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A Boy Called Hope (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Just Call Me Spaghetti-Hoop Boy (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Lara Williamson is one of the powerhouse names to mention when it comes to new UK based novel authors. She has been writing for quite some time although her major breakthrough came only a few years ago in 2012. Lara is an Ireland born book writer known for her various recognitions and accolades as well as sensational inspiring novels. She took a course on fashion design in university and proceeded to become a beauty editor J-17. There, she was tasked with writing features and styling shoots. Lara has also contributed to quite a number of features including New Woman, ELLE, Closer and Sky among many others. She was born in Northern Ireland but currently resides in London with her family and has various passions that range from tap dancing to accessorizing and writing stories.

Book section and plotting

Lara is one of the popular authors who burst into the global market after 2010. She has written several publications, features and stories as part of her editor jobs as well as personal passion. Her first novel was A Boy Called Hope which went ahead to become a bestseller. The book was published by Usborne in March 2014. It is basically a story about a character named Dan Hope. He is a preteen boy who keeps various secrets in his head about things he wants to happen. His first wish is to be able to help Sherlock Holmes in solving his mysteries. He also wants to be the first 11 year old boy to land in the moon. More importantly, Dan Hope wishes to bring his father back home. His father had left him four years ago and he never saw him again until one day when reading a newspaper article when he noticed his dad has become a local celebrity. His dad also appears on TV screens and Dan now only thinks of ways which can bring him back home. He also hopes to become very famous in his local school. Dan has a mother and older sister who he often refers to as Ninja Grace. This unaffectionate name comes from Grace’s peculiar use of words as a weapon. A Boy Called Hope is all about Dan’s quest for finding the lost paternal love. Throughout the story, Dan commits mistakes after another and his overriding desire to have his dad back have made him oblivious to this. However, his quest eventually leads to enormous benefits to his family and friends. Apart from the debut book, Lara Williams has also written several other publications. She was signed by Usborne back in 2012 and is working on the second book named The Boy Who Sailed an Ocean on an Armchair. The debut book received various positive reviews from both expert analysts and readers. It is an inspirational story filled with weeping and laughing creating a perfect balance between humour and sentimentality. Dan’s hopes and fears are comprehensively exploited to make it easier for the reader to connect with the character. The book has been ranked top in many good read sites and recommendable for any 9 years + audience. The book is easy to read, contains a couple of suspense, premonitions and various other book writing techniques.

Awards and recognition

Lara Williamson is fairly a new author in the scene and her first major recognition in book writing was after the release of her debut novel. However, she was a writer and editor long before releasing A Boy Called Hope and has been recognized in quite a number of prestigious platforms. Back in 2012, she was winner to the prestigious Jasmine Award on an article she wrote in the Youth Title category. The first few pages of her debut book were also recognized years before the final publication. She was mentioned in SCBWI’s Undiscovered Voices in 2012. The debut book has been nominated for several awards scheduled for 2015 including:

• Leeds Books Awards 2015 (in the 9-11 category)
• James Reckitt Hull Children’s Book Awards
• Cheshire Schools’ Book Awards
• Hillingdon Secondary Book of the Year 2015
• Hounslow Junior Book Award 2015
• Oxford Books Awards
• Lancashire School Library Fantastic Book Awards and
• Independent Booksellers Book Award

These are only a few nominations her book has received and many more are expected to surface. Lara Williamson is now signed to Usborne publishers and readers can expect several other intriguing and interesting novels or even a book series. Lara’s work has not only been done in the UK but across the globe. Besides book writing, she also authors various other contents for different publication sites and companies. The first book has already sold numerous copies and is available across multiple platforms.

TV series

While it is very common for fantastic books to be made into TV series or movies, none of Lara’s authorship works have experienced such feat. This is mainly because her books are fairly new to the market although their amazing reception is expected to attract film and TV series makers. Lara has acted in a few shows and films although the scripts were based on works from other authors and writers. With the increasing popularity of her status as a writer and the renewed interest of her endearing publications, readers can expect some of the books to be made into watchable material such as a movie or TV series. As a fashion designer and shootout director, she may even be featured in such films. This will be more likely especially if she wins more awards and recognition in 2015.


Lara Williamson is a youth UK based writer who specialized in one-time story novels. She majors in family drama and interests with her work containing many home settings. She currently has one major book which has attracted many good reads reviews and positive comments. Her special writing skills include perfect harmony between sadness and happiness with a main emphasis on lasting hope. As a graduate of fashion design, she has also enjoyed much exposure and travelled to many places which further contribute to her writing prowess. What’s more, her books are suitable for both young preteen school-going children and adults. Her second book is titled The Boy Who Sailed an Ocean on an Armchair and already promises to be a bestseller.

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