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Larissa Pham is a reputed American writer and visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. She is well known for writing young adult, erotica, women’s fiction, contemporary, memoir, and nonfiction stories. Pham made her debut with the 2016 book called Fantasian and went on to be listed as a noteworthy author.

After that, she wrote Pop Song, which is a memoir-in-essays collection. Both her books are widely popular and have succeeded in reaching out to a large number of readers across the globe. Many popular critics have labeled her work as the reflection of modern-day society. They have also said that Pham tries to give out social messages through her books, which is not seen much in the writers of the current generation.

A large number of her fellow writers and artists have also praised her books and said that she has all the talents to establish herself as a top-rated author. Pham hopes to achieve that feat one day. As of now, she just wants to focus on her work and write as many books as possible to prevent her followers from forgetting her and let them keep in mind that she is working hard every day to create the best of the stories for them.

It comes as a sigh of relief for her to know that numerous literary websites and magazines have reviewed her work positively. They have given excellent ratings and reviews, which has kept Pham motivated throughout.

Author Pham was born in Portland, Oregon, in 1992. While growing up, she used to be an enthusiastic girl. Her parents used to feel proud of her and think that she would go on to make all her dreams come true. Pham was quite overwhelmed by the confidence shown by her parents in her.

Whatever tasks he took at hand in her earlier years, she just tried to do her best and make the best use of her abilities. Quite early in her life, Pham became interested in arts and reading books. She would read a lot of books throughout the day and try to incorporate her artistic talents into herself.

With hard work and dedication, Pham managed to establish herself as a visual artist. However, the love for reading did not vanish from her heart. She kept reading in her spare time and whenever she got time. Eventually, the love of reading compelled her to write stories of her own.

Pham utilized her free time in between work to mold the ideas that came to her mind and develop stories out of them. It worked very well for her and enabled her to make her debut in the world of publishing in 2016 with the book called Fantasian.

Over the years, Pham’s criticism and essays have featured in various magazines and literary journals, including Granta, Paris Review Daily, The Believer, Guernica, The Nation, etc. It helped her to get the exposure of a wide-scale audience. In 2017, Pham was the recipient of the inaugural fellowship of Yi Dae Up. It was presented to her by the Jack Jones Literary Arts Retreat.

The Triangle House Literary agency represents author Pham’s work through one of its dedicated literary agents named Monika Woods. In addition to writing and working as an artist, Pham has also taken up teaching for some time. She was involved in teaching creative writing lessons to students at The New School and Kundiman, and supervising workshops for the Asian American Writers. Also, Pham often collaborates with her friends from YAP to make books.

The debut book written by author Larissa Pham is entitled ‘Fantasian’. It was released by the Badlands Unlimited publication in 2016. This novel revolves around the life of an unnamed narrator whose life, while studying at Yale, takes an unexpected turn when she comes across a girl who is similar to her in many ways, including facial resemblance.

They are instantly drawn into the social worlds of each other and spiral deeper into the mirror house that they make for themselves. In this lesbian psycho-thriller, author Pham has focused on the changes that occur in the life of a Yale student when she meets her doppelganger in the university. She has written this novel with such in-depth description and detailing that it tends to draw the readers’ attention and then rips apart their brain by its ending.

This book appears to be intelligent and sexy at the same time. Pham has filled this piece with numerous sequences of sexuality and erotica. The writing looks warm and precise and connects with the audience very well. Some critics believe that this book is penned with careful observation and is a lush and refreshing take on the genre of erotic fiction. The narrator is seen plunging into the intersections of sex and violence, pleasure and pain, and destroying and creating.

Author Pham seems acutely knowledgeable about the different ways of entangling sex with self-imaging and self-making. Overall, the story looks like a wonderful blend of bizarre, fun, and seems incredibly sexy. It is worth every penny and has the capacity to make the readers go about it several times.

Another excellent book written by the author is known as ‘Pop Song’. It was published in May 2021 by the Catapult publication. This endlessly provocative, inventive, and intimate memoir cum essay collection is a celebration of the exquisite and strange idea of falling in love. It interweaves an incisive take on feminism, modern life, sex, and art with Pham’s personal experiences of heartbreak, past trauma, and obsession.

Pham has captured the beautiful experience of love and has explained both the terror and joy associated with it. She has expressed love as a feeling that is the same, whether it is with a painting, a person, or a place.

By taking references about loss and love from abstract paintings and works of popular artists like Frank Ocean, Anne Carson, and James Turrell, Pham has portrayed the attempts of her youth to discover meaning in drugs, travel, art, and sex, before she sensed that she needs to look at herself and improve. This collection of essays also speaks about distances, far and close, as Pham travels from Shanghai, China, to Taos, New Mexico, and beyond.

It appears as if she has meditated on the distances that people are willing to go to in order to get away from themselves or the ones that hurt them. Additionally, the book is also about the routes taken by people to escape their needs before finding the route to their homes. The pages speak about heartache, intimacy, and the bond of love. Phar has explained how modern intimacy looks like a fractured portrait and yet seems triumphant in its restlessness and vulnerability.

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