumbled on a site that was completely dedicated to the toughest and the longest horse race in the world.

The site informed her of a race that was a competition held annually to test skill and endurance. The race itself has dozens of well trained riders of different levels, all racing their wild ponies over what is roughly a thousand kilometers of grassland in Mongolia.

Lara decided that she wanted to enter into this race as a whim. She boarded a plane on its way to East Asia to go compete. She may have thought that she knew what this race would ask of her, but the truth is that Lara was not prepared at all for what ended up waiting for her at the race.

The reality is that riders train for this and get ready for years. It’s not uncommon for riders that will be competing in the Mongol Derby to spend actual years getting ready to compete. The course in itself has a point, the purpose being to bring a horse messenger system back to life, recreating the system that Genghis Khan himself developed.

Even finishing can be a triumph, as it is common for many riders never to finish the course. Lara was at a disadvantage her because she had not trained years for this race at all. In fact, she was in possession of absolutely no lessons or formal training for what she would need to do.

This rider was driven by a sense of restlessness, perhaps a little bit of being stubborn, and loving horses her entire life. The race would end up being demanded, and the race and the weather combined made for a challenging course. Lara would race ten days, making the best of heat that was extreme and storms that were so intense that they were terrifying.

She would rest and catch some sleep for a few hours, taking the kindness of nomadic families offering her their homes for a little while before taking off to join the race once more. The race is not only about speed but enduring everything that comes with it. This in her case included being able to contend with being ill, being dehydrated, at times behind totally exhausted, and taking falls that were going to leave a bruise.

In the middle of it all, she realized that there was nothing that she had to lose and simply had to go and try to finish the race and maybe even win it. Going full throttle, she rode out every dawn on a new horse that was fresh on its legs.

She would ride the horse up the steep mountains, scrambling to get up them, to swimming together through the Mongolian rivers. They would also go across wetlands, woodlands, open steppe, arid dunes, and then were the distracting television crews from America that would follow her, chasing along with their Jeeps to cover the event.

This is a totally unique story that is as much an adventure for the reader as it was for the author. You can feel the highs and the lows that she goes through along the course of riding the race, and sometimes the suspense makes you read it all the faster! This is the story of an exotic race and a young woman that was able to forge through the fire of this course and come out on the other side making history.

As the first ever winner of the race to be female as well as that young, Lara has written memoirs that you simply have to check out! Find out how she is able to beat all of the odds and experience the magic of this demanding race for yourself by picking up a copy and reading it for yourself!

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