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Devil's Mark (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Devil May Care (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deal With the Devil (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Luck of the Devil (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Heart2Heart: A Paranormal Charity Anthology, Volume 7(2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lark Taylor is a successful published author. She resides in southern England with her family.

She is a huge fan of romance stories, to the point of describing herself as ‘obsessive’. The author says that when it comes to romance novels, there is nothing that she loves more than finding that the story ends with a good Happily Ever After. This is her ideal type of conclusion, and it’s even better if the plot is good and there is a nice amount of spice included for the reader to enjoy along the way.

Lark has a great love for writing as well as reading. When she cannot be found doing these, you can discover her trying to hide from her adult life through the use of escape rooms, taking the time to travel, or immersing herself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Lark identifies as bisexual and has OCD. She is a big supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community and serves as an advocate when it comes to mental health awareness and support.

Devil’s Mark is the debut novel in the Reckless Damned series of fictional novels by Lark Taylor. The digital version of this book was first released in 2022. Readers should be advised of trigger warnings for this content. If you are triggered by domestic violence in prior relationships, emotional abuse, or descriptions of violence and anxiety attacks, consider this and your tolerance level before starting this book.

Main character Cal and his brothers turned away from the option of running the family business long ago. It’s been a hundred years and some chance since that decision, but Hell never gave up hope that the brothers would come back. However, it seems that at long last Hell has tired of waiting for the siblings to return.

As for Cal, he’s the type to never have wanted a relationship with anyone, and that extends to being with a human. He’s pressed in his situation as his father is calling for him to come back in Hell. At the same time, he’s got to deal with a bookshop and the fact that some demon keeps leaving corpses there for him to handle.

This is not a good time for Cal to be backing down, but when he looks into Oscar’s eyes, he doesn’t know what to do. Oscar has been hurt and Cal’s gut is telling him that he’s got to do whatever it takes to protect him and make sure that he is safe. But he’s also got to figure out a way to do that when the simple act of being together may be putting him in danger. Cal has got to decide whether he can find a way to protect Oscar or whether he himself is strong enough to leave him.

Oscar’s previous relationship left him bruised and broken. His souvenirs from that exchange involve living with an anxiety disorder and waiting for his broken bones to heal. Now he’s grown tired of the way that his life is incomplete.

Everything he does takes place around his flat, his classroom, and his best friend. When he met Cal, the man looked straight out of his deepest fantasies. Oscar wonders whether this guy is just as good as he appears to be. He even tells Cal about his baggage, and Cal seems to take it in stride and not be scared off by it at all.

There may be the contentious point of Cal being a demon, but Oscar doesn’t mind that. Besides, he has dealt with far worse before. However, having been in a bad relationship before, Oscar doesn’t know whether he could fall for someone and take going through something good going bad again. Could Oscar let his walls down enough so that Cal can come into his heart, or will his hurt heart prove to be the one obstacle their love cannot overcome? Read this engaging romance for yourself to find out!

Devil May Care is the exciting second novel in Lark Taylor’s Reckless Damned series of fictional novels. This book was first released in 2022. If you loved all of the action included in the previous novel, give this story a try! Each book can be read on its own, but read the series in order for best results. Spoiler alert: each story does in fact contain a happily ever after ending.

When it comes to love, one singular kiss has the ability to set two people’s worlds entirely on fire. For main character Harlow, he’s open to finding love. But when it comes to this century, the last thing in his plans is to find his fated mate and be rejected by him.

When it comes to tracking down some mate and getting into a relationship for all eternity, Harlow doesn’t even really consider it a priority. But things might be about to change when he runs into a guy named Bailey. From the second they meet, Harlow can tell that he is destined to be his.

Each single thing about the tall Welsh man with the gentle demeanor appeals to him. Harlow can’t stop thinking about Bailey, and the funny part about it is that Bailey doesn’t even reciprocate the infatuation. The two share a huge kiss, which only served to make him run the other way, forcing Harlow to do what he can to look after him and make sure he’s safe from a distance.

Then Harlow sees the chance to try and be friends, and he jumps at it. Being pals would be better than nothing. Meanwhile, with a mage clan looking around for trouble, and Harlow being the son of Lucifer, he’s got to consider Bailey too. Now he has a potential mate to protect. Can he look after the man that has no idea Harlow is a demon and keep him safe?

For Bailey, he’s always figured that relationships just aren’t his thing. He’s always been a larger fellow, and it seems that there aren’t that many guys that are interested in a larger guy. Especially when it comes to his own preference in the bedroom.

Bailey is excited when Harlow comes into his life, but is also wary. Harlow seems interested now, but it’s been Bailey’s experience that everyone that comes into his life eventually ends up leaving him. Then he has to pick up the pieces of his own broken heart.

Harlow is interesting and vibrant, and Bailey can’t bring himself to believe such a guy would actually be into him too. As they grow closer, can Bailey learn to trust him? Or will a hidden secret prove too much for their relationship? Read this sizzling romance to find out!

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