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The Burial Place (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
City of Fear (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Class III Threat (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Worst Case Scenario (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder So Foul (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Larry Enmon is a retired US Secret Service agent and well known American writer of mystery, suspense, crime fiction, and thriller novels. He is particularly famous for writing the Rob Soliz and Frank Pierce Mystery series. Enmon did not attempt to write anything during the time he was employed in the Secret Service and took to writing only after his retirement. However, he was always interested in the idea of writing mystery stories as he wanted to develop a story of his own. While working for the Secret Service, Enmon used to act as a liaison between the FBI and USSS. He was also a member of the JTTF, a joint operation of the USSS and the FBI. Author Enmon was born and brought up in Shelby County, Texas. He studied at Sam Houston State University and obtained a degree in Law Enforcement and Police Science in 1975. In the same year, Enmon joined the Department of Houston Police and worked there for 6 years in the vice and patrol divisions.

In 1981, he received an offer from the USSS and accepted it. In the years that followed, Enmon undertook protective missions and traveled to different locations of the world in that regard. In his last assignment, Enmon worked in a joint operation with the FBI in Dallas, Texas. During the earlier days of his profession, Enmon underwent special training in mass destruction weapons from the CIA and FBI. Due to his excellence in the various training courses, he was considered a resident expert in biological terrorism and agro-terrorism. He took retirement in 2012 and since then, he has worked as an author of mystery and thriller stories.

Author Enmon has developed a habit of getting away from the city for relaxation. For this purpose, he likes to visit and spend time at a ranch owned by him in rural East Texas. The ranch is spread in an area of more than 200 acres and consists of a two and a half-acre pond, a private shooting range, and vast woodland trails. Enmon likes to explore the entire ranch on RTVs and four-wheelers and considers it his perfect getaway from the stressful life of the city. He is also a great swimming enthusiast and likes to swim 4 miles every week. Enmon holds a black belt in the karate form of Tang Soo Do as well as a Divemaster rating from the PADI. He is happily married and is blessed with a couple of children.

As of today, Enmon resides in Tarrant County, Texas with his family and enjoys his post-retirement life. He likes to spend quality time with his family members and write novels during the day time. When Enmon had started writing, he was looking for a literary agency for getting his work published. He was aware of the Andrew Lownie Agency through an online search. After going through the website of the agency and researching it thoroughly, Enmon came to the conclusion that it will prove beneficial for his writing career if he gets represented by this literary agency. Eventually, Enmon came across David Haviland, who was described as a fabulous agent on various sites. And what followed next became history. Enmon’s creation of the chief protagonists Frank Pierce and Rob Soliz in the role of senior detectives working for the Dallas Police Department is liked by very much and talked about highly by numerous critics and reviewers. He is praised for his unique style of writing, character descriptions, storytelling, and excellent plot setups.

The Rob Soliz and Frank Pierce Mystery series written by author Larry Enmon began in 2017. Its debut book is entitled ‘Wormwood’. It was released by the Bloodhound Books. The central characters depicted by Enmon in this novel include Katrina, Wallace, Frank Pierce, Rob Soliz, and several others. Frank Pierce and Rob Soliz are depicted as police detectives, while Katrina Wallace is shown as the daughter of Dallas’ mayor. Enmon has set the book primarily in Dallas, Texas. The book begins by mentioning about the sudden disappearance of Katrina Wallace.

Being the mayor’s daughter, Katrina’s disappearance mounts political pressure on the police authorities of the city and forces the Police Chief put two of his most trusted detectives on the job of finding Katrina. Frank and Rob are senior detectives working for the Dallas police and are known to have carried out impossible tasks in the past. But, their unconventional methods are always up for questioning and criticism. As they begin their investigation into Katrina Wallace’s kidnapping case, they find that a Bible is the only evidence left at the crime scene. Soon after discovering the Bible in Katrina’s car, Rob and Frank find themselves realize that they have landed the most disturbing investigation of their career as it is shrouded by doomsday cults, Bible prophecy, and murder. They wonder if Katrina Wallace is still alive and what does Wormwood exactly refers to.

As they continue to investigate, the search for Katrina leads the detectives into the vast woods of East Texas. The case poses a challenge to Frank’s religious beliefs and forces him to deal with his religious doubts before solving the case. As he and Rob dig deeper into the mystery of Katrina’s disappearance, they come across some shocking truths that shook both of them from within. The culprits try their best to keep the secrets hidden and even attempt to kill Rob & Frank, but they manage to come out alive and solve the case in the end.

The second installment of this series is known as ‘City of Fear’. It was published in 2019 by the Crooked Lane Books. This novel opens by showing the unexpected murder of the drug kingpin of Dallas, Ricardo Salazar. His killing sets everyone on the edge of their seats. Frank & Rob were present at the crime scene when Ricardo got killed. They saw a red-haired lady enter the cabin of Ricardo moments before his death. But, she was not seen leaving the place and appears to have gone missing mysteriously. As Rob & Frank try to solve the mysterious murder of Ricardo Salazar, they look for the red-haired woman. They know that she is an important key in unraveling the case and probably the only one who has all the answers. Finally, they succeed in finding the woman, but it doesn’t prove to be of any help as more questions are raised after interrogating her. With the rising political pressure, Rob & Frank must find the one who killed Ricardo or else the entire city will get caught up in the heat of gang wars and innocent citizens will get killed.

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