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Red Phoenix (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Red Phoenix Burning (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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with Jim DeFelice

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The Enemy Within (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Day of Wrath (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon

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with Jim DeFelice
Larry Bond's First Team (With: Jim DeFelice) (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angels of Wrath (With: Jim DeFelice) (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fires of War (With: Jim DeFelice) (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Soul of the Assassin (With: Jim DeFelice) (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Desert Storm (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mighty Fallen: Our Nation's Greatest War Memorials (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crash Dive: A Collection of Submarine Stories (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Larry Bond is one of the most successful fiction writer, especially in the military field. He is 61 years old and he stays with his family in Virginia near Washington DC in United States of America. He is married to Jeanne and they have two daughters; Julia and Katie. Larry Bond studied and graduated from St. Thomas College and St. Paul’s, Minnesota in the year 1973 with a bachelor degree in Quantitative Methods. He worked as computer programmer for approximately 2 years and was later selected for the Officer Candidate School (OCS) in New-Port; Rhode Island. He was later recruited into the navy in the year 1975. He graduated from OCS in 1976.

Larry worked in the navy for 6 years where he served for 4 years on a destroyer and the last 2 years in Washington DC. He later worked with the Naval Reserve Intelligence Program for 2 years. When he left the navy, he started working as a naval analyst in a defense consulting firm in the area around Washington DC. He later joined writing and since then he is a full time author and designer of fiction military writing and war-game designing.

Larry Bond interests of writing developed when he was in creative writing class in 7th grade because of his passion for reading especially on the fictional science. He later joined the computer club where he started to discover his talent. Apart from writing the fascinating fiction military novels, Bond is also recognized due to his excellent work in game designing and some of the best examples include Harpoon as well as Command at Sea. Bond started his work as a co-author with Tom Clancy. Larry bond and Tom Clancy co-authored the Red Storm Rising and so far he has written at least six more novels on his own which includes; Vortex, Red Phoenix, Day of Wrath, Cauldron and The Enemy Within. These books were published by Warner Books and were the best selling books in the New York Times bestsellers.

One of the most recent writing is Dangerous Ground which was released in the month of May, 2005 published by Tor Books. He is also the author of the Lashup, a novel that appeared in the anthology Combat of Steven Coonts and other published short stories. Currently he is working on other new books that are expected to be published soon. Larry Bond also collaborated with other designers to create a series of games called Admiralty Trilogy, which include Command at the sea, harpoon as well as Fear God and Dreadnought. These games have won the awards in this industry.

The carrier of Larry Bond as an author, came to limelight when he started to collaborate with Tom Clancy to write a book called Red Storm Rising which became one of the top selling books in the New York Times bestsellers in the 1980s. The book depicted the hypothetical conflicts that existed between the Warsaw Pact and NATO, basing heavily on the expert analyzation of what that conflict could result to. This book gained so much popularity and it is being used mostly by the Naval War College and other similar naval institutions. Since then, Mr. Bond’s work has been used to depict the political and the military crises, putting so much emphasis on the accuracy and the fast paced actions.

The Cauldron was meant to try to show and explain financial crises in the Europe which later reached a level that was not able to be controlled therefore it resulted to the military confrontation between the United States and France. Red Phoenix is set in the Southern Korea, where it depicts an attack of the South Korea by an already decaying Northern Korean Government. Vortex work explains a reactionary story of the Afrikaner government that was trying to rejuvenate in the Southern African region.

The Enemy Within depicts a situation where a terrorism campaign was launched against the US. Day of Wrath depicts the same situations as The Enemy Within. It explains how the United States was faced with the terrorism which was master-minded by the Saudi Arabian millionaires. Dangerous Ground, the first of the series following work of Jerry Mitchell, a naval officer, was set to show the United States nuclear attack sub. Lashup was set in the year 2010 and it shows how united States deal with the abrupt attacks to the GPS satellite by quickly fielding the first armed spacecraft.

Bond designed and published war-game, Harpoon, that came into limelight in 1980. The work was very successful though it still went through many editions and expansions to accommodate and explain other eras. The Harpoon covered current naval as well as air combat. It was designed as a multi purpose sub-marine, air and surface naval simulation and it combined a wealth of information about the sophisticated naval weapon system. The harpoon was designed for any entry player and it was accepted by both the professional naval community and the commercial market community. The Harpoon war-game was being used by a number of ROTC installations, Naval Academy and other surface ships to help in the training.

Harpoon war-game at its 4th edition, has won a lot of awards, including the H.G Wells Award, the trade association honour of 1981, 1987 and 1997 a best miniature game of the year. This made it the first game to win this award more than one time.

The computer version of Harpoon war-game was first introduced in the year 1990 and it won the 1990 Wargame of the Year awards according with the Computer gaming World which is an industry journal. A new version of the single player game and the multi-player versions of the game are already published. However, a modern version of this harpoon computer war-game is still under development

A second type of the Admiralty Trilogy is the Command at the sea. The game follows the adaptation of harpoon. Just like Harpoon, Command at Sea emphasizes on both the historical accuracy and playability.

Larry Bond also designed and developed Fear God & Dreadnought which draws back to the first World War therefore giving the player a chance to be familiar with the real 1st world war situation in the twentieth century. The game also bases its analysis on the playability and the scrupulous historical accuracy with much knowledge developed from the best naval experts and historians from the different corners of the world.

In June, 2004, Larry Bond was inducted in to International Hall of the Fame by Game Manufacturers Association due to the fact that he had so much knowledge and experience in the field. He had won many game design awards and had also worked in this industry for more than 20 years.

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